Top 10 Most Deliciously Unhealthy Foods

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When a foodie gets to write an article about food, nothing can stop her from presenting the utmost precision and knowledge in doing so. When it comes to food, I go berserk and wish to try at every nook and corner outlet of the city I am in. Howsoever unhealthy and gastric unfriendly it may be, giving it a try once would not do any harm. After all if you didn’t let your tongue rule you, you will miss out the most important element of your life. With so much talk these days around the world of healthy foods and dieting, we often tend to overlook the unhealthy sorts. The reason behind the uncontrollable hunger for these foods is also the reason that renders them unhealthy and not good for the digestive system. Talk about sweets and they are  the evil in disguise. Talk about fatty foods and they will punch you right where it hurts you the most. Here are ten food items which will have your taste buds tingling and will also jeopardize your pocket.

10. Coffee/milkshakes


How can you blame the foamy, the most beautiful looking drink on this planet for being notoriously unhealthy? A cup of cappuccino will add about some few grams of carbs. It is not a big deal for those who have a regular homemade coffee in the morning. But it will surely imbalance your budget if you are a religious customer of McDonald’s and end up ordering for big lattes and McCafes. Undoubtedly nobody can resist and control his thirst for tastily yummy milkshakes. Watch out for you are gulping down half a day’s worth of carbs.

9. Fancy burger


Burgers seem to me the handiest yet tasty meals which could be taken anytime of the day. But do you mind giving them a much detailed and magnified view? Anything that tastes good is supposedly not good for you. Burger proves it. Have you ever given it a thought that when you Google images for obesity, the search engine always ends up showing you images of obese kids with large burgers in their mouths? Well that is because burger pose to be the main culprit in making you obese. Care for a chicken maharaja?

8. Salty wafers


For an instance, you can keep your sweet tooth at bay, but how can one possibly stop eating when it is stuffed with the right amount of salt and chilly. The worst thing about chips and wafers is that they contain sodium and you simply cannot stop eating them. The salt makes you keep eating them. The taste buds in your tongue are so adamant on munching on another chip that you are bound to reach for another one. You see all those advertisements with buddies fighting over the last chip remaining. They are made for a purpose. The next time you are in a situation like that, offer the chip to your friend happily.

7. Ketchup


Now we obviously don’t eat ketchup like other food items, but can you imagine a food world sans it? A burger without ketchup, the fries, the ever so simple breakfast bread omelette and the Indian pakoras cannot be eaten if you don’t have a big bottle of ketchup waiting for you. Ketchup actually makes your unhealthy food unhealthier! Shocked, well you don’t have to be provided you know the high content of sucrose in those bottles. About 4 kg of sugar in total in one of the best and world known ketchup brands, find it out!

6. Hot chocolate/whipped cream


Want to feel like a kid again? Chuck stupid games and sit back and relax with a hot chocolate. Whipped cream will be an extra bonus. But it will drop a calorie bomb over you! The added sweeteners make them all the more tasty and unhealthy. Those sweeteners may be calorie free but they have their own side effects and health hazards. The fat levels are so high that you will have to resort to having them weekly, definitely not daily!

5. Noodles


Hypertension, heart disease, stroke and kidney damage are caused by excessive consumption of instant noodles. Did I just commit a sin in writing so? For all noodle lovers spread around the world, studies have shown that high sodium consumption including noodles link to a variety of malfunctions of the body. They are a big no from the doctors but who cares. When it comes to having a quick solution to ward off your hunger, you hardly give a second thought to noodles. Its single serving is a major treat to carbohydrates, sodium and other additives. Don’t even think of fiber, vitamins and minerals, because you are not getting them.

4. Chocolate


The most moderate in the list is chocolate which has its own share of losses and benefits. While chocolate contributes to low bone density and can trigger headaches. Milk chocolate poses a high content of sugars, saturated fats and calories. Dentists have the valid reason for not letting you more than necessary chocolates. As a matter of fact, chocolates contain a stimulant which cannot be digested by animals, hence don’t feed your dog any chocolate. If taken moderately and within proportions, chocolate cannot pose you a long lasting risk. But it is something which is hard to resist.

3. Ice-cream


Does it really mean that anything on this list must be avoided from this moment onward? Of course not! How on earth would one possibly imagine not having to eat ice cream? But everything and anything that tastes as good as an ice cream need not be as healthy. It seems to have high amounts of cholesterol. And we don’t really need an occasion to gorge on ice creams. There always seem to be some or the other heading our way. Be it a little celebration or a break up or a new commitment. Ice creams are the need of the hour. While one serving won’t really harm you, but who stops at one, when you have more rounds coming up.

2. Colas


The number one offender comes in sleek and slender shaped bottles. Colas or sodas, howsoever bad may claim to be healthy and non-toxic to the bodies, fail to prove their point. Undoubtedly we consume them because we need something to gulp down the heavy meals and a cola comes to the rescue. They have the highest amount of artificial sweeteners. Does it ever happen to be an instance when you go out with your friends and do not buy a cold drink? I presume your answer is a big no.

1. Fried foods


Fried foods are considered to be the most dangerous of the slot, considering the amount of trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories they contain. Also they are quickly prepared, require minimal work and are loved by all. The chain of fried foods has managed to enter our lives in almost every recipe. Another reason to avoid eating fried foods is their MSG content. The more flavoring a fried food has, the more MSG it will have. Fried foods cover almost half of the things that we eat daily. Ranging from the packaged chips that we munch to the chicken that we eat during lunch breaks, everything is to be blamed. Chicken popcorn, anyone?

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