Top 10 Atrocities Homosexuals Face

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Homophobia, name-calling, and discrimination at work, school and community, malicious gossip, snide remarks, isolation, rejection, sexual assaults, death penalty in some countries.Is this really the price people have to pay for love? So what if it’s the same-sex love, there is no reason to make their struggle more difficult than it already is.Homosexuality,a sexual orientation where a person is attracted to the people of the same gender, is no crime and it is high time the we develop tolerance rather than subject them to atrocities.

Here are the 10 few mayhem Homosexuals face:

10. Mental and Physical Health Concerns:

Mental and Physical Health Concerns

Thanks to the conditions and obstacles that have been prevalent around them, homosexuals are prone to mental and physical health complications. Research has shown that lesbians and gays are in the higher risk zone of attempting suicide. Homosexuality is unchangeable and inborn, hence giving these individuals no way out. Depression, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, post traumatic stress disorders are a few examples of what homosexuals go through. Same-gender has been hyped about and is said to be riskier, causing more health complications for homosexuals.

9. Trumpets of Homophobia and Hetero-sexism:

Trumpets of Homophobia and Heterosexism

Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals. Some who have no intolerance for homosexuals slip into this category to excuse themselves? And these are the people who suffer from homophobia that makes lives difficult for homosexuals.Th expression of this phobia can range from subtle discrimination to overt violence against them.

Hetero-sexism is the belief that heterosexuality is the only right sexual orientation and every other sexual orientation is unacceptable. And this belief manifests itself in so many different areas like health services, education service, adoption centres and often makes homosexuals feel invisible.

8. The Legal Issues:

Legal Issues

Who do you turn to when your country, the law, the state also doesn’t support you? Probably one of the reasons why gays and lesbians feel like an outcast is because the laws don’t provide uniform protection against discrimination. There are still more than 76 countries which hold homosexuality as illegal. Countries where same-sex marriage isn’t recognized and countries where the word homosexual is a taboo. The federal, the law, the state have marginalized homosexuals when it comes to equity and legal rights. Some countries impose death penalty to homosexuals, according to the interpretations of the Sharia’s law. Countries like Sudan, Arab, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arab and few other Islamic dominated countries abide by this law. How do you demand equal rights when the law itself gives you death penalty?

7. The Religion Cloud:

The Religion Cloud

This is the most occurring reason stated by anti-gay and anti-lesbian communities. According to them Homosexuality offends god. Same-sex marriage violates the moral code of conduct set by god. It’s an abomination to god.Yes, these are the ideas that are carried by them and it changes the way people treat homosexuals. Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Islam and various other denominations of Christianity forbids homosexual relationships. Cases of cruel attitudes of the Christian churches towards homosexual have always been on the headlines. Let’s face it, on the religious front homosexuals are treated like sinners. A sin which they have been born with and can do nothing about it yet they must suffer and bear the atrocities that are thrown at them. Is that fair? Shouldn’t the prevalence of love and not hate be every “God’s” objective?

6. Victimization:


It is not easy to “come out of the closet” and go public about your sexual orientation. Not even remotely easier when there are a bunch of wolves hunting for opportunities to victimize and bully you. And this behaviour is at peak during the adolescence years. Calling names, bullying, and peer victimization becomes a part of the daily life in high school and college years. The most common types of homophobic bullying are verbal bullying which involves calling malicious names, making unwanted sexual comments. The other is social bullying which can include peer exclusion, public humiliation. Then there is physical bullying which is any sort of obscene gesture or move, threatening by physical harm. The last and most convenient kind of bullying is the cyber bullying where the identity of the person bullying remains concealed.

5. Family Rejection:

Opening up to their parents can be one of the hardest things homosexuals have to do. And it’s even harder when your parents don’t take it that well. For some it just ends with a bit of family drama and for others it goes up to family rejection.Yes, parents play a crucial role in this. It becomes devastating when your own family doesn’t accept your identity. Homosexual’s adolescents who have been rejected by their family face emotional instability and are vulnerable, both socially and emotionally. Parental rejection can trigger depression and sometimes even put it to the limits where suicide is the only option available.

They say when everything else fails, there is family. What do you do when that fails as well?

4. Societal Isolation:

We all are prejudiced in some way or the other. Be it with respect to race, caste, gender or even sexuality. How often can you pass by a homosexual couples and not stare or nudge the person with you to look at them? The society isn’t very easy on homosexuals. You would probably be prejudiced to rent your house to the first straight couple you met and not the present gay couple? These prejudices and discriminations, one at each time, add up and results in societal isolation.

3. Sexual Assaults:

Did you know that homosexuals are in the prime risk zone, after women, of getting molested and sexually assaulted? Even in homosexuals, lesbians are most picked up on. The homosexual assaults are becoming a big problem in the U.S Military. Incest, which is the sexual contact of a family member or relative, is the most damaging and devastating form of sexual abuse. Homosexual assaults are also used as a means to combat it and to prove power and authority.

2. Discrimination (in all spheres):

History has witnessed so many cases where people come and fight for their rights. Fight against the discrimination they have to put up with. African American seeking end of slavery, Feminists fighting for their rights and for the end of their suffrage and now homosexuals for their equality. Is being African American or a woman wasn’t considered a crime then why can’t we be tolerant to homosexuals? A Public Opinion Program conducted by University of Hong Kong in the year 2011, suggests that almost 48% of the participant reveal of the unwillingness to accept homosexuals. Homosexuals experience discrimination in every sphere of life, be in at work place, educational centres, health services. They face problems in getting married, getting jobs, adopting kids, giving and getting education. Homosexuals have been the victims of our prejudice and it is not justified to discriminate someone for their sexual orientation. Homosexuals are just ordinary individuals who happen to be sexually attracted towards the same sexist high time we accept that and treat them no differently.

1. The Violence and the Hate Crimes:


Violence has been used as the most effective ways is anti-gay and anti-lesbians groups. Homosexuals have always been targeted by violence in every culture. Violence against homosexuals had reached a pinnacle during the Holocaust where almost 15,000 homosexuals were killed brutally, imprisoned and institutionalized as insane. These violence movements are led by people who have high levels of hostility for homosexuals, usually based on religious reasons. In certain countries, the law itself uses the help of violence to curb homosexuals. The sodomy law in Iran was modified in 2012 and it states that any homosexual act will face charges ranging from 100 lashes to death penalty. A heath wrenching case from Iran has come up where two gay teenage boys were caged and publically humiliated for their sexual orientation. They were later hung and left as a spectacle to be viewed by the crowd.Yes, these stories of violence against homosexuals gets gruesome.

We care about the failing economy but not about humanity that has failed? These atrocities continuously remind us that the monster within us is unleashed; the faith in humanity is long lost.

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