Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

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 Animals are generally considered to be dangerous and are seen as a threat by society at large. Dangerous animals do not only include wild animals but also the animals that are kept as pets and are considered cute and adorable. Most of us have grown up watching Disney movies that show wild animals such as bears, lions, panthers, etc., as endearing and winsome posing no threat whatsoever. But the reality is quite different. Animals will always be what they are: Animals, especially the carnivores. Being at the top of the food chain, their primal instinct of the carnivorous animals is to kill, dominate and take. Yet, there are some animals that are dangerous not because they have pure brute strength but are one of the most poisonous creatures on earth like the poison dart frog, whose very skin oozes poison strong enough to cause damage to a full grown man.

Many also believe that the herbivores are harmless and it is only the carnivores that they should stay away from. But, this notion is completely wrong. The plant eating animals are as dangerous if not more as the carnivores. In addition, the animal kingdom does not only include the creatures that walk on land but the amphibians, crustaceans’, reptiles and so on and you would be surprised at what animals make the top 10 list of dangerous animals on earth.

10. PandaPanda


Everyone must have heard about if nPandaot watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. Many have cooed over how the panda is such a darling creature, and many, I am sure, have fantasized about having a pet panda too. Yes, the panda is a round, fluffy, adorable creature that you would just love to hug and cuddle. But, like we all know, appearance can be deceptive. All said and done, the fact remains that Pandas are bears and like any bear; it is capable of inflicting great injury. Pandas are not predatory animals but they can attack when they are provoked or surprised so, venturing uninvited into a panda enclosure is definitely a surefire way to get oneself into danger.

9. Great White Shark


The Great White Shark is one of the top animals in the food chain and can grow to an average of 15 feet long, with rows of up to 300 sharp serrated teeth inside powerful 4-foot-wide jaws. This description is enough to scare away any person from the idea of petting or even encountering this shark. The Great White Shark when their curiosity is aroused they check an object with their open mouths or bites them. The great white shark also attacks more humans than other sharks even though most of these attacks occur only due to the great white sharks’ tendency to test bite an object. There are also instances where great white sharks have been known to attack boats and people without any provocation leading to fatalities, maybe a lost limb or even death.

8. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish found in the Indo-Pacific and Australia’s northern oceans is among the most poisonous marine animal. It has up to 60 tentacles; each tentacle is covered in cnidocysts, which is equipped with a tiny needle filled with toxin that can kill a human with a single sting.

Reporting deaths by jellyfish is not required by the law in many areas. Hence, many deaths caused due to jellyfish bite are not reported for fear of affecting tourism and the area’s economy. This poses a great threat to people as they may venture into the jellyfish infested water. The pain of this jelly fish is unbearably painful. It can also cause a person’s death by stopping their heart or by paralyzing them causing them to drown. To top it up, the box jellyfish are agile swimmers unlike other jellyfish making it extra dangerous and have been estimated to cause over 100 deaths per year.

7. Hippopotamus


Hippos are extremely territorial and aggressive and are responsible for more a large number of human fatalities. A hippo can open its mouth up to 4 feet high and it can be used to crush an object, or for tearing their victim from limb to limb.

There have been instances where a hippo has literally torn apart humans. A male hippo will defend its territory and get aggressive at any sign of intrusion. They will even attack a boat that happens to be passing through his territory. A female hippo will usually attack when their young ones are threatened. Though hippos are one of the largest mammals and weigh up to hundreds of tons, they can easily outrun a human when aggravated and even chase them for miles.

6. Crocodile


Crocodiles are amongst the largest reptile in the world and species like the Saltwater Crocodile are immensely fast and powerful. A crocodile also has greater visibility and higher auditory senses as its eyes and ears are set high above its head. It uses its jaw to put extreme pressure on its kill and they are strong enough to bite a human into half. They attack anything in sight if they feel threatened and once in its jaw, it is next to impossible for its victim to escape.

5. Lion


Lions have been the subject of fictional characters like Simba from the Lion King. They are portrayed as majestic and sensible creature and not very unlike humans. But in reality, lions are one of the deadliest predatory animals on land. They hunt in a pack, especially the females, and a single lion can take down a buffalo.

There are many cases of lions turning into man-eaters but this happens only when they are too injured or old and weak to hunt other animals. They also attack human if they encroach into their territories. They attack to kill and it is really unlikely that once you are in the jaws of a lion you will escape unscathed or even alive.

Lions are sometimes used in circuses and they are trained to perform certain acts and tricks. But, they tend to turn on their trainers and attack them. Lions are wild animals and no matter how tame it is, the instinct to hunt is never completely suppressed.

4. Elephant


The elephant is the largest mammal on land and are normally viewed as friendly and easily approachable, but they also tend to be unpredictable and may attack without any sign or provocation.

Elephant’s when enraged have been known to trample an entire village or ravage huge stretches of fields. Plus, wild animals sometimes enter villages and destroy the agricultural lands and even inadvertently trample on humans. Almost every part of the elephant’s body is capable of causing great damage due to its immense size and strength. An enraged elephant is nearly unstoppable and is capable of crushing a person to death.

3. Snakes


These reptiles strike terror in every human heart for they are amongst the most poisonous and lethal creatures on this planet. Some species like Anacondas and Pythons grow to a huge size and usually uses its might to crush its victim. Some snakes like the Black Mamba’s venom neurotoxins which can block neuronal transmission causing death within minutes due to the failure of vital organs. A snake’s venom no matter how lethal can cause death if the antidote is not delivered immediately or within a certain temporal period to its victim.

2. Mosquito


The mosquito though it’s miniscule is responsible for at least a million of deaths across the globe. It spreads various diseases like malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, and West Nile virus by transferring the disease from one person to another. Many places do not have proper sanitation due to lack of knowledge or proper maintenance. In most areas, the sewage drains are left open or huge garbage cans are left unattended and uncovered for a long period of time, making for the perfect breeding grounds for these parasites. Due to these factors, mosquitoes can be found in every place where humans reside making it the perfect host for several fatal disease inducing parasites and increasing its field of victims.

1. Human Beings

Human Beings

It is not the four legged creatures that makes the top of the world’s most dangerous animals but it is us; the humans. Most of the so called “dangerous animals” has been hunted to near extinction by humans, equipped by guns, nuclear weapons, science and modern technology; humans are the deadliest animals on earth.

Throughout history, we can see instances of humans indulging in numerous destructive acts. The cases of people such as Jack the Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, etc., shows how immensely cunning and brutal humans are and how they sometimes kill just for mere pleasure or because of some twisted philosophy and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Nations have been destroyed and kingdoms burned to the ground because humans were greedy or wanted a display of power. Humans have also been the perpetrators for the cause of problems such as global warming which threatens to destroy the whole of earth. Humans pose a threat not only to nature and its flora and fauna but also to society at large making them the most dangerous animal of all.

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