Top 10 Benefits of Starting Work at an Early Age

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Everybody today is too eager to start earning, make some money and be independent. When you hear a known person got a job and is working now what comes first to your mind?  Salary? Post? What do you think if it is good to start working early or not? What do you think would be the benefits of start working at an early age? Below are ten points explaining why starting off early in the corporate world is good and healthy. Let us have a glance.

10. Your ‘personal’ Expenses

personal expenses

The expenses here include drinking and partying on the weekend at pubs and clubs, something that cannot be told to your parents of course and cannot be asked money for. Continual inflow of cash is real good if you want to carry on with regular drinking, smoking and stuff. Hence a job, no matter if it is big or small, is a hindrance free way to keep the party nights going on, without letting your parents know.

 9. Mobile Bills

mobile bills

You don’t need to ask for money every time your mobile balance runs out. The questions parents throw at you when you draw cash from ATM or ask for money for recharging your phone, are no more than a riddle to solve.  You can chat for long hours with your boyfriend/girlfriend without bothering mom and dad, every few days, only if you have a backup of your own. Regular inflow of cash is always beneficial for at least paying your mobile bills. Recharge your girlfriend’s cell too and enjoy your late night talks.

Are you an internet freak, who keeps on updating status, checking for notifications and messages? Does your net pack always expire before time? That seems no problem if you regularly renew your data packs and again your mobile bills will be waiting to get cleared when your salary arrives.

 8. Treat


Friends asking for treat while betting upon things, friends asking for treat on girlfriend’s birthday, friends asking for treat on getting highest marks, for getting placed, for buying new clothes, shoes and for what not! Such silly reasons are always a flop in front of parents to get the money out of your ATM. Earning yourself and earning early can put an end to all your unavoidable flow of cash out of your parents’ pocket and to the lame excuses that follow. Unavoidable treats can always be given with pride. College life can turn into a pleasure if you have a side job to have your back.

7. Time-pass


That sure is one of the good reasons. Students specially college people take up side jobs and spare themselves from the every-day boredom. Even if they don’t give a damn to the work they do, they give more priority to either the money or simply take it as a way to pass time. Working from home suits best in case you are too lazy to show up everyday to work. Sitting and doing nothing? You can always do a little time-pass and earn side by side, without any painstaking task of waking up early every morning or wearing the formals and going to work. Somethings you are good at can always be the basis of your job, like writing, poetry. is one such site which offers countless job opportunity to people.

6. Girlfriend? No tension!

girlfriend no tension

Are your girlfriend’s demands hiking like the petrol prices?So what if you have to roam her around the whole town, or pick her up and drop her from home, so what if you have to get her gifts for her birthday, your first date anniversary or first kiss anniversary and so on. Get her the best of gifts, make her happy, roam with her just because you will have a job to take care of it all.

5. Respect that you always wanted

respect that you always wanted

Your mom would never listen to your reasons and excuses, your dad would always throw tantrums, you would be called useless, and your opinion would never be among a foreground of choices. That did hurt sometimes, but now no more. You have got a job and a responsibility to show and maintain. When you start making and marking your own finances, parents would definitely change their perspective and you are no longer counted as useless. Your opinions do matter now and mom and dad start supporting you rather than opposing your choices. Getting a job always makes you more responsible and better at handling things, hence you get the respect that comes running behind with a job.

4. Experience


With earning follows learning. Of course when you get into this web, you come to know how things work. A peep into the corporate world allows you to observe the other side of the river closely and generates confidence in you. This early experience is important so that next time you take up a job; you don’t end up being a total naive. Part time jobs can give you a good experience for a beginning. If you are a student, working side by side, gives you lots of benefits apart from the obvious experience. You tend to develop a better outlook towards other future ventures. It also helps in your over-round development of your personality

3. Unload the loan

Unload the loan

There can be cases where one really need to get a job as soon as possible. That loan which someone’s parents took for education, may dawn upon them as a nightmare. So students under such circumstances eagerly want  to get a job and start working early to bring down the burden of loans from their parents. Apart from considering,  an early start with a  job, as a benefit, it can be a necessity too.

2. Handling Finances

handling finanaces

Working early not only makes you independent but it also teaches you to handle your regular incoming of credits. You learn to maintain your budget, to spend judiciously, not lavishly and start savings of your own. This may just be a small step to future endeavors but it becomes equally important, as a part of experience. Now that it becomes your hard earned salary, you don’t let it fly away like you happily did to your parents money. You learn plan your expenditures carefully. This comes naturally and you get to learn to manage your finances in a better way.

1. Get to know your field

get to know your field

An early job gives you an idea about the idea of working and earning. Its give you an opportunity to ponder upon the fact if you really want to work 10 to 12 hours a day for usual five or six days a week. If you are a student, you can give a second thought to further studies or may be starting an own enterprise. Early experience of at least two years can give you time to plan for further carrier, keeping a safe option of the job in your back pocket. You can decide for yourself if slogging in front of the work desk is what you actually want to do. It can even give you a platform to develop your personality and skills over a period of time and help in your further ventures.

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