10 Reasons why Egypt has become the Most Unsafe Country for Women in Arab World

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Women are unsafe all over the world; needless to say the atrocities are more in specific regions where women are held under constant oppression and suppression. While stating the reasons for Egypt becoming unsafe place for woman, any one could feel that at least some of the reasons are universal. Whenever a rape is reported, people unanimously blame the victim than the criminal; the plight of the victim becomes miserable not just because of the mishap but also because of the attitude of the society towards them. The BBC rated Egypt as the most unsafe land for women out of the twenty two countries of the Arab world.  It would not be fair to single out Egypt when it comes to common issues, hence the article overlooks the factors that result in the crimes against women taking the issue of Egypt as a microcosm of the Arab world.

10. Terrorism


The terrorists mislead people on behalf of religion and the shocking example was the news that came out in Alalam, an online news portal that revealed how young Tunisian girls were convinced to go to Syria to make them available for sexual acts with the terrorists. The young girls were told that they are doing a holy act and the pleasure marriage or Jihad-al-Nikah as it is called was staged in an agenda to help them fight the Syrian government forces. The misinterpretation of religion for personal gains is ruining the sanctity of the religious values as well as making the true believer undergo a serious mental trauma for the people from other religions homogenize all of them as traitors. The reality is that terrorism has no religion, it is the implementation of a negative psychology using religious dogmas to attain power and command over the world. The victims are often women who do not stand a chance to object to such inhuman and feral practices.

9. Basic Rights for Women


The Arab world is predominantly patriarchal and denies women their basic rights. Many Egyptians who were influenced by the Wahhabism advocated that women should not be allowed to study or work, the duty of  a woman is to please her husband and raise children. The torturous practice of female genital mutilation is still followed in the Arab countries including Egypt. The women cannot opt for divorce except for cases like impotence, otherwise she has to tolerate the atrocities done to her by her man. Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy said, “… we women need a double revolution, one against the various dictators who’ve ruined our countries and the other against a toxic mix of culture and religion that ruin our lives as women.”

8.Silenced Beings


The voice is suppressed with the tenets of dictatorship and neo-religious ethics and values by the tormentors. Measures are taken by men to keep women under oppression and any act from the woman’s side to defy the laws would end in honour killing. The Arab as well conservative societies demand suppression of women’s rights.

7.Sex Trafficking


Sex trafficking transcends the parameters of region, religion, caste, creed, gender and age. To ensure human beings safety of their sexual rights seems an impossible factor these days. The patriarchy that imposes so much of rules and laws on women maintains a bashful silence when a woman is subjected to assault. Vandana Shiva and Maria Mies’  book “Ecofeminsim” pointed how the field of tourism exploit women in the name of spa, attenders and so on. The most shocking irony is when the government acts ignorant of this fact and when such mishaps are brought to the limelight the tailored speech the concerned officials make, establishes that corruption has become so proliferating  that the common man is torn between life and death.

6.More Laws, Lesser Morality


The Egyptian laws or the conservative laws prohibit men and women coming in contact with each other. The curiosity of men to know women can still be understood, but the molestation of women and children is  still a puzzle as why it is not being eradicated with stringent laws. There are laws but rules are flexible for the affluent; the garb that is forced upon a woman becomes a threat to another woman who is not used to cover herself wholly. There are many pages in Facebook and other social networks that constantly post images of woman wearing western clothes and criticizing them. If collecting such images and scrutinizing them so as to write philosophical verdicts on “such women”  is not punishable by God, then “such women” shall never be sent to hell! The more the laws, the more the crime behind the back of the law-imposers; the rate of atrocities done on women is shocking and is increasing day by day.

5. Woman as an Object


A woman has to be brought in certain ways, says the scriptures, priests and no one can question this! A woman has every right to question the anti-woman dogmas and dictum no matter even it is a religious scripture that says so. Most of the religion talks about a hell and paradise and unfortunately sees the earthly life as a deciding factor to either of them. Curbing someone their basic rights and oppressing them in the name of attaining a good life against the miseries of the hell is in fact an abominable act because the concept of hell and paradise is beyond human comprehension. The end result of all the laws and rules is more oppression on women. Even the veil or the purdah cannot save women from the sharp eyes of wicked men.

4. What did God Say?


Time has come to re-analyse our beliefs and customs and see what God actually said. If the basic principle of all religions is peace and harmony, then why the hell on earth, there is war and discord among people? If God made the world, why cannot people enjoy the worldly things without any bias imposed onto them? If a man can feel the sun’s rays on his forehead and strokes of wind play with his hair, why the woman is denied that? Is God another dictator, never for a theist, God can never be so! The problems start from the minds of certain factions of people who want to overpower women and the safest medium is religion. If there is a God, the basic rights are equal for all, since the mother  goes through the same amount of pain and period of gestation to deliver even if it is a boy or a girl!!

3. Education


The condition of Egyptian women today is so pathetic that if they have attended schools or gone for job, men from the lower middle class families hesitate to marry them. The conditions would change only if the people are educated in the right manner. It is rightly said common sense is not so common  or else every one would be living in harmony with each other. Making people aware of their basic rights and inspiring them to tolerate each other shall bring changes to the society and definitely the anti-social elements that pose a threat to humanity should be erased off from the map of the globe. Through righteous education, let the world abound in happiness and peace.

2. Safety


Many cases against tourists as well natives in Egypt have been raped were reported in news mediums; the image expresses the appropriate way to ensure safety to women. The best way to tackle the atrocious behaviour towards women is not by preventing women to go out rather teaching men to behave properly to a woman. The incident at Tahrir Square where a foreigner was attacked by a mob shows how insecure are the people are with foreigners, even the government suggests that non-natives should be seen with a skeptical eye. May be , after realizing that the so called emancipators of society cannot protect the helpless, companies have come up with pepper sprays for our help!!!

1.  Respect

Egyptian army soldiers arrest a female protester during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo

A woman being striped and attacked is an exemplar of which great ideology? The image tells how the men are taking turns in obtaining pleasure by making her bare and stamping her on body. The army is supposed to protect the land and its people and this is the reality when a woman gathers her strength to protest,  she is humiliated to the maximum. When misinterpreted religious ideologies, patriarchy, fetish-isms work hand in glove, the condition of women in Egypt as well as the whole world will end up in misery. The women in Egypt are not respected if they outgrow the barbarous rules. Stand Up Woman for your cause for you shall not forget that Cleopatra too was a Egyptian!

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