Top 10 Reasons we all Love Amusement Parks

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Amusement parks are a popular form of entertainment all around the world. These parks see a greater footfall than any other tourist attraction around the world. Every year, millions of people flock to amusement parks during the summer, winter and any other holiday. Families as well as companies enjoy celebrating events there. They’re a source of joy for people of all age groups. Everyone loves amusement parks and you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to have gotten your tickets worth. The atmosphere, ambiance, and the sheer experience of spending a day in a fantasy land, far away from real life beats anything else money can buy. So we love theme parks. We grab every opportunity we can to go there. But why do we love these places so much? Here are the top 10 reasons we love them so much, that we never miss a chance to visit them!

10. Photo Opportunities

photo opportunities

We, as humans, love photographs. We trust our memory cards more than our own memory. And what better a place to capture some of our best moments, than at an amusement park? As shallow as it might sound and though we might never admit to it, one of the main reasons we love amusement parks is because of the amazing backdrops to click pictures. Wouldn’t you want a picture of yourself with a long, 150 foot drop, looming in the background, to put up on a social networking website? Of course you would. Amusement parks are a great place to pose for a lot of stunning pictures which will be looked at in awe a few years down the line.

9. Amazing Engineering

amazing engineering

Amusement parks are a visual feast. The bright, flashing lights, multicolored rides, and beautiful designs, everything is unmatched.  One of the reasons we love going to these parks is because of the engineering marvels that we see. A perfectly controlled vertical drop, an upside down loop that curves flawlessly at the end- all these are designs that take years of thought and engineering. From the queues to the attraction itself, each part of the project is designed to perfection. These rides are the closest we will get to experiencing some of the best engineering and design marvels that have been created by man, second only to rocket ships!

8. Food Experiences

food experiences

One of the best things about going to amusement parks is the food! Sure, you could get all that in a food court of your mall but nothing beats walking around a huge park all day, burning lots of calories and finally sinking into a nearby chair and digging into a well-earned slice of pizza, or five! The joy of eating cotton candy while walking around, getting Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream and apples dipped in caramel is something you can only experience at an amusement park. Large cans of coke with unlimited refills, Popeye’s spinach and Donald Duck’s waffles seem like ambrosia after a hard day of rides!

7. One day getaway

one day getaway

Amusement parks are like a mini vacation. Usually, we don’t have the time to take a full-fledged vacation because life gets in the way. Instead, you can hit an amusement park! Now most amusement parks come with multiple hotels in the campus itself, which lets you spend more time at the park without having to worry about a long drive back. They’re perfect one day vacations. You can drive down, spend a day at the park, avail some of the luxurious facilities they offer such as spas and Jacuzzis and just relax after your day at the park. You will be rejuvenated after your small yet satisfying vacation.

6. Stepping into a different world

different world

What is your dream world? A world with fairies or dragons or mutants or mummies? That’s the thing about going to an amusement park- you leave your daily life behind. You forget the world in which you really live and get immersed into something new, unusual and loved. You can be whoever you want to for that one day. You could be an explorer in a forest or a part of a Dr Seuss book. Surrounded by candy and happiness, theme parks create an atmosphere of security which makes us believe that for just one day, everything is going to be alright. Everyone needs to escape their lives once in a while and theme parks are just the place.

5. Memories for life

memories for life

An outing to a theme park is a rather memorable event. From the long journey to the actual rides and shows- it is something that you will never forget! It is a proven fact that experiences make us much happier than buying ourselves things ever will. Going to an amusement park is an event rich with multiple emotions, from joy to fear. And these lead to creating some of the best memories we will ever have.  Looking back a few years later, you might not remember which pair of shoes you owned but you will definitely remember having a great day at an amusement park!

4. Escape the stress of daily life

escape from daily stress

We all live rather hectic and stressful lives. From studies to work to social problems, we have a lot to deal with on our plate. When we go to amusement parks, we seem to forget all this for a little while. We forget that we have a project deadline or a nasty person to deal with the next day. We simply enjoy and live for the moment. We let go of all our worries and just have fun. That is why we love amusement parks so much- you leave behind all the tension and just freak out by having a whole day away from our worries.

3. Brings out your inner child

brings out your inner child

A day at the amusement park really brings out the child in you again. Those carefree childhood days where nothing mattered but which crayon to pick to colour your drawing with. At amusement parks you get to hang around with all your old, cartoon characters from your childhood, listen to the kind of music you heard when you were younger, be around younger people and generally feel like you have lost over ten years of age in just ten minutes. You do all those things do did when you were young and reckless, without the fear of looking too old because everyone around you is being a kid too! Who wouldn’t want to go back to being a kid again, even if it’s just for a day?

2. Adrenaline rush


An adrenaline rush is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel fear followed by the most euphoric feeling of survival, ever. Apart from scary, real life situations, adventure activities are some of the only ways to experience this adrenaline rush. The feeling of having survived a huge, vertical dips and multiple inverted loops and scary spins gives you the craziest adrenaline rush. The feeling is almost addictive and all the adrenaline junkies out there would want to experience it again and again. Amusement parks give us a thrill which we can go seek nowhere else, maybe that is why we love them so much!

1. Sober fun

sober fun

You don’t need to be tipsy or high to have fun at an amusement park. You just need an adventurous, child-like spirit for which you just need to look deeper within yourself. Amusement parks are fun. You could go with your family, friends or colleagues, with people half or twice your age and still end up having a ball. You can run from one place to another, jump, splash in the water, let loose and unwind. There is no restriction on the amount you can enjoy there. Amusement parks have been and will always be a great source of fun and entertainment.

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