10 Reasons Why you should Watch Breaking Bad

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There is no denying the fact that we live in the age of TV and internet. We are obsessed with new TV shows and sitcoms and as soon as we watch them, we get obsessed about reviewing them, tweeting about them, and collecting pictures of them on the internet. We are all in dire need to watch all the right shows at the right time so we can fit in to the conversations with our group of friends. In all this mess, sometimes, TV produces a gem of a show. Such a show goes beyond just friends conversing and discussing. Such a show makes you think. Such a show makes you imagine what you would have done had you been in the place of the protagonist of the show. Such a show makes you question morality and the rights and wrongs of the society. And Breaking Bad is one such show. It has been critically acclaimed as one of the best TV shows of all times and the fans couldn’t agree more. Everything about Breaking Bad is perfect: the actors, the story line, cinematography etc. It’s a treat for all the people. A lot of people though, have shunned Breaking Bad because it is too main-stream. But one must watch it without any predispositions or prejudices. So here are the top 10 reasons why you should watch Breaking Bad-

10. The subtext


The subtext is the underlying plot of any form of art like a musical, movie or a show. Every scene in Breaking Bad means much more than what the scene is actually about. Throughout the series, if you observe well enough, you will see that the character development has happened in such a way that the subtext keeps becoming more and more prominent. We see a story of the plot but along with that, we see an almost parallel subtext story line which serves as something that gives us extra information, although, not directly.

9. The script

the script

No matter how good all the other factors of the show like the actors and directors are, if the script is weak, there is hardly anything that can be done with the show. But Breaking Bad has one of the most powerful scripts in all of the TV shows. The placement and the intensity of the dialogues are so beautiful that it makes you want more and more of it. That, when paired with some amazing dialogue delivery, gives you an all round brilliant experience.

8. The concept

the concept

The concept of Breaking Bad is so very real that it grasps your attention within two minutes of the first episode you watch. Walter White, a normal underachieving chemistry teacher who gets detected with cancer, decides to pay for his own treatment by using his knowledge about chemistry. The concept is just so real and brilliant that you can connect with it very well. The problems of a middle class man with a family, the lack of healthcare facilities, the way Walter White breaks bad by using chemistry to produce drugs. It’s never been done before and Vince Gillian, the producer has done his job awesomely to give us the right taste of the concept.

7. The carnage

the carnage

Now violence can be one of the reasons why people stay away from Breaking Bad but when you watch the way the violence takes place, you will be awed. You can call it an artistic carnage, to say the least. The way death is dealt with in the show makes you value death for what it is. The show is not an all out gore-fest. But when death is necessary, death is what we shall have. The death of all the people, throughout the show, is shown very aptly.

6. The dark humor

the dark humour

The show is not all dark as many of the people perceive it to be. It does have its moments of humor. But the underlying black humor throughout the show is what gives it an edge. Walter White is an almost goofy family man at one point and the dreaded Heisenberg at the other.  The transition of Walter White into Heisenberg is done so subtlety yet his fall from a kingpin drug lord is graciously humored. Along with that, the creative humor and one-liners in the show are definitely worth sticking for.

5. The theme


The theme from the start of the show has been the inherent choices between good and bad, between rights and wrongs and between morality and immorality. Both the main characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are innocent and they even start their meth-cooking business for an innocent reason. But when you start off into something bad or wrong, it doesn’t take much time for you to spiral down into the bad world. This theme has been depicted very well throughout the show.

4. The supporting cast

the supporting cast

It would be very unfair to give the entire spotlight to the main protagonists of Breaking Bad. That, especially, when the supporting cast is so great. Be it the ever so indecisive yet strong Skyler White, the DEA chief and Walt’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader, or Saul Goodman, Walt’s and Jesse’s go-to lawyer for all the problems. Along with these people, even the actors who we see briefly in the show are so great in their characters that it is impossible to completely hate even the creepiest and gory villains like Gus Fringe. It’s no wonder that the supporting cast actors too have won awards for their amazing work. And the lawyer man Saul Goodman is getting his own spin-off series too!

3. The cinematography


If there is one thing that sets Breaking Bad truly apart from all its contemporaries, it has to be its absolutely incredible cinematography. With a TV show’s limited budget and time limit, we hardly get to see some great cinematography on TV. But Breaking Bad breaks all the rules and goes all out with its cinematography, making the show an absolute visual treat to watch. The time lapses shown in the show, the point of view perspective of the camera and the way the important scenes have been shot will truly stun you. And if you are a person who understands and digs cinematography and photography, you cannot miss this show for anything.

2. Aaron Paul

aaron paul

Girls would definitely want to start watching Breaking Bad for the hot guy that is Aaron Paul. But one needs to go beyond his good looks to understand what a breathtaking performance he has given in the show. He got an Emmy Award for his portrayal of the troubled Jesse Pinkman. It would come as a shock that the creator Vince Gillian has planned to kill of Jesse’s character in the first season but didn’t do it because the character hit off so well with the audience. After watching the show, you’d say that Aaron Paul was born to play the role of Jesse Pinkman. His acting, expressions, dialogue delivery will make sure you fall in love with this character.

1. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

And last but definitely not the least is the main man himself. The man who took the character of Walter White to a greater height. Bryan Cranston’s acting abilities were known ever since his Malcolm in the Middle days but his portrayal of Walter White has made Breaking Bad the show it is today. His intense moments will frighten you as much as the goofy moments which will give you a heartfelt smile. He has won the best actor award for 3 consecutive years and he deserves them all right. Had they not cast Walter White properly, they show would not have become such a hit. But Bryan Cranston does complete justice to the role. And this is why you should forget everything else and start watching this genius show that is Breaking Bad.

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