Top 10 Animated Movies to Brighten your Day

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In June 1995, a man named John Lasseter, with love for computers and classical toys created the first featured animation film. Since then there have been innumerable releases in the field of animated feature films. Animation is an industry not developed far back in past but has grown with incredible pace. Earlier the stories for most animation films were simple with the target audience of kids. However, now as the field grows, more diverse genres of stories are being created as animated movies. If you are a fan of imaginations then there is nothing better than animated movies to brighten your day.

Below is the list of top ten animated movies you would want to watch as soon if you haven’t already-

10. The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Did you know superheroes have their own share of family problems? The Incredibles is the story of a family of superheroes trying to lead a normal life in undercover which they do not find as sunny. However, itching to get back to action, things turn upside down for the family when Bob Arr, Mr Incredible, is summoned to a far off island via mysterious source of communication. The threat on Bob’s life and on the world in general forces his wife Helen and two kids into action.

9. Wreck- It Ralph

Wreck- It Ralph

Tired of being the bad guy, the video game villain Ralph sets out to fulfill his dreams of becoming a hero. The transition is however not as easy as Ralph brings a series of misfortunes for arcade while innocently trying to win a medal in the shooter game and unleash his gates to heroism and happiness. However he soon wrecks everything and accidently frees a deadly enemy which is a threat to every game in the arcade.

8. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc.

Beware of looking under your bed, you might scare the monsters! Monsters Inc is a movie you can easily fall in love with. Humans might have one scary perception of monsters but what we don’t know is that monsters have their own peaceful world and we are as alien to them. The two different kinds get to know each other when a two year old baby Boo enters the monsters world accidently with a friendly furry giant blue monster Sully. The adventure begins as Sully and his friend Mike try to put Boo back in her room before anyone finds out.

7. Kung Fu Panda

Monsters Inc.

Story of an obese, nonchalant, irreverent sacker Panda named Po who is a huge Kung Fu fan and finds himself chosen by a prophecy to save their village despite being a novice at Kung Fu. He gets a chance to learn the martial art techniques alongside his Kung Fu idols- the furious five and under master Shifu. This movie is incredibly hilarious and suggestible to people of any age willing to catch a light sensible one for their day and once you watch it you are bound to recommend it further.

6. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

A little clownfish, ignoring his father’s warnings that the ocean is dangerous, sets out alone to discover and thus abducted by a boat and sent to a dentist’s office. The story is the adventures of a father fish trying to find and save his little son fish Nemo, of the dangers he face, friends he make and finally manages to be reunited with Nemo. You might have seen many movies on father son relationship but one that of fishes has its own charm. No matter how much go wrong throughout the movie, an animated creation usually ends happily and predictably without spoiling the fun of watching one.

5. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Oh yes animated movies are not all about toys and pets and princesses, they can be horror and scary as well. Dubbed by Disney from a Japanese creation, the movie has an exceptional sense of humor and an excellent story line. Spirited away is the story of a young girl whose family takes a wrong turn on the road while moving to another city and reaches a place which they soon find to be mysteriously dark and with sinister secrets. Revealing any further would be unjust to the story of the movie which is a must watch.

4. Tangled


Heard of the story of the princess Rapunzel with the longest hairs ever? There can be no better way to tell a princess’s story than tangled. The princess, separated from her parents and palace as an infant by a cruel old lady who alone was aware of the secret power of healing of her hairs, is introduced to the world at the age of eighteen in the company of no prince but a thief orphaned at a young age and inspired by a fairy tale. Tangled is the story of the adventures of Rapunzel as she meets the world for the first time following a dream of watching flying lanterns. If you are a fan of thrilling short stories with happy endings then tangled will be your favorite.

3. How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon

The island of Berk is a decent place to live offering fishing, hunting and a charming view of the sunset. However the usual Berk life is bothered a little by the exceptional pests they have- dragons. The story of a young Viking determined to kill a dragon and join the war of his family, how to train your dragon is a brilliant example of the creativity animated movies can imply. This young boy finds himself unable to kill and accidently befriends a young dragon and sets on letting his villagers know the reality about the creatures. As a result Berk finally gets a solution for the problem of pests and the Berk folks get knew pets- dragons.

2. Ratatouille

Toy Story series

Ever imagined that your favorite delicacies in your favorite restaurant might be prepared by a rat? Remy is no ordinary rat. He dreams of becoming a world famous chef and draws his inspiration from a famous French chef Anton Gusteau but faces the obvious shortcoming of being a rat. However on discovering the death of Gusteau and finding his restaurant downgraded to three stars, Remy decides to intervene at all cost for saving Gusteau’s restaurant from a sad fate. He finds the channel of show casing his talent by hiding inside the hat of the young apprentice appointed and thus begins a journey most unexpected for a rat. Ratatouille is the best possible way of showing that ‘No shortcoming is ever too big’.

1. Toy Story series

Toy Story series

Your toys are you best pal as a kid and all they expect of you is to take proper care of them and play with them. Yes ‘them’ not ‘it’ because toys have feelings as well! One unbeatable example of imagination is the Toy Story series in which the main prodigies are the favorite toys of a kid named Andy. Andy loved his toys, kept them in excellent conditions and played every day with it. However the toys are accidentally landed in the hands of a baleful neighbor kid in the first part of the movie and left behind at a toy store in the second part. The final part is unbeatable as the toys try to find another owner who would play with them since Andy had grown too old for that. You would rather not want to miss this one and better start from the beginning of the series.

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