10 Things Girls should Avoid on the First Date

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It is quite a known fact that first dates are always awkward. We all have been through that and can very well recall the butterflies and jitters that make one very conscious about what to say, how to act and what to do while we are out on a date with a person we have never been with before. Since you are going out with them for the first time you don’t have much idea that what kind of a person he really is and neither you share enough comfort level with them at that point of time. But do first dates always have to be this uneasy and awkward? Well, not necessarily. Not if you keep these 10 things straight in your mind that you should completely stay away from, even if they are well intentioned, if you don’t want to give any wrong signals or scare off your guy!

10. Exposing vulnerability

exposing vulnerability

Expressing yourself in front of your partner is a healthy step towards developing an understanding and a blissful relationship. But doing it on the first date can be disastrous especially if you are sharing your vulnerabilities and insecurities. Saying things like “If I give you my heart, will you protect it with all you have?” can make you look very susceptible which won’t be liked by the guy on the very first date. So keep these feelings to yourself for a while.

9. Being a bitch

being a bitch

Some girls are naturally a bitch while many others think that acting mean in front of boys make them look desirable (How stupid!). Reality check! Guys may go after girls with an attitude but they love girls who can be sweet and polite. Being rude to the waiter at the restaurant or ridiculing anybody around is an unwanted trait. Do not make any remarks about some girl’s outfit or start bitching about your colleagues. Be at your best behaviour not just with your date but with everyone around and you will naturally come off as a pleasant person.

8. Showing too much eagerness for future contact

showing too much eagerness for future contact

Sometimes we have our personalities clicked with the other person almost instantly which spawns a desire to meet them more often and hang out with them even before we have gotten to know them much. Or maybe you are just too desperate/ lonely. But the other person doesn’t feel like that necessarily. So saying things like “Let’s go for that movie next week” or “Would you be my date at my cousin’s wedding this Sunday” is not at all appropriate. First spend the day together and then at the end you should mention that you would like to meet again so the guy knows that you are interested but also not very eager which can be a turnoff.

7. Making him spend too much

making him spend too much

Sadly, there are a lot of girls who go out with men who can spend loads of money over them, at restaurants, shopping malls, and just anything and everything possible. Guys love to spend on their girl and also do that out of chivalry but that doesn’t mean that you make them spend crazily, especially when it’s your first date. Also offer to help with the check, even if they don’t let you but asking is much appreciated by many guys.

6. Being overdressed or under-dressed

being overdressed or underdressed

First impressions are sometimes the dealmakers, or breakers. And how you are dressed up will affect that impression significantly. Too dolled up wearing a blingy or over-exposing party dress and make up like pancakes while you are just hanging out at a mall or turning up in a tee shirt and regular jeans while eating out at a 5 star restaurant, don’t commit any of these ‘crimes’. Dress up nicely but make sure you don’t go over the top. If you are confused regarding what kind of clothes you should wear then decide while keeping your dating spot and its ambience in mind.

5. Mentioning medical issues or pills you are taking

mentioning medicall issues or pills you are taking

Come on! You got to have better conversational topics than telling the guy about the diseases you are suffering from or the anti-depressants your doctor has prescribed you. This kind of information is not at all required by the guy on a first date. Keep this to yourself until both of you have moved ahead in a close relationship.

4. Complaining about monetary issues

complaining about monetary issues

Complaining about your debts or any monetary trouble you are going through is something you should NEVER do on a first date. You might be clearing out your heart or just sharing your problems but such a problem should be kept to yourself at least on the first date. When you tell a guy with whom you have come out for the very first time, that you are having some huge debt or any kind of difficulty in managing your money then he will get the signal that you are asking him to bail you out. So it’s better to keep these worrisome financial troubles with yourself for a while.

3. Talking about marriage or kids

talking about marriage or kids

Ladies ladies ladies! Yes most of us have been dreaming off a perfect wedding since our early teen years and many have even decided details from the colour of their wedding dress to the cuisine to be served. But talking about these things to a guy on a first date or expressing your keen interest in getting married will totally freak him out. He will instantly start feeling a huge pressure over him that can frighten him away. Finding somebody you can picturize a future with and want to have a family with is a beautiful thing and is very sweet. Also it’s important to share your most intimate parts with your significant other. But first dates are not meant for talking about this stuff and the topic of marriage and kids should be brought only when both of you have developed a deep and close relationship.

2. The Sex Talk

the sex talk

Talking about sex on your first date can be wrong on so many levels. It’s not that guys are not interested in sex talk or will dislike you when you talk about sex but they might get an impression that you are looking for a one night stand or something. Moreover they will get more focussed on the sexual pleasures you can provide him with instead of knowing about your dreams and ideologies. Where both of you should be trying to know each other in order to develop an understanding and a bond, the guy’s mind might just get oriented only towards a physical relationship.

1. Talking about exes

talking about exes

This is the most important rule when it comes to dating. Talking about your ex to your date can complicate the things between you two. Saying things like “He never valued me enough” or “He was a cruel and stone hearted person” can make your date feel like you are a girl who is quick to blame others and avoids taking responsibilities for a failed relationship. Whereas telling him about what things you used to do together or what you liked about him will simply tell him that you are still stuck over your old flame. So stay away from the topic of exes on the first date. You can share the relevant information about your past life later, much later.

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