10 Things you can Make but not Buy

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Master Card comes up with their tagline, “there’s some thing money can’t buy. For everything else there is Master Card”. True that. Money cannot buy everything. But this post is precisely about what you can make, but not buy. The very primary things that would come into your mind reading this line and without digging further into the article, are the very primary things- happiness, love and all emotions the human mind can think of. But if you start thinking deeper to try and find out what else can we make instead of buying, you will find out that you are turning blank with each passing second. Well, my friend, its not your fault. Our lifestyle has become so different that we tend to become materialistic and forget those simple pleasures of life, which indeed make us happy. I being an author, who is expected to write about anything under the blue sky, had to think hard myself  and rummage through my brain to come up with ten such things which we can only make (or break), but not buy it from the market. Let’s have an extensive look at that angle of life which we have forgotten.

10. Plans

How often have you made up a plan with your friends? or family? Or colleagues even? When I say planning, I mean extensive planning, not just passing by a hint or two. Plans can be about anything. You can make a birthday plan. Say, of a friend or your mom or any other family member. Sitting with everybody else in sort of a round table conference, hiding away from that particular person whose birthday is coming up. You sit and divide your responsibilities. Someone buys the balloons, someone is in charge of the cake. You might be looking after the guest list or the decor or the theme of the party. Or say a plan about an upcoming trip. You guys just sit and surf through the numerous travel websites offering discounts on hotels tariffs or checking the schedules of the probable transport. We all have done that. Doesn’t it feel great? Doesn’t it excite you? The very thought of getting away from your busy life even if for a day and doing something out of the box? Think about this. A happily married couple who are expecting their first child. They plan whole day about everything concerned with their baby. Planning is something that you cannot buy. The planning period is more exciting than the event itself.  So next time you feel stressed out, sit with your friends and plan. Something. Really. Big. Even if you end up not executing it, just plan. It will surely de-stress you.

9. Good Friends


Good friends are not just any random friend. They require commitment and efforts to make and maintain. Have you ever wondered how dull and colorless life would have been without friends? Friendship is a relation we gain during our lifetime.
You definitely cannot buy them. In fact, good friends belong to the list of those primary factors that instantly pop up in our mind by reading the very heading of this elongated article, isn’t it? I cant imagine life without my bunch of friends. They at times make life miserable for you, but you don’t mind that extra dose of drama brought in by your buddies. My personal request to the readers would be that please do not lose out a friend because of any stupid activity of yours. Even if you do commit something really unexplainable and unforgivable, do make an effort in apologizing. What are friends for after all?

8. Your Future

This is something you cannot make. Create would the the appropriate word. Your past and present actions define your future. Okay, I wouldn’t say completely, because your future is the product of destiny and actions. But one does have control over his actions. And that’s what we are gonna do.Create your future. Build it with every drop of perspiration.

7. Reputation

As our elders have said it, reputation takes years to build. It actually is a very broad term. Reputation is not just your goodwill. It is a vast territory, including your character, the trust people have on you, what people think about you, your nature, your behavior everything that  takes to be a human. And NOBODY can build it except you. Regardless of your upbringing or your hereditary culture or the family background, reputation is what distinguishes you as an individual. Is it always necessary that good parents will have great kids? Parents do give their best to their kids, but do all kids take that while growing up? No. So you cannot buy your character or your mentality. Nor you can inherit it from your ancestors. Its something you have to build up.

6. Gifts for Beloved Ones

Next on the list is a bit of an odd one out. You can surely buy gifts from the numerous gift shops that have popped up in your city over the past few years. Then why did I include this one in this list? Firstly, let me point out something. Gifts imply an image of a big box wrapped in a colorful paper. Doesn’t it? Materialistic anyone? Well that’s mainly why I decided to have this included here. Gifts define happiness. Closeness. Warmth. And if you look properly at this sub heading, it clearly reads out ‘beloved ones’ boldly. How can you make your beloved ones feel special with a gift? Of course, when it’s handmade by you. You definitely need to buy the requirements needed to make the gift. But the love and warmth with which you are gonna make it, will be the most prized possession of the one at the receiving end. You can make a beautiful card for whatever occasion you need. Or a mobile case. For more gift ideas, there is always Google.

5. Relationships

No no no. Don’t start thinking about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t even expect a lovey dovey text below. Relationship has a much broader meaning. It means every relationship you are blessed with. Mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandparents, cousins, husband, wife and of course, boyfriend or girlfriend. Again, these relationships are not something you can buy. You give birth to them and nurture them with your love and affection. These people make up your whole world. Don’t they? You can just thank the divine power for having them in your life.

4. Memories

What invades your mind at the very mention of this word? The last party with your friends? Or the long drive at the wee hours of the night with your partner? Or your child’s birthday? A chance encounter with your childhood friend after a long gap? Memories are created every second of the day. We choose to remember the good ones, though. Can you buy these beautiful moments monetarily? No way. Memories are those little moments which possess the great power of making even the saddest of man smile. they need to be taken care of.

3. Family

Probably the biggest investment and achievement in a man’s life. Family is what you make. Right from birth you are inspired by every incident around you and finally you grow up to make your own family. Isn’t it awesome? Getting married to someone and then building your own family out of it? Having your little kids and the ones who brought you up when you were a kid in the same house? Family is the biggest pleasure in its own little ways.

2. Golden Jubilee Marriage Anniversary

Okay, many do not have the long life required to experience this auspicious occasion. But for the few lucky ones who do, it’s all their effort to have kept the marriage successfully alive for such a huge time. Marriage is an institution, a sacred one, which needs all our mental strength and understanding. It is definitely a test of how you use all your morals and virtues, not to mention your farsightedness in transforming your marriage into a successful one. 50th anniversary is an achievement.

1. Parents’ Pride

Last, but definitely not the least, in no way. And this is not a choice, but a necessity in all our lives. To make our parents feel proud even through the smallest of our actions, because of the blood and sweat they put into bringing us up. Its something we should do, we should strive for. My parents will be proud to see this article by me getting published. What will your parents be proud of?

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