10 Surprising Facts about Chocolate

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Do you remember the first time you had a chocolate? Was it from that very moment that you became a huge Chocoholic? Well, most of us do not remember that. But most of you reading this article are for sure chocolate freaks. Do you have a chocolate bar kept in your refrigerator? Most of us always do. But none of us actually know what a chocolate’s worth is, except for the fact that you and your 5 year old kid have cavities because of excessive chocolate eating. A bar of chocolate can do wonders. We must also be aware of other facts like, who were the mighty ones to discover chocolate? Where is the chocolate obtained from? What role does it play in other fields? If we know the answers to these questions, only then can we call ourselves proper and appropriate chocoholics. We say we can live on chocolates without really knowing the fact that it is actually not a bad idea. Let’s focus on a few major facts about chocolates.

10. Because we love the creators- Thank you Maayans!

Because we love the creators

Well, all of us know who discovered cocoa beans. Yes! The Maayans (Same Mesoamerican tribe who predicted the world would end in 2012). The cocoa tree blossoms with its fruits 2 times in a year. Each cocoa tree bears around 100 pods which contain about 42 beans. A cocoa tree which is grown in the right surroundings can bear quality fruits for at least 75-100 years. 270 cocoa beans are required to make 1 kg of chocolate. The Maayans used cocoa beans for trading.

9. Diamond cuts Diamond; Chocolate good for Diabetes

Diamond cuts Diamond

As is said, only a diamond can cut another diamond, having chocolate is said to reduce the risks of diabetes. A study in Italy says that eating chocolate increases insulin sensitivity i.e. it manages the right amount of insulin flow in the body and thus reduces the risk of diabetes. This is good news for all the sweet tooth people suffering from this disease. They will now not have to sneak into the refrigerators to grab a chocolate bar and enjoy it. Everyone has the right to eat chocolates after all!

8. Chocolates as gifts

Chocolates as gifts

Sweets and dry fruits have become too cliché. So chocolates are the new gifts for any occasion. This is the main reason why so many chocolate companies’ gross sale goes up during any festival or the season of marriages. They come up with a choice of creatively designed assorted chocolates for their customers depending on their theme or mood. It can go as Diwali gifts, Marriage gifts, Birthday gifts, etc.

7. Neither hot molten nor cold frozen

Neither hot nor cool

Perfect chocolate is produced by heating the beans to a temperature of 45-50 degrees Celsius and then cooled down to 28-29 degrees Celsius. Remember the lesson of pasteurization you learnt in 5th grade? It is very much related to that. This procedure is done to destruct certain disease carrying germs and also to prevent the chocolate from souring and hence keeping it fresh for months even after its manufacture. The recommended chocolate keeping temperature is about 18-22 degrees Celsius. And chocolates taste the best when in perfect physical state, i.e. neither too hard, nor too soft. It should just melt the moment you pop it in your mouth.

6. Chocolate for hearts

Chocolate for hearts

Chocolate is good for heart. That is a fact people are already aware of. But the fact that over 30 million kilograms of chocolates are bought every year as a symbol or token of love is not known to many people. Now it is not a gift for “someone” you love, but for everyone and anyone you love and care about. It reduces the risk of heart diseases like Rheumatic, Hypertensive, Ischemic, Inflammatory, Cerebrovascular heart diseases among others. It reduces blood glucose and bad cholesterol which are harmful for the heart and are the major reasons for heart diseases. Chocolates help in advancing good cholesterol in the body. So a chocolate a day keeps heart diseases away.

5. Dark chocolates and Anti oxidants

Dark chocolates and Anti Oxidants

Anti oxidants are essential components which help to guard human cell. They are like the sentinel of our body since they stop liberated radicals from doing any kind of damage to our cells. Tea has always been considered as one of the best source of anti oxidants, but a research in Holland confirms the presence of anti oxidants in Chocolates (especially Dark Chocolates), which is four times that present in tea. Dark chocolate contains more than 50% cocoa solids. Anti oxidants are really effective against aging and hence dark chocolates act as anti aging agents. Also, being rich in anti oxidants, helps in having a better immune system, prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Best friend = A Bar of Chocolate

Best friend=A bar of chocolate

Chocolates are said to be an intensely emotional invention through which we human can get connected. We achieve a sentiment of gratification, contentment and reassurance after having chocolate. This is the main reason why 80% of the depressed souls excavate into chocolates and its products; this contributes to them being obese. The whole process of eating chocolates is pleasure-seeking. When we eat it, we look for bliss and strive to tone down the soreness in us; this is the main sign of extravagance. There is a certain relationship between happiness and chocolates which even the scientists are yet to discover.

3. Chocolate as Beauty care product

Chocolate as beauty product

Chocolate is again a big hit when it comes to beauty care products. It is mainly used in this field because of the presence of anti oxidants in it which helps in keeping up the glow of the skin. These days new treatments and therapies like chocolate body massage, face pack, body waxing are in use. The skin attains a radiant glow and becomes smoother and softer. The chocolate wax is believed to remove tan, comes in even more versatile flavours like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange, etc. It makes the skin silkier and prevents hair growth after removing the tiniest bit of hair from the skin.

2. Women are from Venus

Women are from venus

Women consume twice as much chocolate as men, this is not really surprising. Chocolate is one of the most associated things to women and their diet. A female’s cyclic rise and fall of hormones trigger a craving for chocolates. It affects women differently than men. Well this might be the main reason behind a man always meeting his lady with a pack of chocolates when he has done something wrong and she is mad at him. That is, to simply bring a smile on her face because he knows she likes it the most.

1. What is your favourite flavour? CHOCOLATE off course!

What is your favourite flavour

Chocolate is considered to be one of the most favored and adaptable edibles. It just mingles and perfectly blends with any ingredient and results in the most amazing dish ever. You can taste from a variety of genres. From cakes and muffins to puddings and ice creams, chocolate is the best flavour for all. You can now have your bread with chocolate too. There are chocolate soufflés, cookies, milk shakes, yogurts among others. This is mainly because cocoa powder and beans are easily available to everybody around the world; and also because chocolate actually tastes well with any given combination of ingredients. A fistful Chocó chips and a spoonful of chocolate syrup completes the desert.

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