10 Reason Why Sisters are the Best

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The first friend in your life is named as your sister. From your first fall, to your first cry, the first hug and the first laugh, its all witnessed by your sister. The endless fights to the cribbing done behind each new gift and surprise is she ! You might not count her in your blessings when she’s being favored by your parents, you surely do when she leaves you for a new city, place, job or family.

We cherish her smile, her care, her endless love and support but there is more which makes her the best gift from God to us.

For better or worse, till death do us part, nothing compares to a female sibling.

10.They Care


Remember coming back home late and being bagged up by your sister carrying your blames so that you do not spend the night being blown out by your parents. She would always make space for your homework or dance rehearsal from her schedule listening to your stories as well as sympathising the wrong done.



Remember the quote : ‘ Cry a river, build a bridge over it and move on! ’. She is that bridge, who spend her nights listening to your first crush and the first hopeless break up. Anything which kept you broken and shattered, she helped you collect the pieces. The sleepovers matter most when they are accompanied with a bowl of Maggie, a romantic movie or match and your sister to share that all together.

8. Truth Bomb

the truth bomb

When the world would boost you up with false hopes, sister is the one who would calmly  come and explain you the real version of your fantasized story. If you are wrong then so be it, if you get angry then she shall wait but never would she hide your ego behind a cloud of false hopes and sugar coated praises. The right path when justified with her advices would always help you go the right direction no matter how late you realise the same.

7. The Fights ( They get into for you !)

fight for you

She might make fun of you, would be the prankster of the house, might bully you for leaving your keys behind, but then those rights are attained only to her. If an outsider comes and tries the same, he/she could face the worst version of a sister, the angel turned into a demon, the cuteness died in the heaps of possessiveness. She might not even agree with you, but if anyone’s against you then so shall she stand by you at all times. She might come home having a fight with her friends, not because they bullied her but because they named you and that is NOT ACCEPTED !

 6. She likes all your Facebook Statuses and Photos

facebook status

This is the modern version of a good sister. If you are nice, you are supposed to like every facebook status and photo of your sibling, if she those you do consider her the best. If she flowers your wall with prestigious comments admiring your beauty and increasing the number simultaneously you suddenly seem to regain the lost trust and minute ago anger. It is true, you like it virtually, even if it has no relevance with your genuine views.

5. Sharing almost Everything


You cannot find your socks, she’s there to search it. From her laptop, shoes, clothes or accessories if it’s your day she shall share every core of it with you. But truth told if you both get in a fight, god save you of all the requests and begging until you find a single hair of the brush! Be nice and she shall be nicer, take a step and the entire path shall be walked by her. If she knows you are in need of money, she shall search for her every penny to help you out, if you are out of stuff she shall be the grocery store around.

4. Emotional Expression


emotional expression

How often do you go to your parents to share your emotional set down or bollards that hit you each day? As you grow up hardly because then it is an ego at stake and a strong personality you wish to portray. Leaving you to shed those tears alone and figure ways out on your own, but having a sister solves the same issue even faster than you could yourself. She takes the problem as her own, the issue as personal as her own and the solution as honest as she should. You can cry your heart out infront of her without worrying about secrets being revealed or notions being assumed. She would understand and respect your feelings, give you a shoulder to cry on as well as ears to hear it all out. She gives you the independence to express and showcase all your emotions as truly and fearlessly helping yopu overcome your troubles.

 3. Your Best Friend and Worst Rival

best friend and worst rival

Thought of her as the worst gift your parents could give you? Fought till one of you broke into tears or the house came down? You hate her too the core and cross your heart to not see her face again, next moment you have a secret so important that it cannot wait for the fight to get over ! You loose from her you hate it, but the contrast is such that you win from her still you would regret it. For she would always want you to win, sacrificing for your sake,for your smile. She is your best friend when it comes to being together, sharing and spending time together. If a fight props out, the deafening silence between you too would be as haunting as the fight that took place. Which means you can’t stay with her but you cannot even stay without her.

2. Good Example

good example

She will always be a role model to follow, an inspiration on her own. Her teachings always honest and experience worth hearing out. She wants to be there for you but meanwhile also teach you those life’s important lessons which you won’t in any book. A good example by traits, habits and attitude for she would never want you to do any hideous acts. If you make a mistake she knows the best way to make you understand is by sharing her own monstrous actions in the past. If there is a way she can help you out, she always be beside you to do the same and make you be a shadow of her or even better at all times. For her your success will always be her own, without credits.

 1.Partner in Crime

partner in crime

Break a glass, come home late, party all night, get bad grades : Your parents might loose hope on you, but she will never. She shall be your partner in crime always welcoming a naughty act and boosting you up to enjoy your life and your limits. She would never fetch it too long but always provide you a healthy environment to enjoy and experiment in every way possible for She knows the importance of new discoveries, mischief’s and pranks. A teacher when you do something wrong, a friend to accompany you for the punishment and a mother to explain you what is right and what is wrong.

They would always showcase blind trust on you for whatever may happen, they would always stand by you. A sister is one who gives you in abundance but never asks for anything in return.

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