10 Ways How You can Flaunt your Wealth and Money

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As a child I often had the ‘If I were rich’ dream, where I would dream of flying in gold airplanes and living in a gigantic multistory villa. Movies, magazines and possibly every source of social media glistened with the rich and the spoilt, living life to the fullest. Been built up to the notion, I regarded money as the ultimate source of happiness, power and fame. It is true that everyone respects money, even more in the lack of it. It is a lifelong dream of many to show off the power of their wealth only if they had it aplenty. While there are some others, who claim to be living this dream for real. This article is majorly for the latter group. If you think you were born with a silver spoon and the ultimate aim of your life is to see people bow down in front of you, then adopt this list for the top 10 ways to show off your worth. If you were not, (like the unfortunate author), do read it for taking a trip around the wonderland, without shedding a penny.

10. Car


“They say money cannot buy happiness, but I would rather cry in my Ferrari than on a bicycle.”

What is more luxurious and flaunting than a seductive new BMW or Ferrari demon, which can make anyone’s heartbeats run faster with its wheels. Invade into your workplace in this stylish new devil, and make your colleagues pop out their eyes in astonishment. Anywhere you go, heads are bound to turn. Stand out of the crowd with this lavish flamboyance, the world will be at your feet.

9. Travel exotic locations


Every vacations plan the most exotic vacation with family and friends. Travel the world and make sure you upload your photos on the most happening social networking sites. Tell your friends how great the place was, you can also go about creating a travel journal about the places you have visited. Flaunt your knowledge about the best regional food in every corner of the world. If you happen to be the richest person in one of the poorest countries of the world, you can also treat yourself a personal yatch.

8. Be branded


Don yourself in clothes from the most up-market brand you can afford. For ladies, a little black dress from Forever21 is a must, while the guys can flaunt a ‘men in black’ look in an Armani tuxedo. Your clothes speak up for your wealth. You can flaunt your bank money while also looking effortlessly beautiful this way. Dress up like your favorite celebrity, and show off at parties by slipping the price and brand of your attire in between the sentences.

7. Groom up

Bulgari jewellery collection on sale from the collection of Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida

If you have the right money then spend it on personal grooming. Get your hands on the best cosmetics out there in the market and sport the latest jewelry. Go to a spa and spend a morning in the parlor saloon. Get the best haircut and the perfect nail-art. People around you should know that you have the wealth and the face to flaunt. Getting a diamond necklace never fails to draw attention, you will be the limelight of all gatherings. For an inspiration take a look at some of the gold-struck lads and ladies around the world, and you’ll get the idea.

6. Party hard


Your friends must know the weight of your wallet. Insist on paying all the bills at the restaurant and be the first one to offer the most genuine tip to the waiter. Gather all your friends on a Saturday night and throw a party at your place complete with music, food and drinks. Be the one with the most jazzy birthday bash. Hire a resort or take the party animals along to your personal resort.

5. Accessorize


An addition to the must have list of a rich devil-may-care look are the trendy gizmos and gadgets and gold. Sporting the latest headphones, a Rolex wrist watch and monstrous amount of gold is the ultimate way to show-off. What separates a rich from poor is definitely the way he accessorizes himself. Don’t forget a black Louis Vuitton leather bag to complete the look. Flash your accessories while talking to anyone, keep hinting it between sentences and you’re right on the board. 4. Shoes

4. Shoes


A lot has been said about shoes in books. They transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. Thereby, while flaunting off your wealth, make sure you put your best foot forward. Perfect shine and classy heels are the way to go. As the saying goes, behind every successful women are a pair of shoes. And if you have read Cindrella, you would know how a pair of shoes can change your life. Own not just a pair or two, but dedicate an entire wardrobe to shoes of different styles like this pretty lady from Spain.

3. Property


Owning a huge mansion with a poolside window is like sending a direct notice to the world that the king of the city resides here. Hire the most aesthetic architect and gift yourself an abode no one can take their eyes off from. Glass windows, breathtaking roof top, in-house gym, make the most of your budget and built your dream house. Post this invite your friends and family for a house-welcoming party and show the world that you rule. Give your house a technical makeover, automate every errand you may have and opt for the most ostentatious piece of furniture you can.

2.  Phone and Rich Apps


Get your hands on the latest handset in the market as soon as it is launched. Be the first person to tell all its newest, chirpiest features to your friends and make sure to customize it to suit your accessories.  They will be left bamboozled seeing your perfect mini gizmo and realize how much of a ‘cool’ kid you are. If your iPhone is not getting enough iNotice it deserves, then you can go for the I Am Rich App (Caution: Check if it’s still present in the market). The only purpose of this ostentatious app worth US $999.99, is well, show-off. It blinks a red light to remind you and your friends that you could afford this app. Yes, weird but the most perfect way to show off your wealth.

1. Charity


Donate to an NGO, or organize a large scale charity event inviting all the big guns of the state, get movie celebrities to dance for your event, get yourself cordially invited by an anchor, and announce the huge sum you plan to donate from a grand stage. If you wish to take inspiration from some of our endowed Indian politicians, you can get your statues build up and get garland worth crores gifted while doing philanthropy. Invite all the head journalists in order to make sure the event makes it to the page 3 of all major newspapers, nobody should forget how generous you had been. And yes, also donate.

If you made it till here, you deserve the pope’s word, that says there are better things to do with your money than flaunt it off. Not only it is stupid, it’s also completely baseless. Showing off would not get you any real friends or fans, while helping generously might. As a wise man has wisely pointed out, the better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off. Feel good.

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  1. PetrolHead

    April 25, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Under your heading “CAR”… please tell me, how exactly is buying a bmw “flaunting money”? bmws are run of the mill, bog standard rep-mobile issue these days – the roads are crammed full of them. They are not expensive, and certainly nothing special at all. How is bmw better than Ford or Kia these days? That’s right – it’s not!! It’s an insult to Ferrari to print their name beside bmw.

  2. blamethevictim

    July 29, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    This author is a douche. How about a list called, “Ten ways to further incense the masses (hopefully leading to them revolting then murdering you and your ‘branded’ family.”

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