Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Brands in the World 2014

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Air conditioning is the phenomenon of changing the  air in terms of humidity and temperature. It may refer to cooling ,removal of humidity ,decreasing temperature. For this  Air conditioners are utilized ,which is an electrical appliance that alters the residing conditions to favorable ones. It is basically used to cool the air inside a specified area, and thus finds its wide utilization in summers when the sun is at its peak. Air conditioning is most common in US with 88% of families after 2011 living in air conditioned houses. Since they are used in so much of abundance , henceforth there are too many manufacturers too to increase their presence .  Each one has its own fundamentals  and production techniques. But the basic qualities that needs to be seen are the quality,customer service , price and the power consumption ,concern about environment and the satisfaction of consumer.

Air conditioning is prominent and is rated back from medieval times to present . The earlier times saw many other fantastic techniques for  the same while this era is the advanced one so we came up with machines rather going  for a natural alternative. It is easier to establish and quite simple to use .To list a few manufacturing brands we have all the leading ones.

10. Electrolux


Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and  appliances for professional use . The company sells more than 50 million products over 150 markets every year. As far as air conditioners are concerned it produces both split and window air conditioners. It comes with an oxiguard -which is a unique three stage filter in window ac providing great cooling at affordable prices and its split air conditioners are equipped with  air cleaning technology.

9. Samsung


This is a South Korean company and is the most trusted one in the consumer products and has gained the faith from so many years. It is accompanied with various technologies such as humidification , star rating and turbo cleaning. From beginning with a small class trading company Samsung has led the  way to a world class corporation.It began in India with its first manufacturing unit at Noida. Since then the company hasn’t stopped progressing.

8. L.G


It provides air conditioners equipped with latest technology and innovations. It is a south Korean company and holds its dominance all over the world in field of air conditioners. Various latest technologies include jet cooling system, plasma filtration, and  inverter technology. LG air conditioners are more environment efficient .It reduced the use of PVC for production of air conditioners  but still some more lacunae are ought to be fixed. Due to its popularity it is gaining huge market  revenues every day. It is the one which is the first choice of each person when it comes to buying air conditioners. It has its head office in Seoul, South Korea. LG has always lived up to the expectations of the people by providing great services.



Panasonic  is the leading manufacturer of electrical appliances in Japan. It is a great brand in air conditioners also and has gained the popularity in past five years . Panasonic  formerly known as Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1918 and is among  the leading companies in Japan along with Sony , Hitachi, Toshiba etc. It too provided some of the advanced features in air conditioning technologies like Econavi and nanoe-g .It works making you not to worry about the ac once it is switched on since it itself handles the further operation.



It is the most wanted and biggest manufacturer of air conditioners in middle East  and India. This includes futuristic technologies to provide powerful cooling and power savings. It has earned 5 stars by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency of India. It is known for delivering unmatched comfort and happiness to customers. It is of higher efficiency and provide large output despite of its smaller size. They have got the leading edge in field of ceiling conditioners helping them to earn more revenues as they haven’t got any competition regarding this arena. Being in the worst conditions is not a great deal for these air conditioners to work upon.

5. Whirlpool


It is another brand in the field of air conditioners whose head office is in  Benton Charter Township, Michigan, US.Recently whirpool has touched new heights with the introduction of new technologies such as the turbo cool technology which initially switches on the air conditioner ,automatically, to work at its highest performance levels .The MPFI technology which provides a circuit design for rapid heat exchange .The japanese compressor and the idea to use all copper internals to provide fast and efficient heat exchange.

4. Carrier


In 1920 Bills Carrier invented this company on the name of his. However it succeeded in air conditioners in 1950. And now it is the biggest manufacturer  of HVAC  systems in the world. The brand Weathermaker air conditioners are included in carrier itself. It is spread over 6 continents and 172 countries. Its manufacturing unit in Gurgaon has achieved a reduction of 38 %  in emission of gases,22% energy consumption and 43 % water consumption.ACE is the proprietary operating system used by the company to provide world class products and services to consumers. This brand will surely be the choice of customers when it come to affordability, reliability and advanced technologies.

3. Blue Star


Founded in 1943 by an entrepreneur ,is one of the leading companies in India in the field of air conditioners. Once a user buys an ac of blue star ,the user doesn’t needs to worry about service  since it has been built keeping in view the requirements of user. It has its branches  in over 7 cities in India with over 30 offices. Its air conditioners are durable . It has recently teamed up with companies like Hitachi.

2. Hitachi


It is a multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered  in Tokyo ,Japan. It is the most advanced company in case of technologies and produces the best products. it launched the air conditioners with self cleaning technology. It also prioritizes the customer’s requirements as well as keeps in mind the sustainability of environment . It has always been in the forefront in stream of air conditioners defeating other companies. It  has always beaten the companies in terms of innovations as it includes lower power consumption and the emission of less greenhouse gases adds to the brilliant factor another star.



It is a Japanese multinational company which is in the race of manufacturing air conditioners since many decades. Founded in 1924 they are almost nightmares for each company trying to defeat them in their field . As per as quality is concerned ,it surely is a Herculean task for others to abnegate the fact of Daikin being the number one. They have been providing the air condition solutions to each country thereby creating a huge international market for them. And the most important feature these guys provide to customers is the relief in the prices they set for their products. Recently it has launched the Daikin Inverter AC consuming far much less power than the normal air conditioners and placing Daikin at the first place in manufacturing the best air conditioners among the other ones. It ensures for the safety and puts the quality and standard of services provided at cusp place.

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  1. katline hunt

    May 10, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Anyone still using – Azon Deal Maximizer (just google it)? I haven’t been able to see that gold box that gives you a list of any discount for air conditioners. I save big everytime that I use this box, it’s incredible.

  2. Season Makers

    April 3, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    You have got an amazing list of brands, Even i do use these whirlpool & LG , It gives long service, i do agree with Azon Deal – discounts always makes buyers happy 😉

    Richard from :

  3. ravindra

    April 12, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    there is no voltas the india’s no 1. ac

  4. nuliusz

    August 3, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    I am impressed there is no SHARP in this list. I owned a SHARP inverter air conditioner and it was the best I ever had. Now I own two electrolux and one thing I can say is avoid electrolux at any means. Full of problems and a real pain in the A$$. Although I have them for 3 years, I will remove them next year and get sharp again or mitsubishi.
    Lesson learnt with electrolux.

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