10 Things Everyone must know How to Do

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We, humans are social animals. It becomes evident that we live an interdependent life in the society. We look up to others for sharing our happiness as well as for supporting us during our hard times. Although nobody can live an entirely solitary life, yet there are some things we should not depend on others for. They all mean a lot to us and so, we must equip ourselves to carry out those activities single handed. So, here is the list of 10 Things Everyone Must Know How To Do.

10. Be Optimistic, Feel Positive about Yourself

be positive

Thins is the first thing for which e tend to seek support outside from others. We constantly criticize ourselves and feel guilty about being the way we are. But the fact remains that no speeches, no motivational quotes or even no encouraging sessions can work wonders in the way any form of self-realization can. All we need to do is start feeling positive about ourselves. We must learn to accept ourselves as the way we are and improve only for the better. We must learn to love ourselves because god has made us that way.

9. Save Resources

save resources

Believe it or not, we all waste resources. We may teach lessons or read articles on conservation of resources but we hardly practice the same in our daily lives, thinking that someone out there must surely be saving them for the future. The fact is, if we don’t, then no one will ! We could being with simple steps like switching off lights or fans after use, closing the taps, recycling waste and growing plants to name a few. We can save fuel by using public transport or car pooling. There could be many more innovative ways which we all can figure out ourselves and contribute to conservation and protection of nature.

8. Maintain Hygiene

maintain hygiene

How would you feel being constantly pointed out by parents for not keeping your room clean, or by friends for bad odor, or worse still by the person you admire for your poor hygiene? Well, it would end up as a bad day. So, keeping cleanliness and hygiene is something we are taught right from a very small age and expected to follow later. Thins is not something for which we can depend on others but have to be careful about all by ourselves.

7. Cook for the Grumbling Stomach

cook for your grumbling stomach

In the age of instant food that is just a phone call away, one may hardly feel the need to learn to cook anything but the fact remains, we all must know at least a little bit of cooking. It is just not necessarily about knowing exquisite cuisine recipes by heart but in state of emergency, when fast food is a big no, eating home cooked  (and self cooked) clean, healthy and nutritious food can work wonders. Moreover, if you discover your kitchen skills in the process, you might just end up adding another feather to your cap!

6. Decide When to Speak and When Not To

decide when to speak

As the saying goes, Think Before You Speak and Look Before You Leap, each one must possess the ability to judge when it is the right time to speak and when it would be better to avoid any utterances. Just as lying is not welcome, even hundred percent honesty also would not help you every time. Sometimes conversations save the day while on others, silence might just help avoid further damage. It is all a matter of choice and it is a decision nobody can teach you.

5. Smile for A Better Tomorrow

smile for a better tomorrow

World is full of sorrows for some and it is also full of happiness for the others – the truth is, its a matter of perspective. Just as a glass may seem half empty or half full, life is a road with ups and downs. The best we can do is smile whenever we can get the chance to. No matter whether life gives you bouquets or brick bats, smiling and feeling good about your life will only help you gain a better understanding of the world and its happenings.

4. Take Responsibilities

be responsible

They say, ever since a child is born, he is tied in chains. Well, be it true or false, the fact remains that each one of us has been taught to grow up to be responsible. We begin by being responsible for ourselves and then for those who depend on us. People view responsibilities and burden but this is a wrong notion. Responsibility is about holding together whatever is dear to you. So, never shy away from being responsible and never flinch from being accountable. This gives you strength as well as adds trustworthiness to your character.

3. Handle Happiness and Sorrows

handle happiness and sorrows

Humans are a complex species.  When sad, they sink deep in sorrow as if there were no tomorrow. When happy, they leave the surface to fly high in the sky. But either ways, they refuse to stick to the ground. We should learn as humans to take control of our lives and that can be possible only once we get to know how to strike a balance between life’s happiness and sorrows. The mantra is to neither be over confident because life always has its dark sides, nor be morose because every cloud has a silver lining. We must know how to balance out our troubles and good times.

2. Forgive And Forget

forgive and forget

You can never live free with complaints in your mind, nor can you breathe free with grudges in your heart. The best way to offer yourself some peace of mind by forgiving and forgetting. This will give you a recluse from being occupied with what wrong others have done to you and what all bad you have faced. We must realize that life comes with all shades – black, white, a lesser explored grey and many more. Happiness is coupled with grief and success is married to failure. They ll go hand in hand and each one is the cause as well as the effect of the other in some sense. hence, it is always better to stop grieving about the past and look forward to a new tomorrow with new beginning and hope. Similarly, it is better to forgive anyone whom you feel has done wrong and let bygones be bygones.

1. Relax and Give Yourself A Break

relax and give yourself a break

We all dream about it, we plan for it, we look forward to it but when the time comes, we become reluctant to enjoy it – relaxation!  Life is to live and not to drag and merely exist. Things may go wrong or things may go out of hand. Situations may become so sad that you might feel there is nothing you can do to fix them. The best way is to leave somethings to fate and not try and control everything with your own hands. Give yourself a break and just chill out. You may enjoy some leisure whichever way you like – recreational activities like singing, playing, reading or just a day out with friends. Either way, you end up not only forgetting all past worries and creating a space for yourself doing things that you like to do. Moreover, you also rejuvenate your energies to strike back at work with greater vigor. So, never shy away from relaxing and giving yourself a break, believe me, after all that toil and mental wreck, you truly deserve it!

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