Top 10 Easy Ways how Students can earn their Pocket Money

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With price hike and inflation ruining our lives, the ones who are most badly affected are students, teenagers and young adults alike. With almost no change in the monthly income, youngsters have to suffer because of the cut in their pocket money. Want to go to the café that opened recently in your neighborhood? Or want to take that girl you have been eyeing for a long time to a date? Or probably wanna catch the 3D show of your favorite superhero flick? But with no pocket money, okay with a pocket money that’s as bad as empty pockets you surely don’t even want to step out of your home. Wait. You thinking of borrowing some bucks from a friend and return it to him later? Drop the idea! Folks, your friends are probably going through the same pain. So with these ‘life altering’ difficulties dominating your miserable life and adding on a few more units of misery, there must be some solution at least. Yes pals, there is. Not one, but ten easy solutions to earn those extra few bucks for your monthly expenditure. Let’s have a look.

10. Call Centers

This is the most famous part time job today. Invest 12-14 hours daily and at the end of the month you get paid heavily for all your labor. Call centers even offer transport facilities and pick up and drop their staff at their stop. All well and good. But still this one finds place at the bottom of the list because of the numerous drawbacks of this one. Working 12- 14 hours a day is not an easy task. Answering phone calls and dealing with some really stupid fellow at times can also get to your nerves. Plus, a call center means NO SOCIAL LIFE. It is generally advised to stay away from call centers, unless you find no other way to earn a few units of money.

9. Tutoring

A method adopted by almost all students suffering from ‘low pocket money’ disease. It is the easiest way to grab little extra money. With an increase in the number of nuclear families in the past decade and most kids having working parents, their studies get hampered with no one to guide them at home. You can start with the neighborhood aunties, by offering to tutor their kids. They will jump at the opportunity. And that is exactly where your job starts. It is one of the easiest ways. Two to three days a week, one and half hours is all you need to invest. Not to mention you will be treated with some eatables, or at least a cup pr tea or coffee. And since you are the ‘teacher’, you will get your due respect. So if you still aren’t tutoring kids, start your hunt.

8. Paid Internships

Okay, these are for undergraduate and post graduate students, but they are students as well. Many companies offer paid internships to students throughout the year. You can anytime apply for these internships as per your stream of study and ta-da! After the completion of it, (most internship last over a period of few months), you come out with a lump some amount of money. Not to forget the immense benefit it does to your Curriculum Vitae. So apart from benefiting you in the short term with the stipend, such internships also prove vastly useful in the long run. Start looking for one!

7. Doing Projects or Assignments

Want some extra money as well as appreciation from your friends? Here is a simple way. Offer to do their projects or assignments that your teachers or professors have given. But make sure you complete yours at first. You can even do that with homework. Do their assignments sincerely, and charge them per assignment. Or you can charge even per page. That way you will be strictly advised by your friend to keep the word limit to minimum and you won’t even have to work that hard. This can be a little time consuming, but remember, “No Pains, No Gains”.

6. Food Chains

The numerous food chains popping up at every lane are a great way to earn money. The pizza outlets, cafes, restaurants are a great way to shoot up your pocket money. These food chains are always looking for hiring young staff who are dynamic, active and ready to work for little remuneration. What they do not know is that what means ‘little’ to them, means a lot to those same young people. Gone are the days when these jobs were looked down upon by everybody. With the need for pocket money increasing, and people eating out at hip and happening places, these jobs are cool and popular among youngsters. Moreover, you do not have to be academically well established to be able to work at such places. Dial the pizza corner soon!

5. Shopping malls

Have you ever wondered that the very shopping malls where you end up spending most of your pocket money, can be the very source of your extra income? If not then give a thought. Any shopping mall needs a huge amount of staff for every possible purpose. Be it cleaning or as a security guard or for managing the ticket counter of its multiplex. You don’t need any kind of qualification, and you get to work in shifts. Think about it.

4. Pet sitting

This is a very profitable venture for unemployed students wanting to earn, without compromising with their studies. Pet owners do not mind fishing out some extra cash to make sure their dear ones are well looked after in their absence, like when they are at work or out for a vacation. Offer to take care of their pets and charge on a per day basis. The only drawback is that this job might get a little dirty, as you are also supposed to clean the animals’ litter and dirt. So make sure you are an animal lover.

 3. Use your Hobby to Make Money

Do you have a unique hobby? You might. But it does not get you anywhere. Try using your hobby to generate you some extra income. You like writing poems or short stories? Great! You can join in as a Content Writer at a firm. Or you can sell your writing stuff to some magazine. You love doing make up and you think you excel at the art? Good! Use this skill to join some beauty parlour. Or be the makeup artiste for some local show. Apart from getting paid, this will also boost your confidence level like never before. So do not just waste your talents as your favorite pastime.

2. Sell your Extra stuff

This has been an age old way to earn extra money. You find some stuff in your home useless? That useless flower vase or your old books. Or do you plan to buy a new smartphone? You can sell your old phone through Ebay or even person to person. And bingo! You get that desired extra cash.

1. Use your Vehicle as a Taxi

This is strictly recommended to those who are or above 18 years. You can use your vehicle, personal or your father’s when it is not in use to drop people at peak hours when there is a dearth of public transport and people need to reach their workplace or date place in time. You charge a few bucks less than what normally taxis charge. That way its gonna be a win win situation for both the passenger and you. He gets to pay less than what he normally pays on other days, and you get what you wanted. The EXTRA money! Yay!

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