10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber has fallen Off track

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Justin Bieber took the music world by storm with his debut album ‘My World’ and ‘My World’ 2.0.  His songs were instant hits, his album sold millions of copies, girls loved him and he made millions of dollars. Singing, acting, songwriter, Bieber was successful in all this and much more.  That’s more than what one needs for a good life, right? This ‘million dollar baby’ (well, quite literally) lives a grand life most people his age could only dream of.  Bieber’s popularity grew with time and so did the controversies associated with him. The teen star is blamed for trying too hard for a ‘bad boy image’. Caught smoking weed, roaming shirtless, speeding and more, Bieber’s troublesome time does not seem to end.  From excessive partying to excessive Twitter ranting, lately, he has been in news for everything but making good music.

Are his good years really over? Will we soon witness the end of another teen legend or will he be able to stand the test of time?  Here are the top ten reasons why the sensational singer, who started off so well, has fallen off track with time.

10.  Too much fun?

Justin Bieber JPG

He is young…..he is a millionaire….he is famous and he surely knows how to party! Well what is the harm in a 19 year old trying to have some fun? Blame it on the paparazzi but Bieber’s partying habits have been making headlines lately. Recently, Bieber was denied entry to a night club in U.K because of his underage companions. There have been incidents where his neighbors have complained about the parties which take place in his Calabasas mansion. Looks like Bieber is concentrating only on the perks of being a celebrity and has forgotten all about the responsibilities that come with it. Whatever happened to being a ‘role model’ for teens?

9. Too much too soon

Bieber on the cover of Forbes JPG

Bieber’s journey began after he was discovered by Scooter Braun in the year 2008. Soon he became the talk of the town with millions of fans all over the world. Love him or hate him, one has to admit that this wonder kid achieved more popularity and money in his teen years than most people can in a lifetime! Experts claim that Bieber has not been able to handle his success too well. He is still a kid and is bound to make some mistakes. Let us not forget he is just 19! However, Bieber really  needs to mend his ways and present himself as a talented and serious artist he is if he wants to survive.

8. Heartbreak

Bieber with former girlfirend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and singer/actress Selena Gomez started dating in the year 2010 and finally decided to go their separate ways in January 2013. Almost 2 years…quite a long time for someone their age!  If experts are to be believed, Bieber’s breakup hit him really hard. It has affected his professional life as well. What followed was his ‘not so professional behavior’ which includes fights and arguments with paparazzi and cancelling tours.  Bieber was in the limelight once again for not so right reasons.

7. Paparazzi

Bieber with a gas mask

Justin Bieber is controversy’s favorite child and the media misses no opportunity to highlight any mistake, big or small, the pop star makes. It is pretty clear that being one of the favorite targets of paparazzi is doing Bieber no good. Recently Bieber was spotted wearing a gas mask while shopping in London in order to avoid unwanted attention and camera flashes. In another incident, where Bieber had been pulled over for speeding, he reported that he was driving over a speed of 80 mph in order to lose the paparazzi which were following him. All these incidents prove that Justin Bieber is not very good at handling all the media attention he gets. His attempts to avoid being seen or clicked end up bringing Bieber unwanted attention.

6. Stuck with the ‘little boy’ image

Bieber, a few years back JPG

Atleast that is what Sharon Osbourne has to say! Apparently, Bieber’s fans, the faithful Beliebers, have crossed their teenage years and have grown up to be young women. Sharon says “his fans are growing up….they are 18-19 year olds now. And he still looks like that little boy!” maybe it is high time Bieber must throw his ‘little boy image’ out of the window and concentrate on making music for audience which have crossed their pre-teen and teen years as well.

5. Angry Young Man.!

Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!

It is said that Bieber allows certain situations to take a toll on him and  is unable to control his temper, especially when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi. There are a number of incidents where Bieber has lost him temper with photographers and indulged in arguments. In a recent incident, Bieber is said to have threatened and verbally abused paparazzi while leaving a hospital. Messing with the media is one thing Bieber must avoid if he wants his career to be long and successful. A little anger management will certainly help.

4. Celebrity Tantrums!

Bieber at a concert JPG

Celebrities are known for their tantrums and Justin Bieber is no exception. He is certainly a sensational singer and he knows it, a little too well indeed.  Showing up late for a concert is no big deal for popular artists. However, when most people attending your concert are teens or pre teens, you cannot afford to begin your show at 11 p.m. Bieber highly disappointed his fans during a concert in London by showing up two hours late. Some fans did not wait for the concert to begin while others had to stay up way beyond their bedtime on a school night.

3. Bad Company

Bieber with lil twist JPG

Another valid reason why Bieber is falling off the track is because of his friends! Bieber’s buddy list may have some names which are certainly not a very good influence for this pop sensation. Rumor has it that it was under his friend Lil Twist’s influence that Bieber got involved with weed. Twist is also responsible for crashing Bieber’s car twice!

2. Desperate for fame?

Bieber with fans JPG

Bieber realized, a little too soon maybe, that hard work and good music was not enough to keep him on the top spot. He has been accused of bad PR stunts in order to stay in the headlines. It is said that Bieber scalped his own concert tickets and sold them on stubhub.com in order to inflate the value. His ‘on stage collapse’ is also claimed to be a bad PR stunt by a number of ‘non-beliebers’. Bieber’s silly hoaxes and PR stunts certainly backfired doing more harm than good for this teen sensation.

1. What goes up …comes down!


Bieber is surely falling off track but maybe it is not his fault! There are a number of examples where ‘oh so popular’ teens have grown up to be ‘not so popular’ adults. It is hard to keep up with the ever changing trends in the world of music and if you do not keep up, you will be left behind. People are simply bored of Justin Bieber’s boy next door image. The ‘Bieber Fever’ is dying down really fast. Bieber needs to work hard and put his talent to good use in order to bounce back.

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