10 Stupid things People Do Under the Influence of Drugs

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Today people, who are on drugs or those who just tried it once, must have, at some or the other time, got driven to it out of curiosity, to experience how it feels like to be high, or may be just because of pressure from friends, classmates etc. Among youngsters, indulging in drugs is perceived as some sort of cool act, among a group of friends, if they too are high. The unusual pleasure they get out of boggling mind, paranoia, unusual laughter, dizziness, nausea, numbness and relaxation wrongly taken as peace of mind, cannot be over looked. Despite knowing the ill-effects it has on mind and body, people still engage themselves into drug use and turn their lives into complete mess. Almost all drugs affect the central nervous system and reduce the capability of judgment and reasoning.  With that, the fear of feeling awkward or embarrassed is no longer bothersome. Thus people, under its effect, become more social, more open and free in expressing, doing and saying things that they may regret later.  Below is the list of few stupid things, people do under the influence of drugs and later find themselves in weird situations.

10. Injuries


There requires no explanation on why people, who are on high dose of drugs, are more prone to injuring themselves or others in their vicinity. Losing control over the reflexes is the initial phase of being on drugs. Eventually, when the nervous system gives up, the person ceases to react normally to even simple actions. The coordination between the brain and the muscles gets hindered and the person ends up unintentionally hurting himself or others. Half conscious, people ends up falling here or banging there, and always are in a need of an aid from others to help them. There have been many accidents, where people lost their lives or tried to harm others, under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

9. Blabbering


One of the stupid things that people usually do is blabbering when high. Most of the time, people pour out their feelings, and emotions, uncontrollably. It’s a common after-effect of drugs, when people lose control over their senses. Confused, perplexed minds often find themselves talking endlessly, without making any sense and expressing oneself in the most incoherent way. Many drugs make you feel depressed like alcohol, while others make you ecstatic like marijuana and LSD. People often get mistaken that this way drugs help them relax, lighten up and stress out, but in the long run, it can even worsen one’s psychological state, with an urge to abuse drugs.

8. Strike a Strife

strike a STRIFE

Some drugs even invoke violent behaviors, which may take the shape of crimes. People high on drugs switch to aggressive behavior and make it difficult for people around to handle them. Sometimes they create nuisance in public by unnecessarily starting a fight. Since they have lost control over their mind and body, a simple quarrel can easily turn into a big fight and create a scene.

7. Stalking and Talking to a stranger

stalking and talking to a stranger

Being high makes one either extremely ecstatic or extremely depressed. In either state, the person starts talking rubbish to someone unknown, or simply stares at others. This may seem as an outcome of a confused state of mind but actually the person is too careless or carefree, to get bothered about that.   It may sound funny and unintentional, but the other person may even get annoyed, seeing the person as a total crazy and troubling figure.

6. Apologies

Couple : Silent fighting

Many drugs stimulate the part of the brain that deals with emotions. This causes one to open up. People think it as the right moment to ask for apologies for the wrong deeds, without getting embarrassed. It might give a reason for their behavior in future, and they might otherwise say that they were drunk. Keeping all this aside, it turns out to be appropriate in apologizing when people can best express and explain themselves, without trying hard to curb their emotions, which they couldn’t do otherwise.

5.  Drug and Drive

Drug and drive

Even after knowing the fact that this combination can be extremely dangerous, people often mix the two. Even small quantity of drink, can hamper with proper functioning of motor nerves. Not even drinking, every drug takes away your ability to respond to the reflexes normally yet people are not reluctant about it and end up taking lives and hurting others. Countless fatal accidents are a lethal gift from the duo that otherwise could have been avoided.

4. The world is my bed!

A man sleeping on the side of the road in Thailand.

One of the most unusual behaviors is to see people high on drugs and alcohol lying unconsciously on the roads, footpaths and even in public toilets. Oblivious of their surroundings, and under the influence of drugs, it bothers them to least extent, if they spend nights, unconsciously lying on the footpaths and wake up next morning , having not even the slightest idea of how they got there. In some cases like alcohol, with a rapid increase in blood-drug concentration, the breathing drops dramatically, leading to unconscious state and finally leading to passing away. With no one for aid, people don’t realize when or where they would land up.

 3. Adventure


With increased levels of stress, among youngsters, they search for a pinhole, to get out of the loop of anxiety and getting high provides them a virtual escape. What could be more adventurous than going on an outing to an unknown place and getting high once you reach there. It may involve a lot of risk, of being caught, some mishap happening, in a totally unknown and new surrounding, but seemingly have its own adventure of some sort. Youth today, under the excitement to prove their worth and challenge life, don’t deter from taking up risky task and also enjoy the pleasures of being high. This combination can turn out to be dangerous and chances are high, the end may be troublesome.

2. Entertainment Package

In the poll 52% off young adults admitted being injured while on a night out.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the person high on drugs becomes a source of entertainment for others. Their acts and blabber may be amusing to the people around but this might turn out to be something that they may deeply regret later. Usually when high, people sometimes take to unusual behavior of publicly dancing, singing or speaking nonstop rubbish about someone or something. It may not be liked by all, while others can find it funny. Creating a scene of oneself unintentionally and out of loosing self-control makes up one of the worst deeds, people do when they are high. Realizing the fact afterwards, makes it even more embarrassing for them to face the same people again.

1. Propose her when high!

proposing her when high

The most stupid and common deeds which come to light when we talk about being high is proposing to that special someone. With the drug flowing across in every vein of the body, it is almost impossible to curb the feelings, bubbling up on seeing your crush. Once never gathered enough nerves to approach her and talk, a person in a high state gets about all the courage to propose his crush. Driven by the emotions, such a situation usually ends up in the person, making a complete fool of him and also making it weird for the person at the other end and further complicating the situation.


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