10 Things Guys in Relationship should Do

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Being in a relationship is the most beautiful thing in the world. You love, you share, you care and you make each other feel good and you sprinkle happiness everywhere. It’s a mutual feeling of being always there for each other in good and bad times. The reason, why many relationships fail is people do not understand each other properly. Love grows in the heart and to nurture it we need to take few precautions.  And I feel every one of us is completely aware of all those precautions but our ignorance, sometimes, ruins the relationship. So, here is a list of top 10 things, guys in a relationship should know; just to remind you.

10. Faith – Hope – Love


These three are the mainstays of your relationship. If any of these three lags, the relationship may become weak. If she’s doing something that you don’t like or that you are not aware of, take a moment to think; knowing you won’t like it why she’s doing this? Have faith in her. They say hope never dies, it keeps you alive always. Hope for positive results. This feeling will help you in your bad times. The relationship will go wrong few times, and should go. Because these fragile moments make us strong, make us love each other even more, and make us understand each other well.

9. Make her feel Special

Make her feel special

“You know something, you make me feel special, make me feel what I am; I feel alive when I am with you and I feel like We, You and Me, are complete when we are together.” Aren’t these lines enough? The girl is explaining her feeling to her guy. You need to take some extra efforts to be the best guy in her life. Make her feel special. Do something for her that no one has ever done for anyone. Be unique! Use your heart, instead of brain. Your heart, filled with love triggers your mind to generate lovely ideas. Write a poem for her; even though she doesn’t like poems, she’ll admire your efforts. Paint her on canvas. Cook her favorite dish for her, dedicate a song to her. Take her randomly to her favorite place. Just do it!

8. Take her out

Take her out

Don’t forget to travel together. You can go to a holiday together or you can just roam here and there in the city to discover unique places. Go out! Take her for the long ride. Make her feel comfortable when she’s with you. Be a compassionate lover. Don’t waste your time in thinking where to go? Just take your bike and follow the road. Nature is the best lover. Take her to the forest, to the hill, to the highway, have secret talks. It is not necessarily important every time to spend your time in cafes and movies. Love her in your own compassion, your own way, spend some time gazing outdoor beauty.

7. Talk about “We”

Talk about we

I have observed one thing between lovers, when they talk with each other; particularly long conversations, they usually talk on one most common topic ‘others’. How good that girl is, how humble that guy is, how wrong they were doing blah blah blah, how stupid they look when they are together. Is there any need to talk about others all the time? When you are together, talk about each other. Ask her what she thinks about something? What her perspective is? Tell her what you think about the same thing. A relationship is all about understanding each other, I better say discovering each other and gradually nurturing your love for each other. Take your time to discover each other. While talking about you and me, talk about ‘ourselves’.

6. Accept your mistakes

Accept Mistake

Keep your ego aside. Love is never boastful, it is calm and patient. If you know you are wrong, accept it. If she points out your mistake, admire her. Many a times, it is the ego which makes us apart. Keep it aside. It is good to be sorry.  Don’t give reasons and most important thing; don’t recall her past mistakes when she points out yours. You are not in a competition where the person who makes fewer mistakes wins. You are there to understand each other, to forgive and to forget. Let love be the reason to love her!

5. Give Time

Give Her Time

Guys, this is a thing with lots of importance, especially in the mid-time of relationship. If you look at failed relationships, the complete cycle is like at first both of them talk all the time on phone, Text each other all the day. Go out like everyday. But gradually everything sets down. They don’t find time for each other (All the places in city are over now 😛 ). Thus their feelings become weaker, if the love is not enough to superimpose it. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead of spending all the time together initially, divide it. Set a limit; spend a few moments of each day together if possible. You don’t need to go out for coffee or dinner every day. Sometimes a romantic walk is more helpful. Do spend some valuable moments with each other!

4. Show ‘You care’

Show you care

Care is meant to be a feeling and you don’t show everyone, how you feel every time, right? Then why there is a need to show ‘care’? The answer is simple my friend. Although action is more powerful than words, words travel faster than actions. If she is feeling blue, you should take few extra minutes to ask her what happened, even though you know the reason (many times, the reason is you), you should go and ask. These small things play a very important role in our relationship. If you are in LDR (Long Distance Relationship), there are so many problems and it is not possible every time to call her, judge how’s she feeling by her voice and ask her; but a simple text message saying, ‘How are you honey, Is everything alright?’ or a simple call asking her how she is always works.

3. Surprise her

Surprise her

Everyone loves surprises, especially girls. Do not forget to give her surprises all the time or whenever possible. Most of the guys give surprises to their girlfriends only on her birthdays but let me tell you something; birthday surprises are pretty predictable for girls. You should not need any occasion to give her a surprise. Ask her out, go for a coffee already book a table and gift her something, give her flowers, play her favorite song. Astonish her. You don’t need to spend much bucks to do all these things, all you need to do is think of her. Keep her on her mind and understand what will astound her and just do it!

2. Trust and Respect


Respect her. You must respect a woman in every way. Even though she is not good at something, don’t gossip about her to someone else. Solve your problems by yourself. No one will possibly help you solve your problems; conversely they will add complications to it. Trust each other. This feeling should develop in your relationship. These are few basic things which will define your character afterwards and those will defy you from being wrong. The beauty of the relationship lies in trust my friend. Make your love beautiful!

1. Love her

Love her

The most important thing! I have seen, at the beginning of a relationship, everyone follows this tip very carefully, but as time passes by the ‘love’ thing somewhere decreases. C’mon guys, only saying I love you isn’t enough, Is it? You should bear that feeling, this is the base of your relationship and if this base is weak then there won’t be anyone who will help her. A loveless relationship is like a contract of being together, where it is like you are being forced by someone to be together. To be together you need a thread, a bond between both of you so that if something lags behind that thread or and will make everything right. And that bond is Love. So Love her!

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