Top 10 Best Newspapers in India 2014

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It is a established fact that the importance of newspapers as an important tool for dissemination of information cannot be overstated. Over the years, it has been seen that the role that newspapers have played, in forming public opinion, has only increased. However, in the aftermath of the Global Meltdown of 2008 combined with the significant growth in the online media platforms, circulation of newspapers did decline but this trend was more visible in the global space than in Indian context. In India, particularly, in the recent years, media in general and newspapers in particular have played a major part in unearthing many significant stories from corruption scandals to raising awareness about the democratic rights of the citizens. This role has been amplified by the tools of technology now available for the journalists to use. In these times, when often the profession of journalism has been shown in bad light, it is only because of the good work that it is still being done in the field of journalism, that has maintained the significance of this medium. Another reason why newspapers have assumed the importance that they have is because regular dedicated reading of the newspaper as a habit has been regarded as one of the most essential elements of the life of an aware and responsible citizen. here, we have a list of 10 newspapers which have been considered to the best in the year 2013.

10. Mathrubhumi

At the tenth spot, it is the newspaper called as Mathrubhumi. Printed in Malyalam language, this newspaper has print editions in more than 10 cities of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The readership of this newspaper primarily comes from urban centres and metropolis. The organization that runs this newspaper is The Mathrubhumi printing and Publishing Company Ltd. This company was founded in the year 1923. This newspaper has gained the maximum popularity in Kerala so much so that it has become the first choice of a Keralite who wants to keep up with the developments in the world.

9. Rajasthan Patrika

The ninth place in this list is occupied by the widely read Hindi daily Rajasthan Patrika. The daily readership of Rajasthan Patrika is around 7 million. Since its beginning in the year 1956, this newspaper has only progressed in terms of its readership. After having started and prospered in Rajasthan, this newspaper has transcended the boundaries of Rajasthan and now, brings out editions in all major cities throughout India. The company that owns this newspaper is Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd. The head office of this media house is situated in pink-city Jaipur. While the major section of the readership of this newspaper belongs to the state of Rajasthan but the paper has been widely distributed all across the country. Due to its strong commitment to journalistic ethics, it has acquired a respectable name in the parlance of the media.

8. Lokmat


The next newspaper which finds a place in this list is Lokmat. This Marathi daily is among the most widely circulated newspapers in the state of Goa and Maharashtra. In the recent years, the readership of this newspaper has significantly increased and has increased to over 7 million. The newspaper is run by Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd and has its head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. One of the prime reasons why this newspaper has attracted the kind of attention that it has is because it has different editorial section for readers belonging to different cities. There is a reason why this newspaper is the most popular Marathi newspaper and it is because it allows its readers to connect with the world in their mother tongue.

7. Daily Thanthi

The next newspaper that features in this list is the Daily Thanthi. This newspaper is published in the Tamil language. Over the years, the readership of this newspaper has grown so much that it has become the most popular newspaper in South India. The reason for the popularity of this news paper is that it the natives who constitute the major part of its readership find the newspaper to be their sole connection to the developments in the world. The daily readership of this newspaper is way over 7 million. This newspaper is run by the Thanthi Trust which was established way back in 1942. Recently, the newspaper has decided to expand its horizon by launching an edition in Mumbai for the Tamil speaking population in Mumbai. The reason that newspapers in local language have received the kind of success that they have is because a local individual finds it most convenient to read news and analysis in his or her local language.

6. The Times of India

At the sixth place, we have the most popular newspaper in the English language i.e. the Times of India. This newspaper has continued its legacy for over 100 years and still continues to go stronger. Sometime back, it was also the most widely circulated newspaper in English throughout the world. The democratization brought by this newspaper in the field of journalism has taken the news to the people and has made them associate with them.

5. Amar Ujala

The Hindi daily Amar Ujala finds its place in this list at the fifth place. For being a daily newspaper in the Hindi language, it has managed to become extremely popular in the Hindi heartland of India. The journalism practiced by this newspaper justifies their motto-‘Josh Sach ka’. Moreover, this daily newspaper is willing to promote interests of the poor through its opinion articles. This newspaper has regularly flagged issues of public importance.

4. Malayala Manorama

The next newspaper in the list is Malayalam Manorama. It is the second newspaper in Malayalam to find a place in this list. The daily readership of this newspaper is around 10 million. This newspaper is owned by the Malayalam Manorama Group. The primary reason being the high readership count of this newspaper is the huge population which speaks Malayalam. With time, the popularity of this newspaper has grown manifolds and has even taken it across national boundaries. The newspaper is finely tuned to suit the taste of its readership which mostly comes from the Malayalam speaking population.

3. Hindustan

The next newspaper to find a place in this list is Hindustan. This newspaper has been in print for more than 75 years and therefore, has become one of the most popular Hindi dailies. The readership of this newspaper has been estimated around 12 million. This newspaper is run by HT Media Ltd. Published from many cities, this newspaper has very balanced coverage of national and international news.

2. Dainik Bhaskar

At the second place, we have the Hindi Daily named as Dainik Bhaskar. This daily has a very high readership count of more than 14 million. This newspaper has its readers spread all across the country making the second most widely circulated newspaper. Started in 1956, this newspaper currently brings out print editions from nine cities.

1. Dainik Jagran

The best newspaper according to this list for the year 2013 is Dainik Jagran. The readership of this newspaper is around 17 million making it the largest selling newspaper in India. Throughout the years, this newspaper has continued to make efforts to make the citizens realise their role as a citizen in a democracy.

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