Top 10 Creatures that have Caught Human Imagination

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Human imagination is the finest fantasy screenplay ever. It takes a figment of imagination and runs with it. The idea develops, tales are spun and slowly the imagination borders on wishful reality. The wish fullness is converted to alternate reality and we convince ourselves that maybe just maybe it is real. The characters we create symbolize everything we human wish for, strength, beauty, fierceness, magic. They all have their specific character and this is what attracts us. The rich history, the triumph of good over evil and a way to defy the laws of nature is something which draws us to the realm of unknown. Each of us had a favorite fantasy world character. Here is a list of most loved and feared of the lot.

10. Kraken


Release the KRAKEN! Clash of the Titans unleashed this creature on the world again. Pirates of Caribbean saw this beast as well. When the Gods get angry they unleash the Kraken to destroy the world. One will be surprised by the records available of kraken sightings. The earliest record found is from the 14th century. Later the creature found its way into records of various explorers. It is described as the ‘giant Squid’, ‘creature of ‘monstrous proportion’. The Kraken is said to consume ships and destroy them with ease. This was enough to strike terror in hearts of people and the terror still lives. Today Kraken appears as a popular monster in movies and has an amazing ride in Disney World attributed to the giant beast.

9. Griffin


The majesty of the jungle and ruler of the sky. What could be more magnificent than these two royalties teaming up to create a being beyond compare? The griffin has the body, back legs and tail of a lion and head and wing of an eagle. The front legs are eagle’s talons. The griffins are always seen as guardian power, the protectors of treasure and overall the ruler of all creatures.  Hippogriffs are the offspring of a mare and griffin (buckbeak from Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban)

8. Phoenix


Beautiful red bird with a golden plumage, tail as long as that of peacock and golden beak! The beauty is not the only attraction for the fantasy always have magic to go with it. The Phoenix are said to burst into flames when they complete their live and out of the ashes a young-ling is born. Thus the phoenix are said to mystically magical with long long life. The tears of phoenix heal all wounds. Phoenix are known to be very loyal. It is said that they are seldom domesticated and if they do attach themselves to a master, they stick by them till the end and if the master die, they leave to find their own way, never again to be domesticated. they have immense strength, are loyal, intelligent and truly magical.

7. Loch ness monster

Loch ness monster

Brought to light in 1933, the monster resides in Loch Ness in Scottish Highlands. The description of this being is not verified for it tends to change with every ‘sighting’. All we are sure of is that it’s HUGE. Sea serpent, Dragon-fish is few of its names and it created quite a stir when people started reporting sightings along the place. Contrary to assumption, Loch Ness monster was fondly called Nessie. The world has been looking for Nessie since then.  2011 saw sonar image of 5ft wide creature 75 ft. below the water surface. This is one creature the world doesn’t want to give up on. All the best is all we can say!

6. Fairy


The Fairy brings to mind a Tall beautiful sparkling human form with wings and wand to protect the innocent from malice. The clear cut definition is not available but fairies are one with magical powers. The Elves, Dwarves, Pixies, Gnomes, Gremlins, Goblins, Sprites and Demons. These are the eight fairy families that are recognized by in popular series of Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. Farias appear in various forms all over the world in different versions. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbelle etc. has made fairies a part of children’s life.  This part remains with us all our live.

5. Unicorns


The symbol of purity and grace, the beings with healing power, Unicorns. They are described as horses with a horn on their head. The single horn is magical and is said to make poisoned water drinkable. In Harry potter, Unicorn Blood Kept Voldemort alive. Unicorns are powerful beings and it is not easy to hunt them. They are known to approach innocent virgins and this is said the only way to trap them.

4. Sphinx


Lion and Human combine to form a sphinx. A mythological creature with body of lion and head of human. The strength and brains combined to make sphinx a lethal creature. This creature appears in Greek Mythology as women’s head, eagles’ wings and lion’s body. She is said to be a malicious creature who would ask riddles to humans and whoever failed was eaten alive by this ravenous monster. The Egyptian sphinx was a man and was more lovable than Greek Sphinx. He is said to have immense strength. Both the stories have sphinx as a guardian, protecting temples fiercely.

3. Mermaids


Ariel! Yes that’s the mermaids we are talking about. However it wasn’t Disney who created them, mermaids are known to have caught human fancy ages ago. First evidence goes back to 1000BC. Since then there has been sightings and records. Christopher Columbus reported the same tale. The half female, half fish creatures are said to be lovable and bestow boons on humans as they wish. Popular stories have them fall in love with human. Other tales show them to be vicious hunters who attract human by their charm and devour them. In 2012, The USA National Ocean service declared that there is no evidence of the mermaids anywhere on earth. Disappointed huh?

2. Centaur


Torso of Human, body and leg of Horse. We have seen them in Narnia as ruthless brave warrior, in Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief as teacher and protector, in Harry potter as well wishers and supporters. The tales of centaurs have been spinning since a long time. The Centaur depicts a creature caught between two worlds with the horse as wild, fighter and human as benevolent teacher. The Greek and Roman Mythology are ripe with the war tales of centaurs. The beauty of these creatures has not been forgotten.

1. Vampires and werewolves

Vampires and Werewolves

With Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight series, the generation has more than enough knowledge of these creatures of the dark. The fascination with human blood  and the whole story behind the vampire makes it a dark myth to love. Count Dracula became one of the most popular vampires in the world. Need we say more? The Salvatore brothers (vampire diaries) have spun vampires into hot hunks. The portrayal has changed but the blood tale remains the same. The slave to the moons, the werewolves are made adorable and lovable by Jacob in Twilight series. The story however goes further back in the history with search and hunting parties sent out to kill the foul beasts. Nevertheless they have had our full attention. Always!

Though science points in a different direction, our heart wants us to be believers. The world may become very boring without these creatures to entertain us. It is fun to let the mind run loose once in a while and bring all the magic back to reality.

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