10 Reasons why others’ Opinions Doesn’t Work

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We all are aware of Albert Einstein and his work. However, he was not able to speak until he was four, and he learnt to read only when he was seven. His teachers, deeming him to be a failure, described him as “unsociable, mentally slow and adrift forever in foolish dreams”. Subsequently, he was expelled from school. Even his parents thought of him to be ‘below average’. Not letting such disheartening opinions bother him, he tried and succeeded; a success which is evident in every aspect of modern science.

Thus, my point is that no matter what you do, there will always be two kinds of people: the ones who are pushing you to do your best and the ones who will do anything to bring you down. The only thing similar between these two is that both of them will always have an opinion. Hence, it becomes your choice whether or not to follow it. The ten reasons why others’ opinions don’t work are:

10.  Mindless Commentary Is Inherent To Human Nature

mindless-commentary is inherent to human nature

Simply, no man is an island. He needs his fellow man to survive and they need him. Thus, his actions will always be carefully scrutinized by the rest and they will always have a say, no matter what. Everyone wishes to be heard. And they will go to any lengths to make sure that they are heard, either by hook or by crook.

9. Opinions Are To Be Treated As an Observation

Opinions Are To Be Treated As an Observation

This belief of theirs should be always treated as an observation about one’s self. This shouldn’t hamper or impede your progress in any way. So if you receive a comment about your appearance, don’t let it make you feel inferior. And similarly, if you receive a compliment, don’t let it get to your head.

8. Jealousy


Now, this happens in most of the cases. Sometimes people are just plain spiteful. Instead of providing you with sensible perspective, the willfully nudge you forward in the wrong direction. They make you a slave to their opinion by overpowering yours. Through dishonesty and deceit, they convince you and overshadow your uniqueness. A very relevant example of this is the ongoing trend of forming ‘Cults’, where the members are forced to follow the perspective of a select few. It is said that jealousy is the root cause of all evil. Some men just want to watch the world burn. In their race to reach the top they compromise their morals. And by doing so, they let the feeling of selflessness instilled in them by their elders, die a sudden death. Greed, selfishness and misery drives them and they forget to take into account the feelings of others. They just wish to win, no matter what and don’t hesitate to bring the rest down at every opportunity they get.

7. Not All Opinions Are Bad

Not All Opinions Are Bad

Sometimes, these opinions are given by your loved ones. They are the ones who don’t want to see you make the same mistakes that they did. These are people who love and respect you even if sometimes they dole out the harsh truth. They are only trying to protect you. Appreciate such efforts and reciprocate because these are the people who will remain true to you forever.  These are the opinions, which if are not to matter, then should at least make a difference in your way of life.

6. Good, Bad or Ugly

Good, Bad or Ugly

Over the course of your life, you might receive many notions. Thus, it becomes your job to root out the bad from the good. Sometimes, it’s okay to listen to all different opinions, but you should act upon the ones which are beneficial to you and your immediate surroundings. Be a little bit selfish, for life is too short to be completely and irrevocably selfless.

5. Don’t Ignore Others’ Opinion


Do not blatantly ignore others’ opinion. As said before, everyone wants to be heard and everyone wants their own opinion to matter. Not listening to their opinion and not acting upon it are two very different concepts. Don’t burn bridges in the hopes of chasing waterfalls. Remember, if you don’t pay any heed to them, they will disregard you. It’s a dog eat dog world and you will reap what you’ve sown.  Hence, give respect to get respect.

4. Not in Your Situation

Not IN Your situation

Simply, they do not face your particular predicament. Even though some of the opinions are given with good intent, sometimes they are not applicable to your situation. The hapless but good hearted individual believes that his opinion is right but doesn’t understand that your situation might be different. Even though he feels that he can relate and guide you through it, however, that is not the case every time.  What you are going through might be very different from the circumstances that they went through. Most of the times they are unaware about the various feelings that crop up as a result of what one is undergoing. No two situations are the same. There are factors which vary. So, in such circumstances, you should do your own thing and go ahead with anything only if and when you feel confident about it.

3. Thoughts and Beliefs Are Not Similar

Thoughts and beliefs are not similar

Out of the millions of people present in this world, your thoughts and beliefs will only completely match up with a few. And it is quite hard to pinpoint that minuscule amount. They are your so-called “soul mates”. Coming back to the rest, almost always your opinions on a particular concept or thing won’t probably match up. This doesn’t mean that you close yourself up to any opinion. But this simply means that you hold on to your convictions and not be easily swayed by the rest. Regardless of what others say, have the courage to stand up for yourself.

2. Form Your Own

Form your own

Originality is a revered trait in this world. Make sure you follow it, however wrong you might be. Stick to your guns and let the chips fall where they may. Read, write, explore and do sufficient research before making an opinion. Don’t be hasty whilst making an opinion. Remember, this might just define the course of your life. An opinion is the way we perceive the events occurring in our surroundings. It is our personal interpretation of our surroundings. Don’t be too judgemental. Be unbiased; and remember to be truthful to yourself.  The most important thing is to stand by said opinion. Once you do that then automatically the opinion of the others won’t matter. Strive to be different.

1. Trust Your Judgement

Trust your judgement1

In the end, others’ opinions become worthless in those situations where a person has full confidence upon his own; where a person trusts his meticulously crafted judgement blindly.  Sometimes, it’s okay to make foolish mistakes. You are young and you are bound to. Plus, there would be no fun in living life if someone guides us through it. We are meant to stumble, to make mistakes and to gain experience from them. We are meant to break predefined notions and opinions. Even if we form an opinion which doesn’t conform to societal ideals, it’s still okay. It’s a part of us and we should embrace it instead of categorizing it into good and bad. Hence, the most valuable opinions are the ones we form after sufficient introspection, rumination and soul searching.

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