Top 10 Annoying Things that Boyfriends do

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Relationships are tricky and confusing. It’s almost impossible to understand that what your spouse needs and wants at every instant of time. And nobody expects that. But knowing what makes them angry and the things you should absolutely avoid doing in front of them is very imperative. Talking about boyfriends in particular, they can be caring and pampering but there is also a long list of the annoying habits they have that get on their girlfriend’s nerves and might also creep the hell out of her. Do you happen to have any of these? See for yourself and if you do, get rid of them, now!

10. Make her wait

making her wait

You set up a date, give her a time and then get late. Your car broke down, there was traffic on the way, you bumped into a friend outside your house, whatever amazing excuse you come up with it is pathetically annoying for your girlfriend and she totally hates it. Yes you say you can get ready in 5 minutes and congratulations for that but it doesn’t mean you keep playing football with your homies and get home just 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Keep a track of time and never make her wait.

9. Forget to call back

forget to call back

A girl’s “getting ready in 5 minutes is equal to a guy’s “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes’! You might have heard it before and it is 100% true. Your girlfriend really wants to talk to you, she might want to take a load of her chest by sharing her thoughts with you or talk about something really important but you tell her that some really important task came up and you will definitely call her in 5 minutes or so. Yes we understand but not calling her the entire day while she keeps expecting your call is not an appreciable thing. Firstly keep your promises, if you said you will call then you do it. Secondly, in case you cannot take out time for a call then at least drop a text so she doesn’t expect and gets disappointed.

8. Spending more time on gadgets

spending more time for gadgets

We understand that gadgets hold a special place in a guy’s life and they love spending time over them. But that is not an excuse for making your girlfriend feel neglected and insecure because of a gaming console or your smart phone. Getting on a gaming marathon while your cell phone keeps ringing under a pillow and a pile of clothes is completely moronic and annoying. Or getting glued to your cell phone while your girlfriend is sitting beside you and trying to have a conversation is something you should NEVER do. Pay more attention to the girl than the gadget.

7. Ruining her hair

ruining her hair

You might think it’s cute and she loves it when you mess her hair but it is not. Girls do love boys playing with their hair but only after the day is over and you two are staying in. But don’t do that in public. She have spent hours in a salon to get them perfect and pretty and you dare not even think about spoiling them. See it, compliment it but don’t touch, it’s annoying.

6. Living and loving in mess

living and loving in mess

Why boys like everything to be so messy? You go to the kitchen to make a sandwich and leave the butter box open, knife on the counter, bread packet in full mood to invite bugs. Or after shaving the whole basin is filled with tit bits of your beard makes for a pathetic sight. Just get in a habit of cleaning things immediately after you use them. And this doesn’t only imply on the things around but also on yourself. Girls hate when their boyfriend doesn’t take a bath for a week and then rape the deodorant bottle before leaving the house. Come on, a shower a day isn’t too much to ask for.

5. Staring at other girls around her

staring at other girls around her

Casually looking at people of other sex and finding them attractive is not a big deal. Even committed girls do happen to notice few cute boys while at a party with friends or just walking down the street. But staring and ogling is a completely different thing and when done when your girlfriend is right next to you is disgusting and plain annoying. When you are out with your girl, pay attention to only her instead of setting eyes on strangers around.

4. “Take care of me”

take care of me

What’s with this behaviour where you guys start acting like there has been some zombie apocalypse every time you get a cold and fall sick? Have you ever seen a girl giving a dozen troubles to people around when she has caught cold? You probably can’t even tell when a girl is having a cold. Whereas boys go all like “Take care of me like my mom does, stay with me at home, make me soup, get my medicines and it goes on”. Girls love to take care of their men but behaving like a 5 year old when fallen sick is very annoying and might just drive your girlfriend crazy.

3. All pleasure no talk

all pleasure no talk

Before entering in a relationship one must truly understand the meaning of one. You have to be there with your partner for all her emotional needs too and not just the physical ones. Being nice to your girlfriend only to gain sexual pleasure and dozing off to sleep when she wants to just cuddle is one of the most annoying habits a boyfriend can have. Keep sex only as a part of your relationship not the sole purpose of it. Every girl hates it.

2. Unobservant

unobservant behavior

How many times have you really noticed your girlfriend has got a new haircut without her doing a suggestive walk in front of you 5 times in a single minute? Sometimes even that doesn’t help and she has to straight tell you “Look at me I got a haircut!” We understand your brain is not programmed like us and nobody has invented any such app yet but you sure can try being a little more observant to your girl around than being in your own bubble. She doesn’t need an advice from you to all her fashion queries but answering her honestly when she asks which dress suits her more isn’t too much to ask for. And first look at her before mumbling anything just to satisfy her. Not paying enough recognition to her matters is an annoying trait almost all men tend to have.

1. Not listening to her

not listening to her

To all the boys who think listening and hearing is just the same let me get this clear. It is not and there is a big difference between these two things. And when your girl is talking to you, you got to listen to her, pay attention to what she is saying and genuinely take interest. Don’t just zone out to your wonderland or start thinking about ridiculous porno because you aren’t interested in her talk. Chances are she will test you later on what she said and that might create troubles for you then. So listen not just hear and while you do it make a constant eye contact with her.

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1 Comment

  1. Sean Paul

    February 18, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Just found this article and I have a few things to say about it…
    I always try to take into account what girls say they really want in a man, but it’s really difficult to take them seriously in most cases.
    Here’s why…
    I’ve never had a gf that would really put her foot down and DEMAND that I comply with any of these requests.
    If I don’t do x, y, or z, then what? What are you gonna do? Nothing? Then why should I even take this seriously? Your not going push it so, I’ll just go back to doing whatever the hell I feel like doing. Okay honey?
    Now being the modern in tune male that I am, I always strive to please these requests whenever possible. But, I also know there won’t be any real consequence for me if I don’t. My only motivation is too keep her happy IF I’m in the mood to do so.
    I’ll readily admit that’s not exactly the most loving or caring answer I could give, but at least it’s an honest one.
    Too many girls seem way too invested or bonded to their boyfriends in an unhealthy way, which in turn leaves them vulnerable to being taken advantage of in many different ways by their boyfriends. I’ve experienced this in my own relationships, and every other relationship I see around me as well. Girls have to start taking some responsibility for this stuff, or it will never change. Guys will continue to ignore them whenever they please, and treat them poorly without much fear of any serious reprisal. Most girls will dutifully ‘take’ this poor treatment without really doing anything to stop it. Bad move. You’re inadvertently TEACHING someone how they should treat you going forward. Do girls actually expect they guy to somehow have an epiphany? A moment of clarity, where they realize the error of their ways?
    Good luck with that ladies…
    These issues only seem to come to the forefront once the girl has reached her breaking point, and the guy has pissed her off one too many times. That’s not a good thing, and that atmosphere does not lend itself to a achieving a positive and/or healthy resolution of these issues.
    Girls seem to think it’s ‘better’ to just let these things go in the early stages of a new relationship, but as a guy I can tell you that is a HUGE MISTAKE. Guys can and will push the boundaries of the relationship really early on, and if you don’t quickly set some clear parameters on how far we can go, you’re just asking for problems later on. And if you didn’t participate in setting up these parameters in the very beginning (or when they started to occur), then I think you’ve all but relinquished any claim to be mad or pissed off about them later on.
    Just my .02

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