Top 10 Best Comedies of all Times

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Our lives these days have become so dull and boring that it is impossible to survive without entertainment, entertainments are of many kinds, but the entertainments do not come free, if you play a video game; it will require your concentration, if you read a book; it will be a kind of mental exercise, even if you go out for enjoyment; it will consume energy as well as money. The only source of entertainment which doesn’t require any effort from you is sitting comfortably on a sofa and watching a good nice movie, preferably a comedy because romantic movies or mysteries can make you sentimental, consuming your emotions therefore comedy is the best genre if you wish to watch a movie. It makes you laugh so much that you get freed from the stress. Despite the busy schedule, it is necessary to make time for yourselves once in a while watch at least one comedy movie every weekend.

Over the Past centuries when different genre of movies have reached the peak of success & appreciation, comedy has also managed to allot for itself a distinguish and recognizable latitude. Comedy movies have always been cherished by the audiences, the making of these movies have always been a tough job, they require equal amount of hard work & talent as any other action movie and the hard work is easily visible in the movies when the viewer experiences punches after punches of laughter.  All the comedy movies are the best ones at their places however there are few movies which are considered a masterpiece and the making of such movies is a very rare case. The top 10 comedies that have been created are:

10. The dictator:

The Dictator is an American comedy directed by Larry Charles. The movie was released in 2012 starring Sasha Baron Cohen. The movies shows a North African dictator, Admiral General Haffaz Aladdin rules his country crudely and loves oppressing his nation. He is anti-western tyrannical and childish. He risks his own life to make sure the democracy never finds place in his country.

9. Anchorman:

Starring Will Ferrell, the movie was released in 2009; it was directed by Adam Mackay. The movie has been pictured during 1970s, Ron Burgundy, a top news anchorman meets his better half Veronica, who is equally talented as him. The problem is that the movie shows a male dominating society which gives rise to the argument between Ron and Veronica when they are both made the co news anchors. Veronica is an aspiring news woman who is gradually making her space in the TV station, much to annoy Ron’s male ego.

8. Dumb & Dumber:

Dumb & dumber was directed by Farrelly brothers. It was released in 1994. The movie gives the lesson of Honesty showing two good hearted but really stupid friends who make a trip across the country from Rhode Island to Colorado in order to return a briefcase full of money to its owner. The two best friends are already struggling in life yet they choose to return the briefcase to the lady. They’re unaware of the fact that the money in the briefcase is basically the ransom for the lady’s husband who has been kidnapped.

7. Borat:

Borat is a British-American comedy film directed by Larry Charles. The movie was released in 2006; the movie is about a TV journalist from Kazakhstan who has been sent to United States by the Ministry of information, Kazakhstan in order to prepare a documentary on America along with his crew. His main motive is to understand the American culture. But deviating from the plan he becomes more interested in marrying Pamela Anderson who happens to be bikini clad. Borat falls in love with her when he sees her on the television. Buying an ice-cream truck he sets out on a road trip to California along with his producer in order to find Pamela Anderson and make her his bride.

6. Rushmore:

Rushmore was released in 2004. It is directed by Wes Anderson. The movie is a story of a fifteen years old guy who is currently studying at the Rushmore Academy. Max sucks at studies but is very capable when it comes to extracurricular activates. He is the editor of the year book and the school newspaper, president of 4 clubs, director of school play, and the captain of the fencing team. Unfortunately he falls in love with a first grade school teacher; he also becomes friends with a millionaire who also likes the woman he loves. The story revolves around a love triangle; Max gradually understands the true meaning of growing up when he has to face the consequence of his actions &lies.

5. Kick-ass:

Kick ass is an adaption of a comics, it was directed by Matthew Vaughn and released in 2010. It is a story of a teenager Dave who inspired by the comics decides to fight crime in the city. He has no super powers; all he has is through the physical training. He orders a costume from the internet and wears it whenever he goes out to fight crime, he keeps his identity anonymous. He is not famous at school so it is impossible for people to guess about who is behind the mask.

4. The Hangover:

The hangover was directed by Todd Phillips; the movie was released in 2009.The hangover portraits the after effect of a bachelor party when the three best friends wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, they have no idea about what happened the previous night, they become more worried when they notice that the bachelor is missing. The three friends set out to find the missing groom as the wedding is schedule the same day. To sequels of the movie have been released, one was in 2011 while the other was in 2013.

3. Airplane:

Airplane is an American comedy released in 1980, it was directed by Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, David Zucker . The plot of the movie is that the whole crew of the plane becomes ill due to the food infection including the pilot as well as the co pilot. Now they need someone who could land the plane to the nearest airport. Fortunately Ted striker an ex pilot is on board but he is now afraid of flying because of the after effects of a war. Ted also needs his old girlfriend who is now a flight attendant, reviving the old love again.

2. Life of Brain:

The life of brain was released in 1979 and directed by Terry Jones. It is the story of a guy who was born in a stable next to the one of Jesus Christ. When three wise men find the boy they assume him to be a Messiah. The boy despite his wish is unable to lead a normal life, all his actions are considered the words of doctrine, and he also gets sentenced to Crucifixion.

1. Annie Hall:

Annie hall is a movie directed by Woody Ellen, the movie was released in 1977. The comedian Alvy singer is really bad at relationships and has been divorced twice, also he is curious about the sexual pleasure and wishes to explore more about it, yet his current girlfriend Annie Hall is not at all interested. Also Alvy is a jealous insecure fellow who tries to dig deep inside Annie’s past and present acquaintances. Both of them being poles apart end up with a breakup and Alvy sets out to understand the reason of his breakup with Annie and also finds the true meaning of love.

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