Top 10 Best Winter Hairstyles for Men

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A good haircut has the power to transform how one looks miraculously. Men’s hair trends are very different from that of women. Women’s hair fashion lasts for a very short while another soon takes over. Men on the other hand, prefer some amount of grounding when it comes to hair styling and like trends that are here to stay. Men’s hairstyles are in a state of evolving, often the new result being somewhat influenced by previous fashions. And believe it or not some bold haircuts look exceptionally beautiful on just about anybody and not just male supermodels on the ramps. With fashion of the bygone days re-entering the fashion era of the current season, men can look to experiment from a plethora of choices. These styles add an edge to the wearer that is chic, brazen and tasteful. So be ready with your snippety snippets and get yourself booked with the barber as we take a look at the ten best looks that men are rocking this season. Hee haw!!

10. The Prohibition Era (High and Tight)

the prohibition era high and tight

The Jazz Age is back with a bang, no kidding! From The Great Gatsby to Boardwalk Empire, the 20s fever is gripping all. So why should men not style their hair according to the latest chic trend? The Prohibition High and Tight is a typical 20s look, it is fashionable and yet masculine in its jagged look. It works great on straight hair from medium to thick. However, put the scissors down if you have curly or wavy hair, else it’ll be a disaster. This kind of haircut has extremely short edges on the sides, with the minimum amount at the sideburns and nape. The top of the head has hair of at least an inch length for that complete badass look.

9. The James Dean Look (Back to the 50s!)

the james dean look

Old is gold this season and what better to relive the golden days than all leather and the James Dean swag? This style is fast catching among all the fashion conscious, it is sleek, sexy and yet elegant enough for a sober office look. This looks suits wavy or curly hair best, no matter what the amount of thickness maybe. However, people with straight hair must absolutely abstain from. The top to side ratio in this look 2:1. For example, if the side is half an inch long, then the top must at least be an inch long.

8. The Straight Long Haired Look

The Straight Long Haired Look

Long hair is oh so sexy on any man who wears it. It is the ultimate look for people who do not want to experiment much and love their hair too much. Nevertheless, one must always be careful of the length of the hair, which if grown past the shoulder can make heads turn but in the wrong way. It is a low maintenance hairstyle is should only be sported by those who have straight hair. It is disastrous on people with wavy or curly hair.

7. The Medium Length Wonder (Flow and Comb)

the medium length wonder

This is for people who like to play safe. No fancy quiffs or hipster look, it is just plain masculine and works about right with any kind of hair. It is slightly square-ish in its style, but the hair is even in length all around the scalp, with the slightly longer ends at the sides and at the top. The secret is to work on your hair when wet with a mousse and a comb and wham, you’ll be a red carpet wonder in no time. People with extremely curly hair are best to avoid this look.

6.The Caesar Style Short Crop

the caesar style short crop

A classic short cropped look for that complete look, this look simply refuses to go out of fashion. It is oh so hot and definitely here to stay for a long time. It looks great on any hair except in very textured ones. The haircut is even on all places and slightly shorter at the top which could be pushed forward with a bit of hair gel for that complete look.

5. The Just Out of Bed Look

The Just Out of Bed Look

Remember all those boy bands you used to listen to with their bleach blonde, perpetual tousled hair and sappy lyrics? Well, that look is back with much gusto for the young and the playful. While it may not be a look you might want to wear on an interview, it is definitely adds the oomph factor to anybody who sports it. Works great with wavy and curly hair and obviously won’t suit straight hair much. It does not take much work or any for that matter. Just let your hair grow and let your natural hair texture take over; just remember to shampoo once in a while!

4. The James Bond Look

The James Bond Look

Shaken, not stirred is the perfect way to describe this killer look. It is a clean, sophisticated and confident look and speaks volumes about the man who wears it. Again, it is best suited for straight hair of any thickness and people with curly and wavy hair should definitely avoid it. The style is jagged and no non-sense, with the hair cut close to the scalp and then blended and textured. Needless to say, a regular visit to the barber is well advised for the maintenance, even if you are a secret service agent.

3. The Scruffy Look

The Scruffy Look

Who does not dig a gruff looking man, especially with a beard and unkempt hair? Totally badass! So the mountain man look is necessary for the success of this look. Beard and unkempt hair. A total must and they are totally not exclusive of each other. This look makes no exceptions, the only thing necessary for it is that you have hair. Just let it grow, guys. But, do trim your beard from time to time so that you do not end up looking like a Yeti.

2. The Hipster Look

Barcelona v Paris St Germain - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final

It is definitely a bold look that not many can handle or carry off for that matter and is one of the most popular hairstyles right now. This look suits people of all ages, from Justin Bieber to David Beckham; nearly every celeb has experimented with this look. Looks great on straight and wavy hair, but a no no for those with a head full of unruly curls. The hairstyle is complete with relatively smaller cut sides and a flourishing top. People who groom themselves may very well carry out the look, for it is not for the faint hearted. Blow drying the top and adding a bit of mousse helps build the voluminous top body.

1. The Modified Skrillex Look

the modfied skrillex look

A slight variation of the Hipster look, this look is very bold and adventurous. For all those electro rock fans, who just love wearing what they love. This is definitely not an office friendly look and can scare your neighbour away if you team it up with some black leather and make up. Needless to say, this look is ruling all the ramps right now. Not advisable for people with textured or curly hair, it works alright with straight to wavy hair. Just ask your barber to shave away the sides, leaving the top as it is and you have your perfect Skrillex look, with slight modifications, of course.

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