Top 10 things to do Before You are 21

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Living young, wild and free – this is the life motto of thousands of teenagers out there in the world. The teenagers who are trying to find their ways and paths around this ever-so-changing world. The teenagers who are hell-bent on doing whatever it is that they want to do. The teenagers who just want to live the way a teenager wants to live. It is obvious that teenage years are crucial to everyone’s lives. What we do in our teenage, does till some point, dictate our actions and decisions of our adult life. We have to be responsible all our life, especially, all our adult life. But we can risk being a little fun when we are in our teenage, as long as our fun doesn’t get out of control. Teenage is the time to let go, relax and enjoy. There are certain things which have a lot of importance in our teenage: like our first kiss, first relationship, first college degree etc. But there are some things that we can do in our teenage which will change our lives forever. So here’s a list of 10 things you should do before you turn 21-

10. Skip A Class

Skip a class

We aren’t going to be in school or college forever. We have a few good years of college life and school life where we meet a lot of friends. And once we are out of school and college, we will never be able to go back to that life again. So don’t take things too seriously that you miss out all the fun that is only limited to school or college life. The top most amongst them is definitely bunking a class. Yes, go ahead and skip a class. Go out for a coffee with friends, relax in a garden, go for a walk, sit in the library or just sleep at home. But at least once, bunk a class and have fun. The feeling of having fun outside when you actually should be sitting in class is just different from normal fun. So say your ‘YOLOs’ and bunk it.

9. Party like there is No Tomorrow

party like there is no tomorrow

Now, we know that partying is not everyone’s cup of tea and some would rather sit at home and chill instead of party. But you should try it once. And it’s okay if that ‘once’ is the only time in your life that you party. But do party like there is no tomorrow. Dance away till the wee hours of the morning, may it be at someone’s house or in a club. Dance like no one is watching you and dance the way you like to dance without bothering about anything in the world. If you are of the proper age, add some alcohol to the party and see yourself dance like never before. You may get sick in the morning and have a terrible hangover, but most of the times, it’ll be worth all the fun you’ll have dancing!

8. Lose Yourself in a Crowd

lose yourself in a crowd

Losing yourself in a crowd doesn’t mean actually getting lost. It means losing the track of time and place when you are just one amongst hundreds or thousands. And no better place to experience this euphoria than in a music festival or a concert. Imagine your favourite band or artist playing their best tracks and the entire crowd has entered a state of trance, you’re physically here but mentally you have flown away to your happy place. You will feel happy knowing that you are never alone anywhere.

7.  Pull an All-Nighter

pull an all nighter

When we are young, we have more stamina and ability to carry off difficult tasks than when we are old. So when you can, do pull an all-nighter. I’m guessing we all must have pulled an all-nighter before an important exam but I’m talking about an all-nighter where you stay up all night doing the thing you love to do. Read a book so engrossing that you don’t want to keep it down, go for endless long night-drives, listen to slow music all night whilst sipping on your favourite drink or do whatever it is you want to do. But you will see that the silence of the night makes it feel very different.

6. Get a Summer Job

get a summer job

‘I’m going to have to work my whole life why should I work when I’m 18?’ Because you can learn so much AND get paid for it. You don’t have to get a proper job. You can get an internship or a summer job. In this way, you can start earning a little for yourself. You can either save this money for college or spend it on yourself. It’ll be a less of a burden on your parents and in the process, you’ll learn about how the real life job scene works. It’s a win-win situation for all.

5. Tell I Love You to Someone

say I love you to someone

No, it doesn’t have to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just someone whom you actually, really and genuinely love. For all we care, it could be your pet dog. But say those words and see how much better it makes you feel. Learn how to express your feelings and emotions in the right way and say things like they are. Tell all the people you care about how much you care about them and how much you love them. Tell your parents that you’re grateful. Tell your friends that they mean a lot. Tell your loved ones that they make you the person who you are.

4. Take a Trip with your Friends

go on a trip with friends

Vacationing with your family is normal but you should take that one super crazy and memorable trip with your friends before you turn 21. No restrictions, no deadlines, no curfews and no itinerary kind of a trip where you’ll just relax, sit around, talk, have some fun and enjoy the way you all want to enjoy. This kind of a trip will definitely change your life and will give you memories that you will never ever forget. You will learn so much about yourself while discovering new lands with your friends.

3. Learn to Forgive and to Apologize

learn to forgive and apologize

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is not all flowery but it also has many hardships. As we go ahead in life, we make many mistakes and we are the recipient of many mistakes of other people as well. But you should always remember and learn to forgive people who genuinely come and say sorry. Along with that, you must also genuinely apologize if you have made any mistakes. Keeping grudges will only make yourself suffer and not accepting your mistake will only let it hover at the back of your mind. Better to let go of all negative things.

2. Accept Yourself for who you are

accept yourself for who you are

When we are in our teenage, we are full on insecurities and doubts about ourselves. Peer pressure, media and parental pressure only make it worse. But if you accept yourself fully with all your achievements and failures, your genius and your flaws, life will become much more easy for you in the future. Learn to be happy with yourself and by yourself and happily accept everything life throws at you. A positive outlook about yourself, others and life in general will definitely help you lead a satisfactory and fulfilling life.

1. Enjoy Your Freedom

enjoy your freedom

This is the most important thing that one must do before they are 21. Post that age, we get entangled in job, marriage, children, retirement and what not. But teenage is the time when are free and when we can truly enjoy our freedom. Make use of all the free time you have and cultivate your hobbies. Learn to take breaks and relax, don’t stress yourself. Enjoy whatever freedom you have. These are the golden years of our lives and we will never get them back so bask in the glory of this thing called freedom and teenage.

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