10 Reasons why you can Never go Wrong with a Little Black Dress

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A Little Black Dress is a wardrobe essential for most ladies. It is the play it safe- go to- dress in every woman’s wardrobe. Just as much as that long black coat or nude pumps or neutral lip colour. Lots has been said about how one can style their little black dresses- in ways too many. Are you aware little black dresses are also those go to essentials that are hard to go wrong with? Here are 10 reasons why-

10. A fashion statement it is- always trendy, forever in


Little black dresses are like fashion statements. Like the Hermes birkin, or Louis Vuitton traveler, the Cartier platinum band, the long coat, the well fitted denims and Louboutin pumps. They are never out of fashion. They are not vintage too. They are just trendy in the sense that they’d remain a statement forever.

9. They come in all sizes- ‘little’ defined


We’ll come to sizes on the horizontal plane later. We speak of vertical lengths and little black dresses are not necessarily ‘little’ black dresses. If its above your mid-calf, it is still a little black dress. If it just reaches your mid-thigh, it still remains your little black dress. So you have a range to experiment from. They are like a fashion label in themselves with lots to choose from. So the little holds good for little black dress just as much as ‘dead’ in Dead Sea. Or maybe I am exaggerating. It holds good a little more but it is not really little you see.

8. You can play with colours


A little black dress is like a canvas for you to decorate. Or maybe you are the canvas and it is a safe bet to make. You can add colours to your look with makeup-bold red lips, bright neon shades of nail lacquer, coloured blazers, coloured stockings, shocking pink or electric blue pumps and no colour ever looks bad with black unless you choose to use them all together. They still don’t individually look bad with black, just against each other and the word would not be bad, just not suiting everybody’s sensibilities.

7. Overloading accessories


Remember all those accessories you bought but never used? Maybe because you never knew how to style them or you had this fear of looking a little too dressed up? It is about time you use them. A little black dress hardly ever looks overdone. How does it matter? It does. You can load onto the rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, hair accessories and bags and footwear. Obviously you cannot make yourself look like a boutique of those but accessorizing is always in style. You can experiment with all types of accessories.

6. What better than remaining comfortable?


A little black dress is almost always comfortable to everyone who wears it. Unless you have a discomfort with the ‘little’ being too little or the high pumps being too high. Of course now the footwear was your choice, and the length of the dress too. You can always choose a little black dress that suits your comfort zone. The length, neckline, support, sleeves or the lack of them and the fit- it is all for you to decide. One tip there though, always try your little black dress at the store before getting it billed or check for exchange policies. A little black dress is like denims, the better they fit, the better they look- and you do not really know how comfortable they would be till you try them on.

5. Works better than a concealer


Anyone who has ever worn a little black dress rightly would know that it flatter your body, no matter what body type. The MAC concealer you bought maybe doing its job too well in concealing those blemishes but ladies, I am sure you wished for that wonder concealer that helped in concealing those flabs. A little black dress helps well. It is a known fact that dark solid colours make you look slimmer. Black even more. The cut of your little black dress will further more determine to what extent it conceals your flabs; it would nevertheless unless it is two sizes small or just a very clingy material. Choose a well-structured dress and say bye to the flab without diet and exercise. I am not discouraging you to lose weight though, just encouraging you to dress to impress.

4. The safest colour ever


You know what is the best part about a little black dress? Of course besides never going wrong with it. Is it the black in it. Most ladies will agree when I say black is the safest colour to where anywhere, anytime. It won’t stain, the fit would  hardly ever look odd, you do not have to worry about the hair fall- beware of dandruff though, or the perfume leaving blots on the surface. Black would never be too dull or too bright. It is almost always the right shade. What better? No matter what your skin tone is- black would suit porcelain dolls just as much as the dusky beauties.

3. it’s meant for all seasons


A little black dress may be little and black but it is there for all seasons. Do not believe me? The little helps it be the trend for summer and the black makes a statement in winters. You might want to change how you style it in different seasons though. You can just as well pull off a little black dress with a floral scarf and citrusy fragrance in the scorching sun as you can with a long coat, muffler, boots and a woody musky fragrance in the icy cold winters. Guess what? You can wear the same dress for new year as you did for Easter and no one would know.  Now that is a blessing in disguise. Isn’t it?

2. There’s one for every‘body’


NO, there is not one for everybody. We do not want un-waxed (I know it’s not a dictionary word but it definitely sounds better than hairy), muscular men all around in little black dresses. There is one for every body type. You may be skinny, or curvy or even fat. You can still carry a little black dress with as much glitz and oomph. Pear shaped, apple shaped, flat or round there is a style for you all. There are ones that are well fitted, then the ones with flare, or maybe with a fitted bodice and then a flare or baggy top and fitted skirt. You can suit them well to compliment your body type.

1. You’re never out of place


No matter what place, what occasion you’d never look odd. A little black dress is just as perfect to wear to office as it is to wear to the club. You may want to style it differently though. Nevertheless you would not have to carry a changeover to workplace for the evening when boyfriend is picking you from work for a dinner date. Makeup touches and you are dressed to kill. Or that film you have to catch with friends, maybe even the musical concert which in-laws are attending to. So basically you can rely on it when you have lots planned for the day and no time to change and you’d be sure that you have not gone wrong.

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