10 Things Girls Say that gives a Wrong Impression to Guys

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Ladies, has it been years and you are still single? You try your best at every date yet it turns out to be a disaster, not a small one but a big fat ugly disaster. The cute guy has started to ignore you or the hot devil you have been dating no longer attends your calls. now after being rejected for around a billion times,  you think that you are not wanted, you think you are not pretty enough or maybe you wear the wrong dress every time, maybe guys don’t find you interesting or God knows so many other reason.

Among the thousand maybe(s), there is only one maybe which is true. Yes there is something completely wrong with you. You have some nasty habits, which guys utterly hate, they endure these irritating habits for a while and when they think it is too much, they start avoiding you. When you meet a new guy, you have got to take it smartly, don’t pay attention to that be yourself bullshit, if you do that you will end up with yourself every time. If you have met a guy and whom you think that you like very much then you have got to play it smartly. Some women are so innocent that they do not even know when they start giving a guy the wrong impressions, so here is a list of top 10 things that give a guy the wrong impression, if you think that you do any of these then it’s time you stop doing them.

10. Strictness:

The guy is looking for a girlfriend not a mother or teacher, don’t go around being too bossy telling him how to dress up, how to eat, how to talk or how to sit. Don’t comment on his way of living, it’s not your job. If he eats junk then let him eat it, if he drives fast then let him do that. Don’t tell him that he is supposed to eat with a fork or a spoon; he is mature enough to decide it on his own. If you keep criticizing him, he will get annoyed and start avoiding you.

9. Telling you family secrets:

Okay ladies, guys are never ever interested in your family, he really doesn’t care if your grandfather was in the national army or if your father is the most working person in the company and especially he is not the least interested in knowing that your uncle has three wives. The only person you should be discussing with that guy is you, tell him about yourself. Don’t go on discussing long stories with him; be as specific as you can. Try not mentioning your family or friends etc, these things scare guys.

8. Talking rules:


In order to win a guy’s heart there is this one great rule, don’t act like a rule book. During dinner or lunch don’t say stuff like that you are on dieting and you can’t eat anything other than your diet meal. Or saying that you have to get home at 10 pm no matter what happens, you are only going to have the vanilla flavor otherwise a hunger strike. Well ladies, you need to be a bit flexible, a little careless and fun going, not following the rules but deciding things when the time comes.

7. Yes yes yes:

Don’t say yes to everything, when he tries to convince you for something don’t say yes at once but play around a little, be stubborn and in the end if you think that the guy’s efforts are really worth it then say yes. Just because you like him, you are not going to let him rule your mind instead he would have to work hard, guys like challenges, easy girls don’t really excite guys. Saying yes to everything would mean that you are really desperate.

6. Expressing possessiveness:

Never ever act like a jealous girl, especially not when you are in the initial stage. Give him his space, don’t try to bring a change in his routine, and instead try to adjust yourself in his life without causing any disturbance. This way he would feel more comfortable with you, guys are lazy and they don’t really work on the relationship unless they are actually in love.

5. Crying baby talk:

Don’t be a cry baby, act like a mature grown up. When you talk to a guy be confident, you have drive him crazy with your charm. Don’t panic, he is just a guy. If something happens, face it with all the confidence in the world, even if you are confused, don’t let it come out. Behave like a lady who is capable of taking care of her, sorting out her own issues, not a silly girl who keeps whining. Guys like strong and independent girl, show a little charm and the guys will fall head over heels for you.

4. Boasting about your father:

When you boast about your father in front of him, it would look like that you are asking him & expecting him to treat you the same way or do the same things for you. Keep in mind that the things your father does nobody else can do, no one can take place of your father and if you boast about your father in front of the guy, the guy will be driven away.

3. Talking about your ex:

Guys are the most jealous creature on this earth; they can never ever stand the presence of another man. If you are going to talk about your ex then he will get frustrated before he even starts liking you, also talking about your ex means that you are still not over him which clearly shows that you are not yet ready for a new relationship. Men like marking their territory, what is there is only theirs, no one else can have any right. Talking about your ex or male friends in front of a guy means that you still have feelings for some other guy which gives a very negative impression .

2. Discussing marriage and children:

Guys are actually seriously scared of marriages & children, so try not even discussing such things. The moments you mention the marriage, the guy feels as if he is trapped in the cage and then he will do everything possible in order to liberate himself from the cage. Guys don’t think about marriage until or unless they have found the perfect girl. Also if you start discussing the future with them at the early stage of the relationship, they will try to get as away from possible, at the end of the day you end up losing the guy.

1. Sex talk:

Sex is all guys want, but if even once you give the indication that you are interested in sex then that’s all what the guy would be interested in for the rest of the time, he wouldn’t care how good-hearted you are, your beauty would no longer mean anything to him, all he would be interested in are going to be the curves of her body and other parts. But the point here is that he would no longer be interested in talking to you or having dinner & lunch, the only thing he would want is to take you to his bed.

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  1. really...

    October 13, 2014 at 6:10 am

    This is by far some of the worst advice I have ever read in my entire life. The person who wrote this should be ashamed of themselves for writing such outlandish blasphemy. For fucks sakes.

  2. Eko

    March 16, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Every person has their personality, if someone doesn’t like you for who you are then they aren’t the right person for you.

    “When you meet a new guy, you have got to take it smartly, don’t pay attention to that be yourself bullshit, if you do that you will end up with yourself every time.”

    I’d rather die alone with dignity than pretend to be someone I’m not just to be fucked by a random person “every time”, and I’m a guy!

    Girls and boys, just be respectful to yourselves and to others, the right person will be there sooner or later.

    I love you.

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