Top 10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World

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Shopping- it is something that drives every woman crazy! There is no better therapy than retail therapy and works every time- whether you are angry, sad, frustrated or in pain. There is just something about stepping into a shop and picking up a new pair of shoes. The smell and sense of security is like something you’ve never felt before. The way you feel when you try on a brand new dress and it fits perfectly in all the right places, the feeling of going into a store and finding out you’re entitled to a special discount, the big, bright boards of sales, the joy of finding that perfect shade of lipstick or nail polish, the fun of carrying so many shopping bags that your hands get tired of lifting and others eyes get tired of staring in envy. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness certainly doesn’t know where to shop. We love shopping anywhere- let it be at big malls with high-end brands or bargaining at the street for one-of-a-kind deals, there is just a certain thrill about getting our hands on something shiny and new, waiting to be pulled out of its covers and shown off to the world. Usually, we women are never short of places to go shopping, but if you’re planning a trip around the world and shopping form a major part of your plan, here are the top destinations which must be included as a part of your itinerary, because they provide unmatched shopping experiences!

10. Bangkok


The streets of Bangkok might be a little smelly and unappealing with the stench of raw fish and other meats taking over the air but it has plenty of shops to compensate for holding your nose in the street. There are huge malls with every conceivable brand to wholesale market places. These wholesale stores are a fun place to shop at because if you buy three items or more, you get a third off the price off your bill. And who isn’t looking for deals? This applies to nearly everything- shoes, clothes, bags, make-up. In fact, certain jewellery stores offer cabbies free fuel for bringing people to their stores which in turn means free taxi rides for you. So free conveyance and cheap shopping- I must be kidding, right? I’m not, so go check the Thai Airways schedule!

9. Buenos Aires

buenos aires

While doing my research, I was quite shocked to come across a South American city that was topping the charts for a shopping destination everywhere. It might be a third world country but there are women everywhere so that encourages the growth of a retail market in nearly all countries. One great product of this country is their leather. It is cheap and durable. And do you know what that means? Super trendy bags, belts, shoes and boots at a fraction of the price you’ll pay anywhere else! You can also haggle to bring the price down further. And if you’re brand crazy, fear not, Aguirre Street has all the brands your heart desires. You can make this trip as expensive as you want or as stingy as you like, it all depends on you and your bank balance!

8. Tokyo


Tokyo has well developed infrastructure which includes everything from office buildings, residential apartments to MEGA SIZED shopping malls and department stores. Everyone in Tokyo usually shops at department stores and these stores have evolved over the years to provide quality and personalized shopping experiences with staff that are knowledgeable and well trained in handling customers as well as giving details and advice about the products they offer. Tokyo even has a district which is known as the shopping district and caters to everything that you can imagine and more! Their malls are not restricted to only clothes, shoes and bags but they have large sections on exotic and luxurious food choices like French Pastries to home and bath needs. Their stores are a maze so get ready to find yourself lost!

7. Madrid


Madrid is a beautiful city with cobbled streets, quaint cafes and gorgeous Spanish people. But it is also interesting to note that Madrid ranks third on the Global index for general luxury items. Mango and Zara are Spanish brands so you get their products at half the price that you do anywhere around the world- that is coming from personal experience. Madrid has a street called the Gran Via (which translates into the Big Road) which is a never ending street of shops and cafes. Every brand you can imagine is present of that street. If mall hopping interests you more, you can hit El Corte Ingles or the Salamanca district. And not to forgot, Spanish people still love their small markets so do remember to hit the El Rastro flea market for great deals on authentic Spanish goods.

6. San Francisco

san francisco

San Francisco is known as the windy city. It is true. While the streets are windy and need you to put on your most fashionable scarves, the shopping will simply knock the wind out of you! Downtown San Francisco has the hugest selection of shops you will set your eyes on. There’s everything from H&M to Versace. If junk jewellery is your thing, walk a few streets up to China Town and embrace the Chinese culture and shopping. If you like the sea, go to Fisherman’s Wharf which is the ultimate place to relax, eat and shop. You will find the best ice cream over there to compliment your shopping extravaganza. Oh and if you’re left-handed, you’re in for a special treat as a shop called Lefties which caters to the needs of left-handed people, is found at the Wharf. And that is just one of the many unique shopping experiences you will have there.

5. Dubai


Dubai is a world in itself. It is an ultra-luxe world for the rich and powerful.  That, of course, is a necessity with the number of Sheikhs with countless riches living there. Opulence is the norm and that is what every shop in Dubai is filled with. You can buy nearly anything you want within these dunes. Gold is abundant and sold aplenty. There are super high priced Prada’s and your teeny-bopper Forever 21. Malls are there in huge numbers. There are also many, many tiny markets selling beautiful local makes of bags and shoes. You could drive down to Abu Dhabi and visit the markets for eye catching goods as seen in Sex and the City 2. Get lost but do not lose yourself within this little piece of paradise.

4. Milan


Milan is the ultimate shopping destination and fashion gazing is a common activity on its streets. So put on your most stylish coat and step into only the choosiest of shops and beware of the ever present gaze of the fashion police. You can visit the Golden Quadrilateral which has every high end brand you desire, eat at the lovely, family-run bakeries and look at what others are wearing and carrying with them. You might want to make sure that you have your full credit card limit available to you or else you will be one very unhappy woman and shopping is supposed to do anything but make you unhappy!

3. London


London may seem unappealing with horrible weather and sort of snooty people but do not let that affect your plans to go shopping there! Londoners are very stylish and you could pick up rather handy tips from them and a wide collection of trendy things for your wardrobe from their shops. Hop onto the Tube and get off at Knightsbridge station to go to the ever famous Harrods. You could go to any of their other streets with beautiful architecture and still find a number of shops to buy baubles and trinkets from. So go on, be a British-er for a bit and spend some quid!

2. Paris


This city of love clearly spells out our love for shopping. The Champs Elysees is easily one of the most famous streets in the world with one of the highest real estate prices. While you walk down this street with horse-chestnut trees on either side, you will find yourself surrounded by a feeling of luxury and class. Saying more about Paris would be an insult to it. You know exactly what I’m talking about- it is the place where every fashion girl wants to be!

1. New York

new york

Every fashion magazine is usually born in New York. It has an entire avenue called Fashion Avenue. The styles of Blair Warldorf and Chuck Bass define the trendy New Yorkers. Macy’s, Bloomingdale, Barneys- they’re just some of the names that New York has to offer. From high-end brands to luxe boutiques, this place is the ultimate shopper’s paradise. Be careful not to empty your entire bank balance in a New York minute!

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