Top 10 DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifts

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Gift is a way of expressing love for someone. It is presented voluntarily, without compensation. As quoted by our beloved Mother Teresa,” It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”, so, gift-giving appraises your affection for someone. It is not estimated from the quantity of gifts. Wealthier the heart of the giver, makes the gift more expensive. Gift-giving is a sign of companionship. It helps in bringing people closer. It involves an expectation of give-and-take. So, return-gift is a way of reciprocating the token of love for the giver.

Gifts are usually wrapped in a gift paper with a gift tag on it. The gift tag refers to the sender of the gift and to whom the gift belongs to. It also conveys wish. Generally, it is presented by the loved ones. Gift is given in numerous occasions. It can be presented on birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, funerals, thanksgiving or on any special occasion. Usually, it makes the recipient feel special and the giver feels more blissful.

Gift can be anything, there is nothing specific in gift-giving. Due to the advanced technologies, now we are able to gift our dear ones through different ways, say, online, or by post or directly. But our gifts become more precious if we do it ourselves. There is always a different charm in receiving such gifts. So, one has to be creative for that. Here are top 10 D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) gifts, which may help you.

10. Handmade greeting cards:

handmade greeting cards

Greeting cards are the cards used for expressing one’s feelings. It is one of the significant ways to convey the exact message to the recipient. These are the memories which can be cherished lifelong. It can be gifted on any occasions. But if you want to make your loved ones feel more special, then go for a handmade card! Scribble it yourself. It is one of the simplest handmade gifts. Write down the memo that you want to convey.

9. Homemade cake:

homemade cake

At certain ceremonial occasions like birthdays, weddings etc, cutting the cake have been a tradition. Cake is often considered as a dessert. It is of various types. Baking a cake is not a hard task anymore. Microwave ovens and numerous cake recipes have made it easier. The flavor of the homemade cakes is no way comparable to the ready-made cakes. Note down the recipes and bake it for your dear ones. It will make them feel special and blissful. No matter, whether it’s a kid or an elderly person, everyone loves to cut a cake. So, go ahead!

8. Collage pictures and frame it:


Photography is an art. It gives us immense pleasure by recollecting old memories. Captured moments are precious, and later it makes us feel ecstatic. So, collecting numerous snaps from different periods of time of your loved ones and making a collage can be one of the best and special gifts. Collage can be of two types. Firstly, it can be collaged digitally using photo editor software in computer and secondly, it can also be collaged by you by taking hard copies of the photographs. To give a final touch, you can frame it! Frame it yourself using a cardboard and decorate it.

7. Burn a CD:


If your loved ones is a music lover, then what are you waiting for? Burn a CD full of all his favorite songs. First collect the songs from different sources like internet, music CD or DVDs etc. Make a list, do a fusion and write it into the disk. You can also categorize the music like slow music, classical music, hip hop music and etc. Music can refresh anyone’s mind. Surely, this will be one of the unique D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) gifts.

6. Arrange a surprise party:


Surprises are always special! Plan for a surprise party! Organize yourself. If you are planning it for a friend, then firstly invite all the close friends of your friend. Discuss about your plan and ask them not to reveal that. Ensure all the arrangements are done in advance. The actual motto for this party should be, making him/her feel more special. Go ahead! This party can certainly be one of the memorable days for your friend.

5. Serve a romantic supper:

serve a romantic supper

Romantic supper is not specifically meant for your beloved, it can be anyone with whom you are close to. It is not essential to be a chef to prepare the meal. You can explore and be creative in your recipes to cook a delicious dish. Garnish your dish before serving, it can surely fascinate anyone. Romantic breakfast can really make someone’s day. But if your beloved is taken into account, then romantic dinner should be preferred more. The homemade dinner along with the candle lights can make the atmosphere more romantic and blissful.

4. Create a video and revive the fading memories:

create a video and revive the fading memories

Photographs are fascinating but they are still, so videos are more appealing if we compare it with the digital photographs. Videos would be like little movies of someone’s life. It should be based on the life of the recipient. You can make a video of all the closed ones of the receiver conveying some message for him. Or else you can also make a movie using different applications, combining all the old photos, videos, music and notes, which will help in reviving all the old memories.

3. D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) crafts:


Craft is a skill, which cannot be possessed by everyone. But as it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect”, so practicing crafts can make anyone skilled. Craft is one of the best arts, so no one should hesitate to opt that. Pottery is one of the prettiest crafts. It can be one of the tempting and best gifts. So, someone who posses this skill, must give a try. Prepare an item like flower vase, pot etc by yourself, decorate it beautifully and present it to someone. The gift will be extremely priceless for the receiver.

2. Gifts using crochet patterns:


Sewing, knitting, crochet etc are different forms of creating fabrics. Crochet means hook. It is like knitting as it also involves loops. We can create many things from crochet. It is easy to use. One who is proficient can even knit a dress using crochet patterns. But an amateur can also knit many stuffs using crochet like bookmarks etc. So, if you need a unique last minute gift, you can quickly go for a small decorative or useful item using crochet. Especially, bookmarks made up of crochets would be an admirable gift as it will remind your loved ones every time he sees the gift, about you, your effort and your love.

1. Make a scrapbook:

make a scrapbook

Scrapbook is collection of wonderful memories, which can be preserved and cherished throughout the life. Scrapbooks are always exceptional as it is completely original. It is one of the innovative gifts. In a scrapbook, all the memories are gathered together. Every instance is noted down and to enlighten it, few memorable pictures are also used. This is mainly presented to friends. This portrays the journey of a friendship or a relationship. This helps in refreshing the fading memories. So, this is one of the finest D-I-Y (do-it-yourself) gifts, which can be tried by anyone.

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