Top 10 Awesome Family Movies

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No violence, no explicit language, no sex scenes, no dirty jokes, no intimate kisses, no nothing. Watching a movie with your entire family can be quite a task today given that no movie is completely family friendly unless you opt to watch a kid’s movie. No matter how cool your family is, watching an adult movie with your entire family can be quite a traumatic experience. Your parents and you laughing at the same adult jokes, watching the gore and the hot bedroom scenes can be disgusting and awkward. But there is something about watching some nice movies with your family. Your family is your first social unit and you know all the little habits and likes and dislikes of the people. You live with them for so long that you start to understand their emotions and guess how they are going to react to a certain emotions. Some family movies get the family closer together by resolving any pending issues. There is something about family movies which you can’t find in any other genre of movies. And in these times, when there are very few good family movies you can watch on a cold winter Sunday, we present to you the top 10 family movies of all time –

10. The Goonies

The Goonies

A super movie for the entire gang, this movie can give a little fright to those under 10 years. The movie revolves around a group of friends who have the one last day to spend together before a capitalist property developer topple their society and they all have to move to new towns and the kids decide to go on a treasure hunt to find the riches that can help their parents pay the developers from demolishing their houses. The adventure, the fun and the sheer innocence of the kids who think that together, they can even stop the mighty developers from ruining their little paradise is something that makes this movie definitely worth a watch.

9. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

A through and through classic, this movie is the best when you want all your kids to snuggle under a blanket with you! A leisure island with dino-clones is a perfect idea for making money for the business Dickie Attenborough but something goes off and the giant reptiles go on a rampage, killing people and injuring them. A family who is visiting the island must stick together and get out of this danger island before it’s too late. This movie has won many awards and is considered a ground-breaking creative film by Spielberg. It is a go-to film for a family weekend.

8. Spy Kids

Spy Kids

There is nothing kids love more than seeing other kids who are empowered and with Spy Kids, you get just that. Two kids find out that their parents are spies and are now in danger, they decide to take things in their own hands and save their parents from the danger. They place themselves right in the heart of the danger and take on the evil Floop, a kids’ TV show host and the little people called Thumb-Thumbs. This action packed movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and the kids will love it.

7. The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Series

Although the later parts of the movie get violent and dark, the first four installments of the Harry Potter installments are absolutely lovable for the entire family. An orphan living with his torturous uncle and aunt discovers at the age of 11 that he is a wizard, and a rather famous one. A whole new life waits for Harry Potter at Hogwarts, the Wizarding School. The underlying point of the series is how Harry was saved by his mother’s love and it gives us a warm oozy little feeling about our own mother who’d fight any Lord Voldemort for us. Friendship, love, danger all packed into one great series – that’s Harry Potter for you.

6. 101 Dalmatians

101 dalmatians

We all love cute little puppies. Even better when there are 101 of them! The lives of two Dalmatians and their little pups is on the line when the fashion giant Cruella De Vil decides to have the skin of the Dalmatians to make a fur coat for her new design. She kidnaps all the puppies and the movie goes about how the puppies are saved and how they re-unite with their parents. It’s the cutest movie about having to go away from the parents and the happiness you feel when the puppies and their parents re-unite is so ecstatic that you will want to watch the movie again and again.

5. Enchanted


Which girl does not want to be the perfect princess? But what happens when an evil witch banishes a Princess into the 21st century modern Manhattan? Hilarity ensues and so does adventure. The movie is a great take on what it would be like to be a good ol’ princess in our modern day. Robert Phillip, an everyday divorce lawyer working in Manhattan falls for our damsel in distress and takes us down the road of how love can conquer, no matter in what age and time. It is a great movie to watch with your girls.

4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy-Wonka and the chocolate factory

A movie that we just want to eat up! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory revolves around the great adventure of Charlie Bucket, a school boy who gets the Golden Ticket to visit the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. The movie is whimsical, crazy, musical yet fully entertaining. The sets of the movie look so delicious with chocolates everywhere that there is no doubt that you will feel hungry while watching this crazy movie. The best idea is to keep some chocolate handy just in case you can’t control your temptation for sinful chocolate!

3. The Wizard of Oz


The journey of Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road is just timeless and evergreen. This is the family movie that everyone has heard of. Dorothy lives in the tornado stricken Kansas but she is swept away into the wonderful world of Oz. She makes a lot of friends and enemies along her way on her adventure but she has the time of her life in Oz. She must go to the Emerald City to get back home and on the way, she meets many nice and not so nice creatures. But the movie is shot very nicely and for its time, it was a record shattering hit. This movie will be loved by all the members of the family.

2. The Sound of Music


Who doesn’t love good musicals? And when it stars Julie Andrews, how could one miss it? The Sound of Music is one of the most beautiful family movies to have been made. Based on the true story of a family who lived in Austria during the Nazi regime, it takes us through a grim time through happy hummable tunes. It tells us of the tales of the lives of happy Austrians, especially the van Trapp family who finally hiked across the mountains to freedom in Switzerland. One cannot miss this movie. It is an absolute must watch for people of all ages alike.

1. Home Alone

Home Alone

An adorable little kid named Kevin gets left behind as his family goes off for a nice Christmas holiday. What happens next? Fun, adventure, comedy and some seriously smart pranks. Two robbers decide to rob the house of Kevin’s family and Kevin goes out of his way to make sure he and the house are both safe. He first tricks them into be living that the house is full but they soon realize that Kevin is alone. They try to be smart and get into the house by Kevin outsmarts them every time. This is a timeless comedy and one can watch it as many times and never get bored. All you need for such kind of movies is some popcorn, blankets to snuggle under and your loved ones and that is a recipe for a great family time!

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