10 Reasons why Winters are Better than Summers

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Over the past few years, effects of global warming have become quite apparent. There has been a widespread increase in the extremity of weather. The length of seasons has become uncertain too. Summers have become too hot and winters have become too cold. In spite of all the temperature fiasco, we have a clear winner when it comes to choosing the favourite season. Who wouldn’t prefer extreme winters over extreme summers?! Who wouldn’t prefer the feeling of being on a hill station over being inside a furnace?! Who wouldn’t prefer warm snugly jackets over sticky sweaty tee shirts?! Who wouldn’t prefer foggy days over charring noons?! If there is someone who still feels otherwise, here are ten reasons why winters are way better than summers:

10. The mornings


Unlike summers, you will find a cool, refreshing morning smiling at you no matter what time you wake up. Yes I know its a little difficult to leave that warm, cozy blanket but once you step out of it, the heavenly breeze would be worth it! A mere two minutes in balcony or on the terrace would be enough to make your day. The nippy yet gentle wind would take away your dreariness in a splash. What’s better than the calm, soothing nature to begin your day!

9. Hot chocolate


Though you can have tea or coffee in any weather but the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in the month of December is unmatchable! Why just hot chocolate, but any hot beverage would taste loads better in winters. You get to relish every sip, feel it running down your throat and warming up your intestines. Your favourite mug filled to the brim with any hot drink is enough to get you into mood on a cold day. The feeling of holding a toasty mug is exquisite in itself.

8. Foodies delight


Now this is something which everyone would agree to. Without worrying about too much oil or fats, you can have as much fried food as you want. Unlike in summers, in winters you don’t feel heavy or pukish after gulping down all the unhealthy food as body uses it up in order to maintain the body temperature. And if you are not too fond of street food, then winters has all sorts of healthy green leafy vegetables in store for you. From ‘sarso ka saag’ to ‘palak ke pakode’, from ‘gajar ka halwa’ to ‘methi ki pranthe’, the hot sizzling menu is just too good to be ignored *drooling*.

7. Look fuller


This is something which only skinny people like myself can relate to. We get so sick of listening to every other person’s comments about our weight, about how we need to put on a few kilos to look more presentable. I know how annoying it is and how we all want to curse them for being insensitive. But somewhere deep inside our hearts we secretly wish to get fatter and fitter. And this is why winters are a boon! We can pile on layers of thick sweaters and get the confidence which otherwise goes missing from our lives.

6. Nutty love


One of the rarest food item which is both healthy and extremely yummy is dry fruits. Cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, cranberries, apricots, date palms etc. are full of oils which keep your skin from getting dry, essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and the sweet taste of fructose and glucose. Dry fruits help to keep the body warm and hence prevent you from falling sick. The best thing about dry fruits is that they are incredibly versatile as a food item. You can eat them as it is, use them topping in milk shakes or garnish your puddings with them.

5. Pockets full of sunshine


The worst thing about summers is, well, summers. The merciless sun beats upon us, sucking out all our energy and stamina, leaving us all weak and drained out. No matter how much we try, we cannot remain indoors all the time and the moment we step out in the sun, we begin cursing the cruel, fierce sun. But what happens when we step outside in December? Does the Sun adjust its thermostat? No. The magic is that of WINTERS! We begin avoiding shady areas, relax on terraces, laze out in parks; we do practically everything to get maximum of that same April sun. This is how winter makes us love the ‘hot stuff’!

4. Sound sleep


Sleeping is always fun. As kids we used to hate it when our parents asked us to take rest in afternoons. And now we don’t miss a single chance to snooze off. Even classrooms are good enough to catch a quick nap. Sleeping in winters somewhat seems so different from sleeping in summers. Even the little afternoon nap turns out to be a perfectly sound sleep in winters. The way it relaxes our body is heavenly! The pleasure and comfort of getting tucked in a warm bed, surrounded by cozy blankets and soft pillow is something beyond words. It cannot be described, it can only be felt. So stop reading, climb into your covers and get a sound, ‘winters special’ sleep.

3. A walk to remember


Whether alone or with a friend, I absolutely love to go for walks. Long walks are like the best opportunities to bond with people or contemplate about your own self. You can go for the discovery of your inner self, plan out your day or your life, make up schedules for your work, listen to music or simply walk. Not only does it count as an exercise and burn calories, it also increases your stamina and makes sure you don’t end up with jammed bones. Its an excellent way to spend time with people you otherwise don’t get the time to talk to. Such diversely beneficial walks are another advantage of winters over summers. Who would like to go for an exhilarating walk and return with truck loads of perspiration instead of cheerful thoughts? This is precisely why winters are the best times to go for long walks.

2. Say NO to daily showers


Now this is something exclusively for lazy asses like myself. If you are a cleanliness freak who cannot begin the day without taking a shower then kindly skip this point. This is a celebratory fact for the procrastinator. In summers, taking a shower becomes mandatory as the heat and the humidity leaves you no choice. You do not want other people to run away from you and so, you have to take a bath daily. Without denying the pleasure and freshness it provides on a hot day, I also cannot overlook the fact that bathing needs effort. And winters provide you the wonderful opportunity to put in this effort less frequently. You can easily go on a couple of days without bathing and no one would realize, if you are a pro in dry-cleaning. Put on clean clothes and a light deodorant and you’re good as new!

1. Hugs and cuddles


I believe that every single person is born with a fondness for hugs and cuddles. Those who deny it are plain lies! This fondness also explains why girls love teddy bears. Now imagine hugging someone on a hot, sunny day, their sticky skin touching to yours and their sweaty clothes reminding you of rotten eggs. Pardon me for painting such a picture but this is how I can best explain the wonders of winter hugs! Now imagine hugging someone in a chilly weather, wrapping them in your arms and getting the much needed warmth. Do I need to say more? And before your imaginations run wild, let me tell you that you can hug your parents, siblings and friends too. Just saying!

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