Top 10 Celebrities who are Ruling on Social Networks

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The main task of the Social networking websites is to connect people through long distances, due to these networking sites the lives of people have come closer, being miles away a person can easily share his lives with his family & friends. These social networking websites have become a source of entertainment for everyone. They are environmental friendly which means that they are easier to use & comprehend, easily available to everyone and above all they are free of cost.

These sites connect people with their friends, they share their daily lives with their friends by uploading pictures and updating statuses & tweets. Apart from sharing the lives these sites serve another very important purpose, they can be used as a pawn for showing your talent to the world, they provide a way of demonstrating your aptitude. We have seen many talented people rising through these websites. YouTube for example is the best tool to exhibit your capabilities, facebook & tweeter on the other hands can be use brilliantly for the advertisement purposes and instagram for sharing pictures.

Not only normal people but the Celebrities as well have grown fond of these social networking sites. Celebs use at as a way of getting intimate with their followers, we can say that the celebs use the social networking websites as a tool for increasing their fan following or for promoting their upcoming videos, movies, songs, events, products etc. Celebs who understand the significance of these websites and use them intelligently gain infinite benefits, the more smartly you use these things the more number of followers you have. Celebs with most followers rule the social networking sites, the top 10 celebs who are ruling the social networking websites are:

10. Eminem:

Eminem is a song-writer, actor and rapper by profession, but he is mostly known as a rapper. He is said to be world’s best rapper and is among the world’s best selling music artist. Eminem is not a really big fan of social media, he wishes to stay off media actually he loathes it. But still he has a large number of fans following on social media, having 78 million likes on his Facebook fan page, more than a million followers on Instagram and more than 16 million followers on twitter.

 9. Shakira:

Shakira is 36 years old Colombian rock star; she is a song-writer, dancer, record producer, model, as well as a choreographer. She is among the favorite personalities on social media having 23 million followers on twitter, 75 million likes on her facebook fan page and more than a million followers on instagram. She happens to be the most popular Colombian personality on social media, no other Colombian has this many followers or fans on social media. Apart from her not a single Colombian has yet become able to list his or her name among the top 100 in the popularity chart.

8. Lady Gaga:

Lady gaga is a 26 years old American pop star driving the world crazy with her erotic styles; she is a fashion designer, actress and a businesswoman. She has 40 million followers on twitter, 60 million fans on her official facebook fan page and 2 million followers in instagram. She is always up with something new and different, sharing it with her fans through social media. She is such a huge fan of socializing that she has recently launched her own social networking website, which is an official home to lady gaga, the sites has few apps from other networking sites but other than that everything is about lady gaga there.

7. Britney spears:

Britney spears is among the best singers what we have today, creating one master piece after the other. Like many other celebs this idol also uses social media as a tool in order to connect to fans and we can say that she has succeeded to a great extend. Britney spears has 33 million fans on facebook, 34 million followers on twitter and nearly 2 million followers on instagram. YouTube, facebook and twitter are known as the kingdom of Britney. Not only these social networking sites but she has the most number of followers on G+, which is another social networking websites.

 6. Taylor Swift:

Taylor swift is rising star of the music world, she is a singer & a song-writer, she is among those celebs who rule social media as a toll, and she has 37 million followers on twitter, 51 million fans on her facebook page, and 7 million followers on Instagram. Over the past years she has used the social media as a way of promotion her music. Another reason of her fan following on social media is that she has dated a lot of celebs over the past years, her romantic life is very active, which is why people are always curios about who she is dating next and keep following her.

5. Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is a 33 years old American TV personality; she got fame after her sex tape with her then boyfriend Ray J was released. She is now a model, actress and a fashion designer. Kim loves the social media completely, she says that she loves Instagram, facebook is perfect for branding and tweeting is fun. She happens to have the second highest number of followers on Instagram with more than 11 million followers on Instagram while having 18 million followers on twitter and 15 million likes on her facebook page.

4. Cristano Ronaldo:

Cristano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer; he plays for the Real Madrid and serves as the captain of the Portuguese national team. He has a large number fan following, around 23 million followers on twitter, 3 million followers on Instagram and 67 million fans on the facebook page. Ronaldo happens to be among the best footballers and footballer fans actually love him. He is young as well as good looking which is why the youngsters love him

3. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is a 29 years old singer, song-writer, business woman and actress. Katy Perry knows how to use social media smartly; she does the exact thing required by her fans, getting intimate with the fans, sharing funny videos & pictures. She is doing the excellent use of her social media, after the release of her latest video roar, her fan following is increasing at fast pace. She has currently 60 million likes on her facebook page, 48 million followers on twitter and 2 million followers on Instagram

2. Rihanna:

Rihanna is a singer and actresses with 33 millions followers on twitter, 81 m likes on facebook fan page and having 10 million likes on Instagram. Having started her music career in 2003, the 25 years old rock star has risen to touch the skies within a short period. Through the perfect use of social networking sites, she has managed to gather an entire army of her fans.

 1.    Justin Bieber:

Justin bieber is the guy whose career started because of a social media website, his mothers kept posting his singing videos on YouTube, it was when he was 13 years old that his present manager found him and introduced him to usher. Within nights he turned into a star, winning hearts of people. Basically Justin Bieber was recognized through a social network site and he still rules the social media having 46 million followers on twitter, 58 million likes on his facebook page and 12 million followers on his Instagram.

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