10 Things that can Attract a Woman to a Man

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Men often stay clueless regarding the opposite sex. They say it’s too hard to understand a woman’s psychology and they just can’t figure out how to charm a girl. Well, I would say they stay clueless regarding most of the things! But never mind. What a woman likes or dislikes in a man has been an unresolved mystery and it’s true that there is no particular “type” or a checklist that every girl has made for her guy to match. There can be entirely different qualities which a girl looks for while finding a suitable partner. As each person has a different personality and characteristics, what they want in their guy is also different. But not to worry, as there sure are some traits and aspects that will make any woman attracted towards a guy. So here I am trying to help out all the creatures from Mars to woo their girl with 10 things that can attract a woman the most.

10. Mannerisms


First impression can really be the last impression and what you say and do to make that first impression a charming one is what people often put more stress to. But the mannerisms can tell a whole different story about the person. Where good manners can be a complete turn on, wrong ones can put off the girl. Good speaking etiquette, table etiquette, and politeness all help in giving good signals to the girl. So make sure you get them right.

9. Smile


Smile is undoubtedly one of the most important facial features that a girl pays attention on. If you ask 10 girls what they first see in a man, 7 will answer with smile. Putting on a nice smile makes a person look confident and it conveys the message that he is willing to open up for a conversation and further for a friendship or a relationship. And don’t confuse a nice smile with a cheesy grin as that might make you look creepy and desperate. Whenever you go to meet a girl, put on a nice smile on your face as you are genuinely happy to see her and are interested in her.

8. Chivalry


You might have heard it so many times that chivalry is dead these days and yourself would have noticed it but for many it is a desirable trait. Being a courteous man can never be out of fashion. Pulling doors and chairs for your girl shows that you are a gentleman enough and helps in creating an alluring image of yours in her mind. Be it a date or your usual office day, chivalry is easily noticed and can attract a woman.

7. Dress sense


Yes it is very important. How you dress up and the way you carry what you are wearing can be a deal maker for many guys. And the only rule to have it right is having it your way. Don’t follow trends mindlessly and find what looks best on you and clothes that can accentuate your personality and not make you look dumb. A great dressing sense is not something you are born with or have to learn watching bunch of fashion shows but it’s more about wearing what you feel good and comfortable in. And if you get this right it can attract the right amount of attention from the girl of your choice.

6. Intelligence

Brain of an intelligent man

Girls drool over guys with a nice body but more than that they look for a guy who is intelligent enough for them. Make sure while conversing with your girl you don’t talk senseless things. You need not look like a nerd in front of her but it would be advantageous if you come out as an intelligent person who is aware of the happenings around him. Along with being romantic, talk about various things like your ideologies and your opinions so she can correctly judge your sensibilities and form a more appropriate image of yours in her mind.

5. Attentiveness


Women love to talk with no exceptions ever seen. And while they talk, the second thing they love the most is somebody who listens to them. Paying attention to what the girl in front of you is talking about is a must do and you should NOT skip that under any circumstances. Be attentive no matter how boring you think the topic is getting. However in that case you should try politely telling that to her but becoming mentally unavailable while she is busy telling you stuff that matters to her is so not acceptable. A man who seems genuinely vigilant about a lady’s life and their communication seems to be much attractive than one who does not pay much heed to what she is saying.

4. Generosity


Generosity is a trait which has been desirable in every human being and being a generous person makes it easy for you to be liked by others. And when we are talking about girls, they do prefer a generous man and are instantly attracted to someone like that. While being out on a date with your lady make sure you don’t only treat her with respect while insulting others around. She will pay attention on how kind and unselfish you can be to people whom you don’t even know. That may include waiters of the restaurant you are at or anybody you bump into on the street. So be kind to all while putting special focus on her.

3. Passion


Girls want a guy with ambitions and goals, with passion to dream and work towards making those dreams come true because swag doesn’t pay your bills isn’t it? Passion is something girls look and desire for in any man and finding somebody with that passion can make them attracted towards him for all the right reasons. So don’t be the guy who stays clueless in his life and is always looking for somebody to show him the direction, instead work on your goals and she will see how zealous you are regarding stuff in your life that matters and it will give her many more reasons to like you and get attracted towards you.

2. Confidence


Oh yes! You got to be confidence and project like you have things under your control and you are capable enough of turning situations in your favor. Nobody likes a toy-boy and by having a sanguine man by her side any girl would feel safe, secure and sound. That’s why this is a quality many girls look for in their man and once they find that, they are sure shot drawn towards him. So don’t be a meek or shy guy as women are found to be more attracted towards guys who look proud and confident instead of their jollier counterparts.

1. Sense of Humor

sense of humour

You knew it didn’t you? Sense of humor can turn on a girl like nothing else. Being genuinely funny gives the girl an insight to your intelligence and how capable you are of amusing her with your wittiness. After all your chats have not to be always dull and serious but making her laugh is also very important to make sure that she doesn’t lose interest in you or ever gets bored. And please don’t confuse a good sense of humor with cheap gags as instead of attracting your girl they might get on her nerves and annoy her completely.

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