Top 10 Common Hangover Cures

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Hangover is the end of the rainbow trail where instead of the pot full of gold you find a pot which you may end up puking in. The nightmare is what spoils the fun but the hardcore ones have found a way to deal with it. When they drink they don’t think, which is easy. After the gravy train ends, the body rebels for, it misses the drug in its veins. This discomfort is called hangover. In formal terms, it is your body’s reaction to drinking excessive amount of alcohol & that produces toxic chemicals in the body. The absence  of which will later make you you feel terrible. Small percentage of drinkers are naturally resistant to experiencing hangover ( jealous!) , while the rest (of you) might need to know the ways to prevent or cure it. So here are some measures that would actually help you to get rid of the sour taste at the end of every epic party. Read on to find out how to ditch the devil.

10. Water

10. water

It sounds to simple to be true. It sounds naive. Just like the kid who closes his eyes when faced with danger, the solution sounds like an illusion. The noblest drink of all is the solution to everything. To ward off the misunderstanding, let us take a scientific route. Alcohol, along with its many disasters, mainly blocks the production of a hormone called the Vasopressin. This guy helps the body to conserve water. So with alcohol you end up losing water or dehydrating. This will explain the need to pee in an inhuman amount when hangover strikes. Alcohol is diuretic which means more trips to loo. Thus the body is short of water and hence it is best to give it what it needs. Not more alcohol, more water. Thus the best way to give oneself a relief from hangover is to drink plenty of water between dawn and dusk.

9. Toast & Crackers

toasts and crackers
Though you may not feel like putting in a single morsel of food, this is a good idea. Now the aversion to greasy beans is understandable. How about some toast or mild flavored carbohydrates. The body has been under the influence of one alien drug and withdrawal of it saps body of many nutrients. The combination of carbohydrates & proteins in an egg & toast is a good source of recovery nutrients. Eggs contain amino acid cysteine, which can break the toxins that cause hangover symptoms. These foods settles the stomach and keeps it from puking out. The other advantage is that it helps the body to soak up the alcohol thus helping in quick recovery. So keep the toast handy, just in case.

8. Fruits


Too much of alcohol eliminates lots of potassium from the body. To regain this mineral back , bananas are an excellent source. Bananas are basically sugar presented as  fructose & potassium. They are antacids and help fight nausea. The magnesium helps calm down the nerve cells and thus help fight headache. Apples, tomatoes with a pinch of salt & pepper gives you ammunition to fight with. Cabbage stabilizes the blood – sugar levels. A mixture of the juices of all the mentioned veggies and fruits with hint of lemon helps.

7. Exercise


A light walk , run or swim can be done.If your anxious as a result of being hungover , exercise is certainly a very good idea. The endorphins released during exercise can improve your mood. Exercise helps in delivering oxygen to the cells , which can increase the speed at which the harmful compounds may get detoxified. Exercise speeds up the process of metabolizing the alcohol, that would help it to leave your system faster. Proper hydration should be done before & after exercising, in order to prevent further fluid loss. Exercise increases the  breathing rate & air volumes increase the flow of alcohol across the lung membranes , causing the alcohol to be expelled through breathing at a greater rate. Exercise helps in delivering oxygen to the cells , which can increase the speed at which the harmful compounds may get detoxified.

6. Sleep


Alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle. That is why the person who’s over drunk feels tired because his body is sleep deprived. At this point, sleep is supposed to be your best friend. The easiest & best way to beat your hangover would be sleeping a few more hours, that would make you feel much better & would definitely take you out of your hangover. One reason why people tend to sleep unusually long hours after drinking. Do not fight it for it will help in the transition of the body function back to normal.

5. Milk Thistle

milk thistle

Milk thistle is a flowering herb ,that contains Silymarin, a substance that improves the functioning of liver. It is native to the Mediterranean countries. Milk thistle is a natural treatment for liver problems. It is an aid for people with alcohol -related liver diseases. It gives better results when consumed as a hangover healer. The thistle milk may not sound appealing for in taking milk at time of hangover is just puke-inducing. So go for the thistle tea. It has the innate ability to protect you and your system.

4. Ginger ale / tea

ginger ale (2)

Ginger is a good option here, as it alleviates nausea, due to hangover. If you don’t wish to drink water, you can try a glass of ginger ale,that would help soothe your stomach & will fight nausea. If ginger ale is not available at the time, a ginger candy can also work. Alternatively, ginger tea can also be prepared with some amount of lemon juice & honey , to get the best outcome.

3. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

When the body is under a spell, and needs a magic potion. This potion is boiled water with honey and lemon. Why these particular ingredients? Lemon replenishes the required vitamins and honey helps to balance the blood-sugar levels. The vitamin and blood sugar are compromised when we intake alcohol and this drink detoxifies the body. One option is to take lemon tea to settle the stomach & let the detoxification begin.

2. Pills


Vitamin pills can be consumed for better results. Since alcohol affects the brain and nervous system of the body, Vitamin B (B12) pills would be helpful, as they play a large part in the functioning of brain & nervous system. You can also take  Vitamin B rich food to go for the natural way. Alcohol depresses the immune system thus body is more prone to cold and other viruses. As alcohol metabolizes & the body detoxifies itself, number of free radicals are released in the process. The body needs to fight these radicals and the Vitamin C being an anti-oxidant, fights for the body. One way to decrease the headache is to provide the body with better fighting chance i.e. Pills.

1. Take a Shower


Apart from cleansing away the stink and stench, the shower has more aide in this scenario. The heat will sweat out the toxins from the body. Though this may lead to hazy memory for few seconds, this is just the body reacting to the confusion created by exit of toxins.. This will not only clean your body, but would freshen & wake up your senses. Some people switch between hot & cold water, that is just for the terminal cases.

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