10 Reasons why Family should always come First

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“Having a place to go – it is home,

 Having someone to love – it is family,

 Having both – it is a blessing”

Family is that element in our lives which defines who we are. All the good and positive things we have in our lives, is because of this very family which gave us birth and brought us up. Now, family in its literal sense has the broadest range one can ever imagine of. It is not just we, our parents and siblings, if we have. It includes all those relations you have ever heard of. Mother, father, grandparents, uncle, aunt, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephew, niece, husband, wife, in-laws and who not? In certain parts of the world there still exist big joint families, though the trend of nuclear families has kicked in. Nevertheless, a family is always a family, irrespective of the number of members in it. Even the nuclear ones have huge extended families. So what is the big deal and all the hype about family, relationships and all? Well, the lucky ones who have been blessed with family surely know the answer and will agree that all the hype is justified. As we youngsters grow up, most of us tend to develop a negative feeling towards our families, this negativity being more visible among teenagers. We somehow feel they are trying to pull us down and our happiness means nothing to them. In years to come, as we mature as individuals, we realize how blessed we were to have such a family which guided us through every situation. We, no matter how young or grown up we are, should never forget the value of our family. And at the end of the day, it is our family which comes first and last as well. You ask why? Because of these reasons.

10. Family will Protect you

The world is becoming more and more unsafe day by day. With crimes like rape, murder, stalking increasing at a rapid pace, and girls and boys feeling unsafe on the streets, it is very important to come back to that place at the end of the day which makes us feel safe and protected. But will you ever be able to feel safe when you are alone at home? It is our family that protects us. Let alone these crimes, family will protect us from every unwanted situation or trouble we get ourselves into. The unfinished homework in school and the fear of being thrashed, the college guy teasing you for that extra weight, the colleague at work who just makes life more miserable, we will always at least one member of our family standing for us through thick and thin.

9. They will Unconditionally Love you

There are days when we all feel down, either because we look horrible on particular days, or because of a bad hair day, a bad wardrobe day and we just do not feel like stepping out of the house. There are people, who suffer from inferiority complex because of the dusky complexion, or short height, some have a problem of stuttering, others are geeky and are bullied everywhere. But no matter what, you are as beautiful as angels and princes to your family. They never seem to notice the flaws in our looks or character and love us unconditionally. Even when we have done some wrong and parents are ever ready to scold us, there is always that one member who will pamper us with chocolates and ice creams after we get scolded.

8. They are your Biggest Critic

All our actions and decisions that we take in life have to be judged by someone, who will be impartial and unbiased. You cannot expect your best friend or your partner to be that one, because for some reason or the other, they will remain biased with you. It is family whom we can expect to be brutally honest and unbiased in their judgments because they want the best for us. A little criticism will only encourage us to do better in life.

7. They are with you Right from Birth

We are born with many relations, and that’s what we call as our family. All those souls eagerly waiting outside the delivery room when we are taking birth, is our family. Friends, partners, husband, wife, in laws, are people and relations we gain during our lifetime. But family is right with us from our birth. Right through the time when we have our first meal, when the first tooth comes out, when we take our first step, doing all the running and reciting rhymes to the crying babies we used to be, the first day at school, every major and minor exam, the time we get married. They have seen us through every phase of our life. So family, any given day, comes first.

6. The Madness

Have you sat behind and ever wondered looking at your mad family that how incomplete you would have been without all this madness? The more you grow up, the more childish your family becomes. After an entire fun day at school or college with your friend when you come home tired and want some rest, you just see the madness and chaos at home and feel reenergized. My mother and grandmother keep all the madness in the house alive with their strange, weird antics that no one other than them can understand.

5. Family Makes your House into a Home

There is a very thin line of difference between house and home. House is the full furnished and decorated apartment you make; home is what your family makes. At the end of a tiring day, nothing can soothe you more than coming home to your family, your parents, your siblings, your kids. It feels like all the mess and chaos of the day were worth it when you sleep on your mother’s lap or you see your little sister ready with a handmade card she has made for you throughout the evening with horrible paintings and colorings. But even those uneven pastel shades make you smile and make you feel warm like the warm sunlight on a cold winter morning. I can bet that one won’t get this peace and serenity anywhere else.

4. The Post – break up Therapy

What happens when you suffer from a miserable break up and you are out on the streets to see happy couples all around? The misery increases tenfold. Even your friends or colleagues cannot help you feel better. Who comes to the rescue then? It’s your family. Last time I had a break up, my weird grandma used to get numbers of her friends’ grandsons, the handsome and successful ones, and tried to set me up with all of them. And I have to admit, it made me feel better and laugh like never before. If not grandma, you will have a cool mother, or a brother, sister, cousin who will take the role of my grandmother. But families really help to get over a break up.

3. Will Never throw you out of their Lives

Your family is your biggest critic and will scold you or punish you severely for your mistakes, but having said that, you know your family will never leave you alone or throw you our if their lives. In fact this forgiving nature will keep you from committing further mistakes. Your friends, and boyfriend or girlfriend will leave you for a single mistake, but not your family.

2. They Keep the Child in you Alive

Have you thought who would have called you every hour to check whether you have eaten or not? Who would have lulled you to sleep when you are sick? Who would have treated you like a new born on every birthday of yours? Who would have tolerated all your tantrums when something has been cooked that you don’t like? Your family pampers you every time you throw a childlike tantrum and keep the child in you alive even after you have your own kids. Isn’t it awesome?

1. They have made you the Person you are

This is the one reason we should always remain thankful to our families for. Whatever you do in life, all the skills you have, the friends you make, the people who love you, you have got all that because of your family. Your family has done enough to bring you up, and all the qualities and talents you have, is because of your family, who have nurtured you with all the care and love.

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