Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Stop Dreaming

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Dreams are said to be the visualizations of ones thoughts throughout the day. It is said that whatever we have been thinking all day long or all week long comes in the form of dreams. Is not it interesting that our minds are so build up that it stores information about the most impact occurrences and helps us to get a clear picture of them. It does so by making all sorts of permutations and combinations on our feelings and gives the result of wild and vivid dreams. Sometimes they can be real misleading and other times they prove to be lighting our paths. What about those dreams which help us to reach our destination and gives rise to one of the most successful you? Will you be following them blindly as and where they take you? Or will you pause and think a bit about them? Whatever path you may choose but do not stop dreaming because dreams guide you through your life. A small child dreams of growing big and adult dreams of earning more money. As we grow our dreams grow and take a more defined shape. Let us have a look at the 10 most obvious reasons why one should never stop dreaming.

10. Wave off Fear


The things which you fear the most can be overcome in your dreams. Don’t you reach for the highest of the mountains and face the scariest of the ghosts in your dreams? Are not you able to do each and every thing you desire in your dreams? Your dreams wave off all your fears and help you to face them more boldly. You might ask how your dream will help in overcoming your fears. After visualizing the things you have a better understanding of its existence. And once you get a clear picture of it, you start being more curious about its realism. The reality strikes and you fear less.

9. Happiness


Imagine a life where you dream of flying in the air and talking to the birds. When you imagine it in your dreams, you feel about yourself. Why is one advised never to stop dreaming? They make you happy and divert you from the harsh world. It may be for a small period of time but it does take you to a magical world of illusion where everything happens as per your wish.

8. Entertainment


Dreaming is better that living your life in a digital world for 24*7. A digital world shrinks your mind while your illusion world will diversify it. It is better than watching TV and narrowing your world to only that idiot box. When you allow yourself to dream you allow yourself to live freely.

7. Hopes kept Safe


The world runs on the hope of an adult and the faith of a small child. Dreams let your keep your hopes intact and will never let you to lose your confidence. But the advantage comes only with a precaution. Do not let your dreams overpower you. The mind has a powerful influence on the positivism and the negativity. If you are allowing yourself to dream too liberally about yourself then you are definitely going to suffer. Dream, but be sure of your limitations and strengths first. Hopes are for those who believe and have worked towards making that belief. But the funda does not work if you are least bothered about your inputs and all you dream of is to be at the top of the world.

6. New creation


Kekule dreamed of the structure of benzene. He had been working on it structure and its resonance. But the thought of six carbons and double bonds kept haunting him. During the course of his research, he once fell asleep and saw a snake circling to catch its own tail. He woke up and gave the kekule structures of benzene which we study till date. You get the picture. When you dream you wish and once you wish you aspire to do it. So do not fall back. Instead fall asleep and give wings to your dreams.

5. Interesting aspect


The mere thought of projections of your mind in various dimensions gives me a bird’s eye of the vastness of the human brain. Would not you be surprised if dreams turned into reality? They are an interesting aspect of your brain and it would be foolishness to stop doing so. Dreaming is like embracing one more miracle of nature. If you are really interested to find out more about them, you can always look up in the internet. There are a dozens of research papers on dreams and their causes and effects.

4. Relieves stress


Stress busters are in high demand these days. When you are working late in your cubicle and tired of ordering more cafes and lattes, what you all need is a two minute shut down. In those two minutes one will always think of the time back in home or if they would have been in a different place working a different job and leading a more lavish life. They would for a moment take you to a different world altogether and divert you from the present tiresome situation. When you are very tensed or tired, dream of all the good things that you had and of those times when you will be at a better place than now, your worries will find a different victim.

3. Be a Harbinger


The leader always has foresightedness. What defines him is his unique ability to foresee the future and make his peers well aware of the pros and cons. A leader always has something extra in him and that is his ability to dream. His ability to dream and visualize and then the hard work involved in actualizing those dreams play the role of making him a successful person in all. The next time you wish to see yourself on the top of the success ladder, think of dreaming as your mantra.

2. Define you!


Two things define the real you. Your patience will define you when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. Why am I talking about dreams then? Well the reason being you are able to dream good only when you are patient and the nature of your dreams will define your attitude. Einstein once said that your imagination is powerful. Truly said, because you only become what you think of yourself. Hence your dreams play a significant role in determining and defining your persona.

1. Sleeping beauty


What better alternative to a relaxing time pass could be to a good sleep? Nothing I suppose. The thought is exceptionally mine and of course the readers can have their own alternatives to kill their time. But sleeping is something which will take all your worries off you and you will be a new person when you wake up. Think of dreaming and you will find the best thing of this world that is sleeping. If you want to dream, you ought to sleep. And who would possibly leave the thought of having a good nap. After all it is the time when you do not have to listen to any of the rubbish going around the world and get to concentrate only on your pillow and your quilt. Happy sleeping! Happy dreaming!

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