Top 10 Amazing Game of Thrones Facts

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Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy drama series. It is the adaptation of the novel series ‘A song of Fire and Ice’ by George Raymond Richard Martin. it is to date one of the most ardently watched T.V series of all time with a recorded viewership of more than 20 million viewers.

10) The Dragon Eggs


Illyrio Mopatis is a wealthy and powerful Magister in the Free City of Pentos. He is a dealer in spices, gemstones, dragon bone, and other things. He also brokered the marriage between Khal Drogo and Daenerys. At her marriage he gifted her three dragon eggs which he never would have thought will become the deciding factor on who gets to sit on the iron throne. Well, the egg did hatch and rest is history. Years let when HBO bought the serial rights of the book. Emilia Clarke got the dragon eggs in a much awaited adaptation but then a year later these eggs were gifted in yet other wedding. The Game of Thrones producers gave George R.R. Martin one of the three dragon eggs as a wedding gift when he married Parris McBride in February 2011.


9) Robb’s mom was Hermione’s mom too


Catelyn Stark holds family and honor as the utmost important things to live for. She raised three sons, well four sons even if one wasn’t her, and two loving daughters, one of whom turns out to be a total bad-ass. But Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) had another daughter in yet another novel adaptation series which we all have come to love so dearly. Yes, Harry potter! Michelle Fairley Played Hermione granger’s mother although we don’t see here until the movie ‘harry potter and the deathly hallows’ in which Hermione rob(B)s them of their memories. Before the serial got famous and gained such ardent fan following Michelle Fairley confessed to have doubted the success of the show itself.

8) Charles Dickens and Charlie Chaplin Lineage


Charles Dickens wait for it… great-great-great-grandson was Daenerys’s brother Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) though he was a loyal brother but greed and hunger for power took him down literally with a molten gold crown atop his head. On a personal note I’d have liked his character to be given more sensibility and space on screen because after all it was him who took care of little Daenerys after their mother died.
If across the shivering sea we saw the Dickens then back in the fields of Riverrun and sadly at the twins we saw the demise of Talisa (Oona Chaplin) this Spanish beauty robbed a million hearts along with that off Robb himself.

7) Walder Frey or Filch, Osha or Tonks


We never liked Filch, the caretaker and his cat in Harry Potter especially the way he accused our little wizard of murders in the Chamber of Secrets. He was dubious, suspicious and cranky and then they changed his named to Walder Frey (David Bradley), gave him power, a hundred sires and look what he did; dined whilst his soldiers and sons slay our favorite characters in the most emotionally disturbing episode in the history of tele- serials, The Rains of Castamere
When Mr. and Mrs. Lupin died in the battle of Hogwarts (* shed a tear or two) and left Harry as their child’s Godfather, Nymphadora Lupin a.k.a Tonks went onto become a wildling and she is one of G.R.R Martin’s favorite character so far. He liked her so much that he decided to give her a key role and keep he character alive (ah mercy).

6) Where did the Dire wolf go?


The direwolves – Ghost, Shaggy Dog, Lady, Nymeria, Summer and Greywind are actually Northern Inuit Dogs with Computer graphics. Of course we know that but I thought I might as well mention it as I saw an interview the other day in which the art director of Game Of Thrones burst out laughing when they were asked “So was it difficult working with the dragons, considering they are so fearsome”. Anyway after Arya Stark’s direwolf’s role was wrapped up Sensa Stark (Sophie Turner) ended up adopting the cute little Nymeria, which was justified after what they did to her own direwolf Lady. Though am still not sure why did they have to let her go into oblivion when she had such an important role to play in the aftermath of the Red Wedding.

5) The Real Age


Games of Thrones directors have always been bugged about the comparison between the novel and the show, why aren’t Daenerys’ eyes Purple? Well, an actor can’t work with contact lenses. Why aren’t the characters at par with their in age in the novel? For if we showed a 14 year old Daenerys getting raped by Khal Drogo then you’d be interviewing us in custody. So what exactly is the real age of GOT characters?

Apparently Daenerys is 14 years old while Robb is 16. Bran is 8 years old; while Tyrion is around 20 he first married at the age of 13. His twin siblings, approximately 9 years elder to him, are in their early 30’s and Jamie becomes a King’s Guard at the age of 15, Joffrey is just 13 and Loras Tyrell is 17. Eddard Stark was just 35 and Catelyn Stark is just in her early 30’s much like the Twins.

4) The Cities in real life


Am sure you must have thought at least once of all the grand cities that are portrayed in this show. For places like that can’t be erected inside a studio you need locations to justify the scenes. So where exactly are; Meeren, Yunkai, the King’s Landing and also The wall. Apparently modern day Castle Ward is Winterfell, Saintfield Estates are the Winterfell godswood), Magheramorne quarry is the house of brothers of night watch, Castle Black. Shane’s Castle turned into the tourney grounds and Fort Manoel represents the Sept of Baelor. While, San Anton Palace,Fort Ricasoli, Fort St Angelo and St. Dominic monastery are all used for scenes in the Red Keep.  Frostfangs and at the Fist of the First Men, were filmed in Iceland in November 2011 and Daenerys has been freeing slaves of Yunkai and Meeren in the modern day Ouarzazate, Morocco.

3) Brienne of Tarth


There is one thing that binds the Brienne of Tarth with Gwendoline Christie who plays it. Alike her character when Gwendoline was a kid, she was taunted about her figure and unladylike characteristics. She took up gymnastics but suffered pulls and sprains and was told she would never be able to do it again. While Brienne took to be a King’s Guard also because she likes Renly Baratheon as he was the only guy who was so good to her. In real life Gwendoline took up acting and I don’t think we’d have liked anyone else to portray Brienne of Tarth and do justification to it.

2) Three people who know the ending


There is no denying the fact that G.R.R Martin is rather old considering , the first book of the series Game of throne came out in 1996 and he know this very well. So in case a bunch of Aliens decide that they need to read Martin more than the earthlings do and kidnap him forever, then god forbid what will happen to the show and the book series? No worries, apparently G.R.R martin told the directors David Benioff and D. B. Weiss  ( in case of an alien kidnapping)  about the way he intend to end the series. Well after I finish this entry I know which duo I have to look for, because G.R.R Martin didn’t reply to my Fan / Spam mail. I am probably debased from his fan list to Internet creeps list.

1) G.R.R Martin weaves and lives a dream


Have you ever wondered what does G.R.R Martin do when he is not busy writing such kick ass books and taking immense pleasure in making you fall for a character and then killing him with a swipe of his jewel encrusted feather pen. Well apparently he lives of a dream life millions would walk through the seven hells for.

Martin spends his spare time reading voraciously on a variety of topics, collecting medieval-themed miniatures, watching professional football on television (in season), reading and collecting science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, and treasuring his large comics collection, which includes the first issues of Marvel’s “silver age” Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. He and his wife Parris are supporters of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico guess where Martin’s admiration for wolves comes from.



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