10 things to Do if Someone’s Spreading Malicious Rumours about You

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Who is that girl who constantly bitches about you? Are you sick of learning about things which you never knew of yourself? Does it really hurt when you get to know that you had a few shots when you actually didn’t even touch it? Some people spread rumors to irk you or gain popularity of being a gossip girl. It is definitely not a mature way to act against and avenge. It brings hatred and unkindness to the people being the target. Does it matter if you are not good friends with everyone in the block? En fait it should not bother you at all. One should not use it as an excuse to not like someone and spread malicious rumors. If you are acting like this, then you lack the courage to face the world. If you find yourself to be the target of such gossip and are tired of being all ears you need to get a hold and stop heeding such talks. Read on to know some more tips on what you want to do if you are at the receiving end of such flak.

10. It is temporary


Rumors come and go. But if you lose your temper and show your bad to the people they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Think of them as temporary means to irk you and intimidate you. If you get this thing straight and clear you will be least affected by their being. It will not bother if they do exist or not. You will learn and laugh. The gossiper would have it in her face that you don’t heed such stuff and think of them as temporary. They will definitely pass.

9. Play it cool


Remain calm. These days there have been a surge of keep calm posters with every possible and thinkable thing to do if you are calm. Some of them can get really irksome but read those and feel good. Keep calm and don’t pay attention. Keep calm and listen to guns n roses. There are plenty of those out there. Play it cool and don’t overreact. A little reaction is necessary but too much of it can give away your repute.

8. Fill the vacuum


Nature has its own set of rules, one of them being to fill the gap. Nature doesn’t stand any vacuum. The point made here is that don’t leave gaps about you. If there is this thing your friends should know tell them. Don’t hide anything of significance. Good things don’t get publicized themselves but bad things take some mere seconds to spread like wild forest fire.

7. Take care


Gather your inner confidence and positive feelings. Do things that will strengthen you and come out strong. Talk to people who really care and ask for your positive signs if you are finding it difficult to identify them. If you are going through such a situation and it is out of control, it is bound to get tough and unbearable for you at times. It becomes difficult and unbearable. But if you keep your head strong and mind calm, you will come out unscratched and undeterred. These things will help you to enhance your strength.

6. Play along


Spread the rumor yourself but with caution. Post it on Facebook with sarcasm involved. I speak from my personal experiences. After joining college, I came in contact with so many people who were more involved in others’ lives rather their own. I have been in such situations innumerable times. When stuck in such conditions, I think of it for some time and come out with a statement (pun involved) and post it as a status on Facebook. My friends are thrown in fits of laughter. Believe me this works as it has for me every time. It actually has a simple logic behind working. By acknowledging the rumor, you are snatching the impetus from your gossiper. She will find no more motivation out of it. Come up with some cool and crisp statuses.

5. Adult help


When things go out of hand, consult an adult. When kids do art and craft stuff, why are they advised to ask an adult in matters of scissors and blades involved? For the obvious reasons that they are more experienced. They have seen the life through their ups and downs. Talk to someone who is trustworthy and will give you an unbiased perception. He could be your parent, teacher or counselor. A trusted confidante helps you to stay grounded and feel less alone. Also if situations allow, he can stop the rumors from spreading and take matters into his hands.

4. Friend support


A friend in need is a friend indeed. One can possibly not think of a better confidante than a true friend. Your best friends will believe you no matter what. If you find it hard to cope with the repercussions of a rumor, talk it out with your friend. They will stick by you and will not listen to any rumors. If you are really upset about the things and they are bothering you to a large extent, cry it out in front of your friends. A little sympathy is helpful. But don’t indulge and dwell. Do other activities as well to keep your mind off such gossip. Having fun and doing stuff that pleasures you with your friends will be a great boost up to your lost confidence.

3. Find the reason


A gossip always hinges on some plausibility of existence of evidence. It is your responsibility to determine the reasons which are lending credibility. Don’t go on with “care a damn” attitude if you are seriously pissed off with the gossip. Seek for the possible explanations of the origin and the spread. As long as you keep wavering off the rumors, you will only be heeding it all the way more. Instead take steps to uproot it and come out as a clean chit.

2. Confront


Approach the culprit. Go up to her and speak out about what she has been spreading all around. Don’t lose your temper then and there. Speak calmly first and try to make her understand your point. It is possible that you two don’t get along pretty well but that doesn’t imply she will be blabbering ill-will about you. Act maturely and avoid anger. When you are assertive and mature enough to tackle the problem in hand, you will be listened more attentively. Don’t wait for any response. Just quietly walk out on her. I cannot assure the effectiveness of the plan but she will surely be into some thinking.

1. Strike 2!


The old adage which went like, “don’t dignify a rumor with a response” is a cliche now. These days you either strike back or sit at home lamenting over your misfortune and inability. Raise your voice against those who are spreading such gossip about you. Don’t hesitate in confronting it to them. What best would it make if you don’t respond at all and lose on your stardom and popularity among the masses? The next time you get hit upon by a “Chinese ear” spread one yourself. Gone are those days when the gossiper would go silent if not resisted. Before he plays on another trick, it is your turn to strike!

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