10 Reasons why Facebook is no longer Cool

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Founded on February 4, 2004 by 5 Harvard University students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, the social networking website named Facebook, had over one billion active users till September 2012 which hiked up to 1.11 billion by May 2, 2013. The website data grows by over half a petabyte in a single day! That’s certainly huge. Undoubtedly, Facebook is THE number one social networking website right now and with its growing popularity it might become the largest “country” on Earth by 2016. But is Facebook as cool presently as it used to be? As engaging, addictive and interesting as it was before? Addictive, yes a lot of people do find it addictive but somehow the website has lost its charm over the years. Photo tags, events, timelines and status “sharing”, the makers have constantly tried to add on new features to keep the audience hooked up but I feel it has somewhere lost its track and current Facebook is no longer cool! Here are the 10 reasons why?

10. The “LIKE” obsession

the like obsession

Firstly I wonder from where this theory popped up that getting more likes makes you cooler or popular or whatever you want to be. People, especially girls go crazy to get more and more likes on their pictures. I keep receiving messages form many of my friends saying to like their picture or like their status. I mean what do you get out of it after all? Even more annoying are “Like if you love God” “Like if you love your mom, scroll if you hate” kind of posts. People have gone way too crazy to get large number of likes on things they post and for this they end up posting utter rubbish.

9. More pages, less people

more pages, less people

The cardinal purpose of creating the website was to keep people connected. To create a space where you can chat with friends who are far away and share bits of your life with them. Also to meet new people over the web and make new connections. But now the moment you log-in to the site, all you can find is a truckload of pages on your news feed. Celeb pages, just for fun, memes, informative, business and what not. And once you “like” or “follow” any such page your news feed will get spammed with millions of photos and updates in a single hour. (Okay! I exaggerated a bit, but you got my point right?) I do not go to Facebook to see the pages, am more concerned about the people around. And even if I don’t follow such pages, I’ll still get “sponsored” or posts that my friends have liked flashing on my screen every now or then.

8. I dare you TAG me

i dare you tag me

Tags were introduced in pictures to mention people’s names in group pictures that are present in it. It automatically tags the picture to each one of the person’s profile. It is useful because if there are 5 people in a group picture, all of them do not need to post it. Only one will post and tag the others. But somehow this tag feature became a tool of again gaining “likes”. People tag others in the most irrelevant or irrelevant pictures just so that they can have more “likes”. Now how ridiculous is that?!

7. Selfies


Oxford Dictionary announced “selfie” as word of the year 2013. It sure sounds bit strange to have this word as word of the year but we owe it completely to Facebook which geared the trend. A selfie is basically a self-portrait clicked in front of the mirror using a digital camera or cellphone. Taken in usually a tilted manner, these self portraits have gained way too much popularity and Facebook now appears to be a hub of these and at least I do not like it this way.

6. Marketing


Facebook has also emerged as an extremely popular and efficient marketing tool. Every other brand or company has now got a Facebook page where they advertise their products to gain maximum audience. In a way its good since it helps entrepreneurs and even well established companies to grow their business but what happened to the old Facebook which used to be just about people and bonds?

5. Privacy


There was a time when just your friends used to have a Facebook id and you would freely post your wild party pictures, cheesy jokes and what not without fearing a soul. But now from your parents, to your boss, from your maid to your distant cousin’s paternal aunt, everyone is on Facebook! And you got to think at least 10 times before posting anything online. Though there are privacy settings that you can customize the way you want, but you cannot control everything. Nobody wants their parents to see their embarrassing late night party pictures or read their double meaning status update. Moreover it might hamper your professional life too as your boss will also be online the day you called in a sick leave and later on posted football match snaps from stadium. So watch out, you are being watched!

4. Cyber crime


Everything in this world has some plus and some minus points. Internet and particularly Facebook is no different. No matter how much safe you think your data is, it is always being viewed upon by millions of eyes. And with the “share” option under your posts, anybody from any part of the world can access your public profile and share your pictures without your consent. This often leads to impersonation, fake accounts and ultimately cyber-crime. The more features this social networking site keeps adding, the more prone your virtual life becomes to cyber misuse. That is so not cool.

3. Too many memes

too many memes

Anyone who doesn’t know what a meme is surely must be living under a rock. Going by Wikipedia’s definition, a meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. On Facebook, these “ideas” have spread way too much and consequently we find a tremendous number of meme pages and memes these days. Yes, they make us laugh but don’t you think these should stay in comic strips and let Facebook be more about people and their pictures?

2. ODA’s (Online Display of Affection)

online display of affection (oda)

“I am so lucky to have got such an amazing best friend.. Love you tons and tons BFF muah” ODA’s seem to be the new IT thing. Be it your never dying love for your boyfriend of one month or promises and vows of friendship for you kindergarten friend, people sure believe to broadcast it all and Facebook serves as a perfect platform for these ODA’s. Long mushy photo captions and status updates dedicated to their special people have become too common a sight. And ain’t we too sick of these?

1. We are BORED!

we are bored

It’s a law of nature. The things you stay glued to for a long period of time will eventually start appearing to be boring. It might happen after a month, a year or 5 years but you cannot stay on it for very long. And maybe the same thing is happening with Facebook. We are not as engaged as we used to be and Facebook barely entertains us anymore. A while ago Facebook replaced Orkut, who knows what might replace Facebook now.

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