Top 10 Things about India that I Dislike

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I remember when I chose this topic to write on, one of my friends asked me why was I going to write on the negativity of our country rather positive. I simply smiled back at her and said that because nobody usually focuses on the dark side of India and mostly talks about how “incredible” India is, I preferred to bring out the misery that is lurking in profusion which people tend to overlook. No doubt India, which regarded as the largest democratic country in the world is still suffering from the many deficiency that is gobbling up our nation from the core. There are ads on the television and in newspapers about “Incredible India” and basically focuses on the prolific and luxurious spots just to attract the tourists but has anybody ever thought of making India “credible”? In this century where the nations all over the world are competing for power and development, India is still lacking behind in many aspects.

You surely cannot deny the fact India is on the path of progress and is trying its very best to be one among the powerful and developed countries of the world but that dream seems to be far away from the horizon considering the apathy of this country. The political leaders whom we vote with regards that they will look after the well being of the country and its people along with the overall development seem to get tangled in the web of sleaze and never find a way to get out of it. Just look around yourself and see if you really think India is developing the right way?

10.  Zero respect for old historical monuments/places-

zero respect for historical munuments

This can be one of the grotesque things a sane human can do. I bet you have seen the walls or the pillars of some old monuments being scribbled and scratched and have the most unwanted things written. Especially in the capital of India, New Delhi, we find such nonsense arts of some vile artists who do not know the value of such epic structures but are on the verge of destroying them. It seems like all of their aesthetic ability comes out on the walls of buildings. If you do not know the significance of beauty and get the sense of respect, you can go back to jungles!

9. Touts and cheats-

touts and cheats

Have you faced peddlers who keep following you around trying to sell you something? Or encountered a fake beggar asking you for money? Beware! There will be cheats as such who will rob you off your money by tricking you. This is what is stopping India from evolving. You will find people who might take you to a good hotel or a travel agency who will demand handsome money for it but they can also sell your tickets at high price. Beggars who actually are not beggars will sit around where there is a huge active crowd and loot you off your bucks.

8. Traffic-


The chaos and noise of people along with the irking horns of vehicles just gets nerve-wrecking. Traffic is a big problem here in India. You will hardly or not find any traffic police at those points where a traffic log is probable. Do not think that India is devoid of traffic police because there are loads of them but the reason why this happens is because of their lack of responsibility and laziness towards their duty. Oh and those motor bikers who try to seep in every time they find a narrow passage or huge cars trying to overtake you! No proper traffic rules and regulations are followed in India and this disgusts me.

7. Zero civic sense-

zero civic sense

This is something which majority of the Indians lack. You will find litters, packs of chips or chocolate wrappers being thrown anywhere in the streets or in any public place defiling the whole place. You have also seen people spitting on the walls and urinating on roadside stands. You have seen piled up heaps of garbage in front of people’s house and also near the streets. I would want to know what do you think about such behaviour? And not to forget the fact that these are done by the so-called “educated” class of people who preach something and practice something else. I wonder if they know that the mosquitoes and flies that they complain about have their roots in such dumping.

6. Poverty-


If you have watched the news channels, you would know that India is regarded as the ‘sleeping giant’. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about it that it is on a developmental stage and we have witnessed many achievements but from where I stand, it does not seem so to me. India is poverty stricken and from an economic angle, I can see no such development as it should have. The moment you step out of your house and into the busy streets, I can assure you that there would at least be a handful of beggars or homeless folks who keep wandering. The government being fully aware about such a plight tends to overlook these people despite of their huge promises to eradicate poverty from Indian states during election campaigns. If I go by the statistics, there are more than 70% people living in poverty and many below poverty line. It is rampant and yet, no such initiative has been taken to remove them.

5. Caste discrimination-

caste system

They say, “India is working under pragmatic sheet and with utmost rationality” but is it really so? How would you then define the caste system in India? We have seen almost all of the Indians, especially the Hindus, still holding on to the belief of caste system and on the basis of that, they start discriminating. You can see marriages are performed between two people who belong to the same caste. No upper caste person would get their family married off to a lower caste person. The concept of Dalit still prevails and with such segregation among people with no apparent logic, they claim to be “modern”. I suggest that rather being modern in your outfit, try being actually modern in your outlook and the way of thinking.

4. Rape-


If there is something that I would wish to obliterate right now would be the rape culture in India. Yes, I used the term “culture” and the sole reason behind it is the consistent everyday rapes being committed in here. Some people go so out of their nerves that they manifest their brute nature and destroy the lives of the innocent. Each day we get to hear a minimum of 2-3 rape incidents on television and people are left baffled. It is estimated that each day after every 30 seconds, one person is raped! If this is so, how can India be “incredible”? And the worst thing that happens is victim blaming and it abhors me to the core that such ridiculous cases are occurring in India. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to this nation is the tag with which New Delhi was honoured- “The Rape Capital of India”.

3. Corruption-


Another reason in my hate-list is corruption and I bet you can assume the reason behind my consideration. Name one place, people or institution that is pure and can go clean-chit without having indulged into corruption? You can hardly find any. But when I say the word ‘corruption’, the first thing that pops up my head are the politicians and the government. Politics and politicians go hand in hand and work their way through the maze of corruption. With the quest for power, hunger and greed, they fall victim of corruption and it hampers all of the civilians. Forget about the corrupt ministers, even the temple of learning, i.e. schools and colleges take in bribes for admitting a student.

2. Reservation system-

reservation system

Something that my mind and soul cannot accept is this reservation system in India which has been implemented by the Government as a means of equality to bring in the backward classes of people and give them special privileges in every sector. If you ask my opinion regarding this, I would say this is injustice. For instance, a student who is either an OBC/ST or SC secures 40% in his exams and gets admitted into a good medical college whereas a student who gets a 90% stays behind. Now how can you expect the OBC student to treat a patient in a proper way (after he becomes a doctor by the mercy of ‘reservation system’ with 40%) without any merits unlike a general category student with “brain” but who did not get a chance to study in a reputed medical college or become a doctor? We have also seen them getting promoted in ranks quite early than the rest. Is this equality?

1. Communal violence-

communal violence

The fresh incidents of Muzaffarnagar riots and the infamous post-Godhra riots in Gujarat still reeks of communal hatred among people of different religious community and gives us goose bump to think of the aftermath. If anything can be worst, it’s these communal riots that ensue quite frequently in India. People of two or more religious communities start fighting among them and it initially starts with a silly reason but eventually we get to see the spark of violence or it takes the shape of a riot. Sometimes it spreads like a wild fire, invoking people to hate one another and abuse each others religion. In the process, many innocent lives are lost but the religious extremists hardly care. Communalism seems to be deeply rooted within people and they happen to take it out on such trivial issues making a mountain out of a mole hill. This communal violence needs to be stopped right now. It is now or never.

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