Top 10 Simple Cures for Common Cold

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As winters are approaching, sniffles, sneezes, running noses and coughs are no more a rare sight! And then follows the quest to get rid of this menacing disease. So who is actually the culprit when it comes to common Cold? Any guesses? Well yes! It’s the ‘rhino’virus. Whoa! The name speaks a lot about how hugely it affects our life. Well the other day, I was guessing, is there even a single person alive on this planet who never caught cold? There are records of everything. There must be one for this too. *curious*

Hmm let’s focus back on the issue, Cold is also known as common cold because it’s so very common! *loll*. Yes! And that’s the first guess we make for reasoning it’s nomenclature.

Well this ‘rhino’ oops ‘rhino’virus attacks the inner mucous lining of our nose. It’s a misconception that cold weather causes common cold. Cold weather is actually an aid in ‘spreading’ common cold. Yes Common cold as most of us know is a contagious disease. Mind You! Next time don’t hesitate to tell your near-dear ones with common cold to keep some distance. Or else, all the very best people just in case u catch it. Cold weather is seen as the culprit for causing cold because cold weather makes people to limit their existence too indoors, thus conglomerating large number of people and hence making it easier for our wicked ‘rhino’virus to get to our noses.

Apart from this you should understand the difference between flu and a cold. If fever accompanies all the other symptoms, it’s flu! So first diagnose your disease. If it’s a cold, then keep reading folks!

Now let’s understand, how we can cure common cold, since we have already fallen in ‘rhino’virus’s trap:

10. TEA


Fluids, that’s the magic word when it comes to cold. And no doubt warm fluids add another dimension to curative process. Thus tea provides two benefits in one shot. It’s warm and it’s a fluid.

On one hand, fluids wash away the toxins in our body while on the other hand warmth of tea will help to loosen up the congested mucous and helps to get rid of it quickly. It helps you get rid of sore throat problem as well.

So all my sick sick people grab your cup of tea. And yes if it’s a green tea or lemon tea, it is all the more better because it provides antioxidants which cure infections



Well as Indians, who doesn’t know about pepper among those other red hot spices? There is a plethora of options when it comes to pepper. But the best curing pepper is the red pepper, containing higher vitamin C, than the orange one. Yes! It’s the same chili flakes we get with our Pizza Boxes.

It heats up the average body temperature at a faster rate and breaks up those stubborn mucous lining making your recovery faster. The increased net body temperature accelerates the shedding of infected mucous lining.

So get this pepper into your system as soon as possible.



Yes! It’s that same old bottle residing your kitchen shelves from time infinite. Apple cider vinegar works as a surprising powerful remedy in this quest of defeating ‘rhino’virus. It has higher pH which makes it basic in nature. It helps to neutralize the cold induced acidic environment in our body. Drinking vinegar along with honey, lemon and warm water several times a day, will get you back from the realms of sickness in no time.



Vitamin-C works like the magic wand when it comes to recovering from a bad bout of cold.  It boosts our immune system and helps us fight over those nasty ‘rhino’viruses. Either you take it as a regular dietary supplement or you can consume it via citrus fruits like oranges. Get all those carton Vitamin-C rich beverages and snack upon them to boost your body defense mechanism. On a personal note, I will suggest you to take vitamin C through food sources like citrus fruits and vegetables.



Well no doubt! Expectorant works as a magic for cold. You must have seen a couple of TV advertisements for expectorants like Benadryl or D-cold cough syrups. These clear the congested throat by loosening up the adamant mucous lining on your throat. Phew! Although it might cause drowsiness, it scores well when it comes to recovering from cold.

It is available in all forms over-the-counter and needs to be administered as prescribed by a physician. And yeah, do check their expiry dates people. The last thing you would want is to worsen your health by consuming an expired medicine.



Prepare a thick viscous mixture of honey, fresh lemon juice and warm water. Get this mixture down your mucous-lined throat at regular intervals. Honey has a cold suppressing ingredient which works well in curing the nasty cold.  Mix it with cinnamon and it works as another simple remedy to cure cold. Reports suggest that cold reduces ‘rhino’virus’s stay in your throat by 2 days. It strengthens your immune system and is also effective for those sore throat days.



And what if I mix ginger, lemon juice and honey? This concoction works as another remedy for curing cold. It not only reduces the nasty symptoms but also provides relief in those “hoarse voice” (sore throat) days. Add to it a sachet of red pepper and it will make a wonderful remedy for ‘cold’ stricken days. So get those spare cloves of ginger and chase away the devilish cold.



There is no better way to get out of those ‘blocked nose and murky head’ days than by getting steam or rather inhaling it. Take a bowl of steaming water, bring it near to your nose, cover your head with a towel and start inhaling the vapors getting emitted of the bowl. Keep your eyes cold to avoid irritation and inhale slowly. Adding some mint or some other smoothening agent will add on to its effectiveness.



Oh yes! No matter what, everyone must have tried this remedy once.

Gargling with saltwater has been one of the oldest proven remedy which even for our grannies was a sure thing to bounce back from cold infections. No matter what, this is the best remedy, for lubricating the stagnant viscous mucous layer. The salt moreover loosens the mucous layer. Hence gargling should be kept as a compulsory remedy to get rid of running noses and sore throats.



Taking rest has always been one of the simplest and crucial ways of recovering from any disease. Be it, the nasty common cold. Exhaustion and tiredness result in weakening of our immune system which takes a toll on our health. No matter what medication you take or whatever household remedies you try, without rest, recovering from common cold will become a prolonged process. And that would surely be the last thing you want. Rest provides your body with ample scope to heal. So grab your sheets, keep yourself warm and fall asleep.

And you thought you can’t recover from cold? Well now you can and you will recover soon. So stop worrying and start applying the above to get on the road to a healthier you.


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