Top 10 Destinations Famous for Underwater Diving

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Adventure sports are and have always been a sort of novelty. The reason for its continuous popularity is that you can never be sure of what you’ll experience every time you try some adventure sports. Many people are weary of trying them because they deem it too risky and dangerous. But in all reality, our mind is always searching for some activity which will give it a rush. An adrenaline rush can refresh you like nothing else. But for those who like to play it safe, there are adventure sports too. And one of those sports is scuba-diving. It is a known fact that we do not know what exists in more than half of the water bodies on our planet. But the part which we know about is so beautiful that once you discover its beauty, you will want to go back for more and more. The colorful life that lays hidden deep beneath the surface of the ocean is so refreshing that it will rejuvenate you. It is often said that you should let nature overwhelm you from time to time so that you keep your feet on the ground and scuba diving is a perfect way to do so. The following are the top 10 places you can go scuba-diving at-

10. The Red Sea, Egypt

red sea, egypt

Now one would think of Egypt as a place to go scuba-diving as we always think of it to be a huge desert land. But Egypt can and will surprise you. The Red Sea is located in the Sinai Peninsula and it is often considered as one of the seven wonders of the underwater world. The Red Sea coast of Egypt is replete with varied underwater life, be it flora or fauna. The specialty of the Red Sea, however, remains it’s hard and soft corals. Other marine life is present in great numbers as well. It is usually the Europeans who go scuba-diving in the Red Sea as it is cheaper than other diving destinations. The best areas for diving in the Red Sea are Marsa Alam, Dahab, and Sharam El-Sheikh. The best time to visit the Red Sea is winter.

9. Thailand


Thailand has now become a popular tourist destination and the country thrives on tourism. While Bangkok and Pattaya remain the main attractions of the common tourists, those who are interested in diving, snorkeling and relaxing head to Phuket, Koh Samui and other small islands. Thanks to the absolutely crystal clear water, the visibility is excellent. One can see various different types of fishes and corals, both big and small. Sighting whale sharks is common in Thailand and so this is one place which is not for the faint-hearted. Due to the 2004 tsunami, there have been many changes in the water life in Thailand but now, most diving sites are back on track.

8. Hawaii


Extremely active volcanoes are what Hawaii world famous for. But the seas on Hawaii have much more in store for its tourists. Although you may not find your everyday common scuba-diving fishes in Hawaii, but the ones you find here are very rare to find anywhere else. Manta rays, humpback whales, sharks are the kinds of animals you can swim around with in Hawaii. Night-dives are a very popular and common feature of the Hawaiian Islands. Apart from that, you can even go exploring the ages old underwater caves that are luminous! Lanai, Niihau and Manta Village are some of the most popular diving destinations in Hawaii.

7. Belize


“I’ll send YOU to Belize” said Walter White on the hit show Breaking Bad, which made Belize an internet sensation! Undiscovered by the tourist fiasco and maintained intact in its natural form, the coast off Belize is one the best destinations for scuba-diving. The Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole is about 407 feet deep and offers a spectacular range of sharks for the divers. Belize also boasts the world’s best preserved marine ecosystems which allow the divers to see a great range of marine creatures in a short amount of time and space. It has the world’s second largest barrier reef. It is a great destination for divers of all levels and one must go there before commercialism takes a toll on its natural beauty.

6. Cozumel and Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cozumel and riviera maya, mexico

If you are an avid reader or surfer of the internet, you will know that Mexican beaches are something to die for. But Mexico has more than just white sand beaches to give out to the people. It is one of the world’s most premier and sought after destinations for scuba-diving and there are many diving operators available. If you are not much of a fish aficionado, you can go in wreck dives, deep sea dives, night dives in Cozumel. The reef stretches a long way up to Central America and the marine life here is extremely colorful. Cancun has a new underwater human sculpture museum and it is a great mixture of nature and human life.

5. Bonaire, Caribbean

bonaire, caribbean

The foremost requirement for a good scuba-diving experience is clear water. And what more can you ask from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Islands. The Bonaire Island is a part of the Caribbean Island. The waters surrounding Bonaire have been under protection as a marine park and hence, you have some of the best corals that are untouched by human civilizations here. It’s not a surprise that Bonaire is one of the top diving-destinations in the western hemisphere. The beaches here are really amazing as well so when you’re not in the mood for a dive, you can just relax at the beach.

4. Florida Keys


Florida means great beaches and great weather. And very few know that Florida is also home to the United State’s only living coral barrier reef. It is home to some very colorful and neon colored fish, large turtles, manta rays and some very fascinating corals. There is also some shipwreck around the area so you can go exploring the shipwrecks. Human sculptures are placed under water to add more attractions to the Florida Keys. Islamorada, Sombrero Reef are really good places to go diving at. Due to not to great visibility, the best time to visit is May and June, when the water is relatively calm.

3. Lake Baikal, Russia

lake baikal, russia

If you are done to death with the very clichéd reefs and destinations for diving, there is a very unusual place where you can go diving and that place being the oldest and the deepest lake in the world- Lake Baikal. This freshwater lake is so full of rare corals and creatures that if you go diving in there, you will be in awe of the magic that nature can weave. The lake is basically a tectonic crack in the earth’s crush so the formations inside the lake are nothing short of overwhelming. The best time to visit is in the summer when the lake’s temperature is about 4 degrees centigrade.

2. Palau, Micronesia

palau, micronesia

It is usually the small undiscovered islands in the large expanse of the ocean. Palau is in the Pacific Ocean; an ocean which is far from truly discovered. So naturally, Palau is home to some of the rarest fish and other sea creatures. One can see reef sharks, jellyfish, barracudas and a million varied types of corals. Another thing which is special in Palau is the wreak diving where one can go diving to see the shipwrecks of the huge Japanese Naval vessels which were used in the world war 2.

1. The Great Barrier Reef


This place definitely needs no introduction. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef ecosystem present in the world, stretching 1430 miles. It so large that it can be seen from the space. And with the largeness, come large number of species. You can see a plethora of giant corals, sharks, manta rays, fishes in the Great Barrier Reef. It is so large, that only in its expanse, you can get to see 1500 species of fish and 1300 shipwrecks! You can spend ages here and still be left with many things to discover. The Great Barrier Reef is truly a diver’s paradise.

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