Top 10 Actors who could be the next James Bond

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Little did Ian Fleming know that he was striking gold when he created this British spy fictional character in 1953, who would go on to be one of the most famous fictional character of all time. As you rightfully guessed it, this British spy, requiring no introduction is none other than James Bond, code name 007. Since then it has been converted into a successful film franchise, making it the second highest grossing film series, with 23 films of Bond being produced till date. The role of James Bond is one of the most coveted roles, with Hollywood actors always vying for it and a plethora of actors being lucky enough to have played 007. What makes James Bond such a cherished role is his easy access to all the latest gadgets and fast cars and the strength and agility he possess as he swoops down from immeasurable heights to fight off the villains. Not only is he deft at fighting, but he also has a suave and charismatic charm about him which has attracted tons of bond girls to him over the years. Moreover who can forget the impeccable style and confidence with which he walks about, ordering his dry martini shaken but not stirred. This role has everything put together in it. No wonder there is always so much speculation and hype surrounding who the next Bond is. So here is a list of actors we see fit to take over the reins from Daniel Craig and step into the sophisticated shoes of 007.

10) Jason Statham:


He is best known for his role as Frank Martin in the hit film series The Transporter. He’s also acted in movies like The Italian Job. Though he usually portrays characters that are anti hero in nature he definitely possesses the charisma that is needed to play 007. Moreover he has done numerous action packed movies and looks as comfortable behind the wheels of a fast car as he does serenading girls in dapper suits. He is usually known to perform his own stage combats and stunts so you know it will look natural on him as he beats up the villains. He has the perfect mixture of a bad boy and gentleman, which is needed to pull off James Bond.

 9) Ben Affleck:


He is best known for his roles in the movies like The Town and Argo. Or you might know him from the recent controversy that surrounded him when he was picked to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. He is tall and handsome and has an air of sophistication and poise about him which is needed to play this British spy. Moreover he looks rich and dapper in suits, another attractive quality which works in his favour if he becomes 007. The number of awards he has won over the years is a testament to his acting skills. With his recent ventures into directing, who knows maybe he can both direct and act in the next James Bond film.

8) Christian Bale:


He is the enigmatic actor who played Batman in the much appreciated Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. His faultless portrayal of the charming yet bruised Bruce Wayne is a tribute to the fact the he can pull of playboy and billionaire characters with an ease. Which means playing 007 might just come naturally to him. Moreover he has a certain stylish way in which he kicks ass of the villains, an aspect very much needed while playing James Bond. He is one of the most versatile actors who can get in the skin of the character making you believe it was tailor made for him.

7) Mark Wahlberg:


He is best known for his roles in movies like The Italian Job, The other guys and the critically acclaimed The Fighter. What works best for Mark Wahlberg is that he possesses a certain kind of an X factor which intermittently draws you towards him. He has a rugged look, quite unlike the clean shaven look that Bond generally sports, a change which would only add more enigma to the character of 007.

6) Brad Pitt:


He is an actor that requires little or no introduction. He has received four academy award nominations and has starred in films such as the ocean’s trilogy and Fight Club. He has already had an experience of playing a spy in his film Mr & Mrs Smith and thus we know he’s not going to feel like a fish out of water if he plays a spy again. He’s got charisma and charm and a cool attitude as he goes around flaring his guns and driving fast cars. He also has the playboy flirty allure which is a very distinctive trait of 007 that has managed to bemuse scores of bond girls over the years.

5) George Clooney:


He is charming, charismatic and sophisticated. He has many girls swoon over him and lose their hearts to him over the years. He has a huge mansion, is a billionaire and is always impeccably dressed to kill. He also has fast cars and a killer smile that has melted the hearts of scores of women around the world. He always conducts himself with a stylish attitude and is every girls dream. He is the real life version of James Bond, hence who better to play him than Mr Clooney himself.

4) Tom Cruise:


He is an actor who has had the knowledge of playing a secret agent as Ethan Hunt in the hit film franchise Mission Impossible. He knows the qualities that are required to go on secret missions and definitely possesses them. He knows how to make use of the fancy toys and won’t be lost with the high tech gadgets of Bond. Some might complain that he’s too short to play 007, but when an actor is so skilful and apt at playing a secret agent and not to forget handsome, it can easily be overlooked.

3) Bradley Cooper:


He is generally well known for playing romantic and chocolate boy characters like in his movies He’s Just Not That into You or be it in the Hangover trilogy, but he can also very deftly carry out the ruff bad boy character as well. He has showcased his action skills in movies like The A-Team. He’s a versatile actor who can pull off any role and will very easily slip into the shoes of 007. All he needs is an opportunity so that his abilities can be aptly exploited.

2) Tom Hardy:


He is most well known for his role of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He is an actor whose acting abilities yet haven’t been fully exploited. He’s tall, handsome, dapper and very sophisticated. He has a killer body and can very agilely perform stunts and make them look like a piece of cake. Moreover he is British which means that the killer 007 accent comes naturally to him. He also has the deep penetrating gaze and the playful air about him which can easily melt the hearts of millions of girls and not to mention very easily win over the hearts of the Bond girls.

1) Hugh Jackman:


He is the talented actor who won all our hearts as the dangerous yet vulnerable and sweet wolverine. He has it all to be the next James Bond. He’s handsome, possesses a charming personality, looks amazing in suits and can perform stunts very easily. Just one look at any of his movies; it’ll melt your heart and you’ll understand why he tops our list.

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