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 You know how some people remember a lot of stuff from their childhood, like every little detail; their first day in school, their first school bag, their first friend, their first everything; and some people who remember the amazing, memorable and forever kindda stuff. Yeah, me too. I don’t quite remember how my first day in school was, or the first friend I ever made, but I do remember the first time I rode a bicycle, or how I broke my arm, my first ever best friend, and many more things.

Many things people forget but there are always some things so close to our heart (or mind, whatever) that they stick with us until the end (yeah, as if I know how end is like. I just said that because I’ve heard it in movies and all). If childhood friends and first ride come in those memories, then so does our childhood entertainment: CARTOONS.

I may not remember a lot of things, but I do remember that when we were little there was a time which we called cartoon time. There were not many channels available in the early 90’s. So me and my little sister used to run up to the television, and sat there waiting for the cartoons to start. Later came Cartoon Network (oh, good old Cartoon Network). It brought with it a whole new series of cartoons with it, keeping us even more entertained. Time passed. We grew up a little, but the craze for cartoons remains, and comes to the rescue the Disney Channel.

Now I’m all grown up, but my love for cartoon shows is still there. There are still times when I crave for cartoons. I love ‘em. But if you ask me, I have my favorites. Here are 10 cartoons that I think are the best.

10. Popeye the Sailor


I guess everyone remembers Popeye, and his love interest Olive Oyl and that other guy who was after her (Bluto, his name was). I mean who wouldn’t remember a simple sailor man who, to save Olive from any danger and to fight the “goons”, would eat spinach and become all strong and burly and threw the bad guys away just with a single punch. If you think about it, that fella was half the reason why children like me ate spinach in the first place. Interesting, huh?

9. Duck Tales


Remember Uncle Scrooge and his three identical nephews? Remember all the fun and adventures they experienced. I definitely do.
The cartoon was mostly based on how Uncle Scrooge’s enemy Flintheart Glomgold (the second richest duck in the Duck Universe) and Magica De Spell (along with the Beagle Boys) wanted to bust all his money and how Scrooge, along with his nephews and his butler and all the other characters, defeated them. New adventures all the time.
The thing about this cartoon I could never forget is its title song and how Uncle Scrooge swam in his gold pile.

8. The Bugs Bunny Show


One could never forget this rabbit, his voice especially. How could we, it is so unique, after all; his famous phase being “Eh…What’s up doc?” (Always with a carrot in his mouth). And who doesn’t love his style, especially when he interacts with the audience. Believe me, only few cartoons do that.

7. Looney Tunes


This series was one of my favorites even before I knew the meaning of Looney. It had all the interesting characters in it, Bugs bunny, Daffy Duck, Destroyer, Tweety and Sylvester, and many more. After many years Baby Looney Tunes was introduced which made the series even cuter and more interesting.

6. Ben 10


Obviously it’s on my top 10 list. I mean, just because I am a girl means I can’t watch cartoons meant for boys? Yes, I can. I watch it and I love it. Common, who wouldn’t. The aliens, the cool watch (oh yeah, omnitrix), Earth under attack or in danger (whatever) and of course Kevin!
As the series kept expanding things kept getting even better. Like grown up guys, new and cool aliens, magical Gwen. Who wouldn’t want all these?

5. Flintstones


I think Flintstones is the best thing that ever happened in the cartoon world. Who could have thought that the Stone Age could have such modern technologies? The show had it all. Camera, showers, “electric” razors, washing machines and cars, for crying out loud.
This series was the famous and highest grossing animated series of its time. The Flintstones and the Rubbles kept us entertained every minute of the show. The most funny part in my opinion would be the end where Fred Flintstone was kicked out and locked outside by his pet saber-toothed cat-Baby Puss. The show would always end with Fred banging on the doors and shouting “Wilma!” (His wife’s name).

4. Dexter’s Laboratory


Oh, how I loved that cute little genius. This series was all about this little guy named Dexter (genius beyond imagination!). He invented or created new things every day in his high-tech lab (which had artificial intelligence, Dexter designed it so). But his annoying (yet loving) elder sister Dee Dee destroys everything by the end of the day (by pressing this red button that was not supposed to be used-it said self-destruction on it).

3. Phineas and Ferb


This animated series is based on two brothers Phineas and Ferb (who is later to be revealed to be an adopted child). The episodes are generally based in summer vacations where most of the children get bored out of their minds. So these two siblings invent new ways of having fun and build new stuff. Then along with their friends like Baljeet, Isabella, etc go on a little adventure. Candice, their sister always tries to bust them but fails in the end as it all suddenly disappear. The story runs parallel to the secret life of their pet platypus, Perry (who is a secret agent) who defeats the evil doctor Doofenshmertz. His evil creations are the reasons why Phineas abd Ferb’s creations vanish into thin air. The show always ends with the line, “oh, Perry, there you are!”
I personally love this show. Not only is it entertaining but also is sarcastic (if you see it with an adult’s point of view). For instance, in various episodes it’s shown how fashion changes in an instant and how mad people become about it, how people rise and then fall from fame, and many more things.

2. Scooby-Doo, Where are you?


A talking dog! This show has a talking dog! And if that’s not enough this dog solves all the mystery at the end (though by accident, but who cares). Who wouldn’t want to watch it?
This series revolve around a group of friends: Fred (the group leader), Daphne (the pretty one), Welma (the smart one), Shaggy (the coward guy and always hungry) and his pet dog (the talking one) Scooby-Doo. They have a mystery-machine van in which they go on missions of solving mysteries which always have some kind of ghosts or monster in them. At the end messy Scooby takes all the credit by accidently revealing real faces of the monsters.

1. Tom and Jerry


This one never gets old. This is the reason why it ranks first in my list. No one ever gets tired of the cat and mouse chase. These two fellas will make you laugh at any cost.
This series shows nothing but the eternal foe-ship that’s been going on between a cat and a mouse. The funny thing about Tom and Jerry is that these two are always on each-other’s nerve but when one decides to leave the other goes with him too. I think that’s what friendship is. Ain’t it?

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