Top 10 Antidepressants Side Effects that we know

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Sometimes in life we suffer from some kind of severe depressions resulting from any unacceptable life event. In that case when the depression is unbearable and seems uncureable, people switch to medication. These medicines which are used to cure the sever depressions and are prescribed by doctors also are in most of the cases effective and cure the patient. But like any other medicine, the long term usage of these antidepressants may cause various side effects. In that case the best way is to talk to your doctor or the health provider and tell him all the side effects you are having. In most of the cases these side effects are also curable. So before the sun sets, go and have a check over your health and body. Sometimes people suffer from intolerable side effects, in that case you may need to reduce the prescribed dose. But that too you cannot do before consulting your health adviser or doctor. Though there are many side effects of antidepressants, depending upon the type of the medicine, here we will discuss some of the most common side effects that we know and how to handle the same.

10. Nausea


This is the first and most common side effect of antidepressants. It usually starts within one or two week of starting the medicine. The effect can however be minimized just by a little care. The best way of getting rid of nausea is to make sure that your medication is taken along with food. Also, you need to take small but frequent meals. Having small meals in regular interval give your stomach enough time to digest the food. Drinking lots of fluid, whether it be water of some juices on regular basis will end this side effect completely. Ginger ale with lost carbonation is one recommended drink for nausea treatment caused by antidepressants. However as soon as the body get adapted to the medicines, the nausea gets reduced on its own.

9. Increased Body Weight

increased body weight

When you switch to some antidepressants, you also switch to a big probability of getting fat. Many things such as fluid retention in the body, decreased physical activities, consumption of medicines, may led to a sudden increase in your body weight. Also curing of depression may increase your appetite and this will consequently increase your weight. In order to stay away from this, you need to maintain a proper diet chart and get stick to it. Maintaining a proper diet and health schedule is one of the best suitable method to keep the extra fat away from your body. Stay away from sweet and sugary drinks that contain high calories. Switch to exercise and regular physical activities. However only some and not all antidepressants led to weight gain. So if your medicines are effecting your health, you can ask your health consultant to either reduce or change the dose.

8. Upset Stomach

upset stomach

This effect is generally felt by people having antidepressants after the age of 55 or so. The main cause is the disturbed digestive system and improper consumption of meals. When you start taking some antidepressants, all you need to take care of is that while getting cured, you do not disturb your own health in between. Thus a proper care of stomach and diet is mandatory if you are switching on to some antidepressants prescription. So have a proper and timely diet, make sure you do not consume more oily and not easily digestible food items.

7. Insomnia


It is so true that antidepressants boost your body energy. Though you may like the idea of it, but sometimes it may be very indesirable. Antidepressant medicines may led to insomnia in many cases. You will not fall asleep the whole night or your sleeping hours may get reduced. Whatever it be, it will make you feel tired and decrease your efficiency the whole day. The best way is to stay away from your antidepressant medicines at the time of sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, you can just ask your doctor and take the medicines during day time or morning. Also stay away from caffeinated products during evening and night time.

6. Dry Mouth

dry mouth

Dry mouth is very common side effect of majority of the antidepressant drugs. All you can do to cure this is drink lots of water regularly. You can also chew some gum or candy, but make sure they are sugarless. Stay away from caffeine as it may make your moth drier. Dry mouth also has a risk of getting cavities, so if possible visit your dentist on regular basis and also brush at least twice a day. Breathing through mouth should be avoided and try to breathe through nose only.

5. Dizziness


There are some medicines which led to a problem of low blood pressure, which ultimately results to dizziness. Normally tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) are responsible for causing dizziness in patient. IF you suffer from this side effect, you need to be very cautious and take care of even small things. For example- you cannot suddenly change your position from sitting to standing and vise versa, you need to use some support everytime you climb the stairs or walk through some risky zone, you cannot operate heavy machinery or drive alone. Also staying away from alcoholic and tobacco containing toxic products is necessary.

4. Restlessness and anxiety

restlessness and anxiety

Some of the antidepressants are highly stimulating. Staying on a higher energy level all the time of day is not a thing most of us desire. You cannot sit relax and silent even when you want to do so. If you continuously suffer from these side effects, you need to go to right away to your doctor and tell him all your symptoms as it may also led to some serious disorders and even the bipolar disorder. Regular physical activities like jogging, cycling,aerobics may help you get rid of this effect. You can also opt for some meditation and deep breathing exercises.

3. Constipation


Many tricyclic antidepressants are responsible for causing constipation. These tricyclic medications led to malfunctioning of the digestive system. Regular intake of fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and grains may help you treat this problem. Drinking lots of water and regular exercise are some other measures to make yourself constipation free. In higher cases when all of the above measures fail, you can also go for some stool softeners.

2. Blurred Vision

blurred vision

This is a very common associated side effect with antidepressants. But the good thing is that it usually goes away as the body gets adapted to the medication. However in case of the tricyclic medications, the effect may stay for long. In this case, you need to consult an eye doctor and get some eyedrops to reduce the effect. Even then if the problem continues, then ask your doctor to reduce the dose as it may harm you badly.

1. Sexual Problems

Antidepressants sometimes have bad effect, not only to you, but also your partner. Most of them are accompanied by side effects that may harm your sexual life. Some of the most common sexual side effects are difficulty in reaching the orgasm, problem in getting erection and a decreased sex drive. In order to stay away from these effects, try to have a medication that offers only once a day dose.

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