10 Reasons why we all Need a Best Friend

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Best-friend might seem like two small words but they have a very deep meaning attached to it. What according to you best friends are like? Those with whom you share stuff (from clothes to novels, jokes to problems), those with whom you party, those who know you more than your family or anyone else? It can mean totally different things for different people or you can say a best friend is the one who stands by you even when the whole world is against you, who supports your decisions when you are right and is the first one to correct you when you are not and they never abandon you in tough times. But do you really need a best friend? Yes, you do. Let’s see why.

10. Provide you Comfort

provide you comfort

There is always a sense of comfort while talking to a best friend. You don’t have to tell them whole stories or explain them everything again and again, it’s like starting the book right from where you left it after reading last time. And you tell it all without feeling like being judged. A best friend is always there to comfort you in worst of the worse situations. This sense of warmth and comfort is much needed but is rare to find among people and when you do find it you know that person is your best friend and you should stick to them for long.

9. Shell out Honest opinions

shell out honest opinions

A best friend is the best source for an honest opinion whenever you need one. Since they know your true capabilities and potential and they always wish for your betterment they will never give you false compliments just to please your years. Not just for life changing decisions but also for tiniest matters of your life they act as an important critic and their opinions are unbiased. Even the negative remarks don’t upset you if they are coming from your best friend because you know they always mean well and are ultimately trying to correct your flaws and are motivating you to curb the recurrence of misappropriations of past.

 8. Partners in crime

partners in crime

How boring your life would be if you always stay as a goody good boy/girl. It’s good to have some mischief sometimes and when you plan on doing one you sure need a partner in crime (No, not the crimes which can land you in jail!). Then be it flattening your neighbors car tires or sneaking out of house at night to go for a night-out, your best friend will be more than ready to shake hands in your crazy act. Because best friends don’t let you do stupid things, alone!

7. You can be “YOU” with them

you can be you with them

At school/college or in any society we are in a certain pressure to come out as attractive and presentable to others around but you just do not need to charm your best friend or flaunt anything in front of them. There is no room for pretending or masquerading. There is this one person in your life in front of whom you can just be yourself because that is the person who has seen you in your highs and lows, in your Gucci and in your pajamas, at your strongest moments and also at the most vulnerable ones and they have simply loved you through it all. So you can always be your true self with them.

6. Listens to you patiently

listens to you pateintly

There are times in life when you have so much going on in your head and all you want is an ear to listen to your problems, your feelings and thoughts. You are not looking for an advice or any suggestions, you just need to takes things of your chest. And a best friend will always be there to lend his/her ear. They know and can sense that when they need to advice you and when just to hear you out. A human always craves for ears when affected by adversities of life and the mere fact that there is somebody to listen to you without judging you or asking you not to feel that way can help in tackling many difficulties.

5. Secret keeper

secret keeper

No, you cannot keep all your secrets hidden inside you or your tummy will start aching to reveal them! There should be a person you can share all your deep dark, even embarrassing, secrets with. And still not fear even a soul getting to know about them. A best friend is indeed a best secret keeper. From your childhood fears to your irrational beliefs and ambitions, best friend knows it all. He/she not just know about them but also believes in them and keeps them safe for as long as you wish.

4. Appreciates you and motivates

appreciates you and motivates

From time to time each person needs something or someone who can act as a motivational tool to them and boost their self-esteem. The human esteem is the key feature to human growth and a person’s self esteem and a recognition to his efforts helps him in more than one way. All these psychological needs can be provided by none other than a best friend. At times when you feel disappointed of yourself, a best friend is there to remind you your true worth and recognize and appreciate all your good work.

3. Lend a shoulder to cry on

give a shoulder to cry on

No matter how strong a person seems to be, they sure do have their own weak points. We humans tend to be so strong on the exteriors but on looking upon the depth of our hearts we can be very weak and fragile. We often get hurt and are taken aback by many depressing situations. These situations can shake us to the core and all we feel like doing is sitting in a corner and crying our heart out. That’s when we need a best friend the most because unlike our other friends, this person won’t leave you and will be ready with his/her shoulder on which you can cry for as long as you feel like.

9. Provides an Unconditional support

provides an unconditional support

There are many decisions in life which you don’t feel very strong to take on your own. You do not need any expert advice but a simple word of advice from someone who understands you, has known you all along and knows what’s right for you and what not. A best friend is that someone who can act as a backbone to your success even while staying in dark and you need their constant guidance and support. They can show you the direction when you cannot see it on your own and can even get you back on your path if you ever get lost. But their support is something you will always cherish.

1. They love you!

they love you

You may not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, your family may not be as perfect as you want it to be, but you can always have one person in your life who will love you more than anything. No insecurities, no formalities, no demands and no complaints, just never ending love. Sounds pleasant right? Yes, best friends are like that. They can turn your horrible days into sunny and can make you laugh when you don’t even want to smile. Really, a life without a best friend is a life wasted.

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