10 Ways to Lie Convincingly

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The only thing more shocking than the harsh truth is the lies people tell to cover it up. We all lie, in matters big and small, sometimes willingly, sometimes unnoticeably. It is not necessary that all lies are heart breaking and will hurt the person’s sentiments. Sometimes lies are healthy as well. But the real challenge is the art of telling a lie and make it sound convincing enough to the others. Just like the fact that even the most decent of people on the face of earth tell lies, it is a fact as well that not everybody can tell lies convincingly. It is not a big deal to lie, the deal lies in the fact that how believable the liar is while lying. How many of us have got caught with a lie? Many. At times, the one we are lying to, outsmart the liars and eventually the lies get surfaced. So what are the basic rules to lie convincingly so that you do not get caught? Or even raise an eyebrow. Here it goes.

10. Think before Saying

You probably have planned everything regarding what and what not to tell your parents when they ask you why were you late last night. Or tell your partner why you were not attending to his calls. But dangers come unannounced. You might at times face a situation, for which you were not at all prepared. That is when your real lying capability comes into play. But make sure whatever you say, is well thought. Now don’t take forever to think. Make that within the battle of an eyelid. Think about for a fraction of second as to what to say, but be careful enough not to show that ‘thinking’ expression on your face.

9. Avoid Elaborate Stories

When we are nervous or excited about something, we generally tend to talk more. Same happens when you are lying about something. If you bunked your class and went for a movie and you come home to tell that you attended a long lecture, then just tell how much is necessary to make it believable. Do not go on and on about how boring the lecture was, what your professor was wearing, where you were sitting in the classroom and all those unnecessary details. These are simply not required. All this blabbering will only lead to doubts. Or say you went out with a friend of yours whom your partner does not approve of. When he or she asks you, you say you were out for a family dinner. You have to add some details like who all went, which restaurant you were having dinner at, so as to make it believable. But don’t go on to say what you all ordered, who ate what, he sitting arrangement, the staff there etc. you are surely going to have a big fight.

8. Prepare a Back story for every Lie

The age old rule, that to cover up one lie, you have to tell a hundred more lies. But if all those lies can save you from getting thrashed, or from a break up, then why not? This is not for the instant lies you have to tell, but for those big lies you tell occasionally where you think and plan. So the basic advice is don’t just plan the lie, but make an entire big plan, backing every lie with a believable story. You never know when these little stories might come to rescue you from the trap you have created.

7. Show that you are Indifferent

It is very important to show or be indifferent when you are lying. As I said, human minds tend to get nervous while telling a lie. When you are lying, the basic rule is to show that you are indifferent. Like the class bunk case, if you go on giving every small detail, it means there is definitely something wrong. Do you remain equally excited about your college lectures every day? Then why so on a particular day. Think your situation to be like any other day, when you go to college and come home, none of it making any vast influence on you.

6. Maintain a Steady Voice

Whenever you are lying, it is very important to stay calm and hide the excitement within. Make sure the frequency of your voice does not change at every little detail or ‘back story’ you are providing. Remember that you have to be indifferent? Talk like you normally do all the time. Do not even stutter, unless you normally do so. Keep the pitch of your voice and your tongue under control and the lie is surely going to be registered with the one you are lying to.

5. Don’t Smile

While lying, you at times feel like laughing at yourself for the awesome talent you have of lying blankly. But do not show that to the ones sitting in front of you. This smile is such a thing that even makes the truth not believed by the listeners. It happens with me all the time. I happen to laugh a lot, and that makes people doubt me all the time. So laughing, or even smiling is a strict no-no!

4. Do Not Underrate your Victim

This is a very common mistake people with ‘lying’ minds generally do, that is to under estimate the victims. But that will only lead you to further problems and more and more lies. You never know how smart the one you are lying to, is. Take your parents, for example. We all have a notion that our parents are the most innocent souls on earth and will buy whatever reasons we give them. After all, you can always use your tears and speech on trust and faith as your weapon. But they are way ahead of the current generation. They are parents, after all. My mother, I mistook her as innocent lady and came up with the weirdest of excuses, only to discover later that all the while she knew everything of my whereabouts, the night outs, which I used to tell as group studies, the classes and tuition classes I bunked, just about everything. But your victims know the difference between boldness and stupidity, so they will probably not let it out at the moment, but you will only become a laughing stock for them.

 3. Involve a Friend

A lie is more believable when it involves more than one person. Every time you tell a lie, do not forget to tag along a friend of yours, whom your parents or teachers trust. Inform your friend everything about the trouble you have got into, what’s his role, the lines he or she has to say in front of the victim and make sure he delivers it just the way you wanted to. Tell him all the ground rules of ‘How to Lie Convincingly’ and voila! You will have the desired result. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Right?

2. Combine Fact and Fiction

Do not just go on telling the lies blankly. Add a good dose of truth to it that makes it very believable. Also, you are saved from the risk of getting cross checked. Rather, when you are cross checked in future, you can again make a lighter story because chances are that you will not be punished as there will be certain truth about what you said earlier. The victim will be confused whether or not to believe you, and that’s the situation you can take well advantage of.

1. Be Confident

This is the basic rule of framing a lie and delivering it without an eyebrow raised. If you say a lie confidently, no matter how far it is from the reality, people will believe it. For this you have to take care of body language when you are telling the lie, don’t blink much, maintain the steady voice as I said earlier, and if possible then look directly into the eyes of the one who are lying to and let him see the confidence in you. You are a smart liar now!

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