10 Famous Instances that Prove Racism still Exists

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The very topic pushes forth provocative news bulletins and bitter memories in the mind about various recurring incidents of racism we may have heard of or worse still, experienced ourselves. But racism is not just whites discriminating against the blacks, to put it bluntly. Racism is the superiority complex about one’s own culture, religion or ethnic roots. This may also result in fanatically attacking other people of different roots on the grounds that they are inferior in some way in the eyes of the racial attacker. Though the whites have long been stereotyped as being the “Racist” folk but that was a thing of the past. This disease has not been cured but has in fact multiplied in its hosts across the globe now. Those whose forefathers once might have felt superior are now themselves victims of the rising instances of racial attacks. Due to these unwelcome occurrences which have often turned ugly, racism is a globally condemned practice and is legally a crime for which the accused can suffer serious charges and penalties if found guilty on the grounds of practicing racism. But it seems that perhaps these punishments are not threatening enough to deter the racist minds. Here are the 10 instances That Prove Racism Still Exists Today. These are from around the world and many of them so bad, that they caught media’s attention across seas in other continents as well and made it to global headlines!

10. Italian Black Minister faces Racist Attacks

Cécile Kyenge

On the ill-fated day of September 23, 2013, the black Italian minister, Cesile Kyenge had to suffer from racist remarks from fellow politicians. Born in Congo, she became the first elected black minister to serve in the country’s cabinet but was compared to an orangutan, had bananas thrown at her. There was even news that some racists had even hung noose all over the place where she was due to arrive at to give a speech. Many Europeans condemned the attacks and called it intolerable. They even signed an anti-racist pact.

9. Arab world dirties itself with Racism

racist arab world

Even the Arab world is not unaffected with the world wide racist tendencies. The Egyptian Nubian have been discriminated against to such an extent that a Lebanese singer actually released a music video with lyrics that label the Egyptian black people as Egyptian monkeys. Besides, June 2010 cam with the worst day for Sudanese people who has gathered for a fundraising event for cancer patients. The Lebanese Internal Security Forces Disrupted the event, abused the Sudanese as animals and hit them brutally with batons while pressing their bodies with their boots. Reports of discriminatory behavior against Indonesians, Malaysians, Indian and Pakistanis working i n blue collar jobs have also surfaced.

8. Sikh Professor Attacked in USA

prabhjot singh

This one made headlines of all national and international dailies when on September 23, 2013 a Sikh professor of Columbia University, Prabhjot Singh was attacked by a group of around 30 young people aged 25-30 years punched and kicked him brutally calling him “terrorist” and “Osama”.  It was shocking for the world that despite so much awareness, Sikhs were being confused with “terrorists”.

7. Hindu Temple Wrecked

hindu temple attacked

Hindus are a minority in Canada but there were reports of a Hindu temple being ravaged and destroyed two people with baseball bats who entered the Lakshmi Narayan Temple forcibly on June 23. They smashed the windows with bats in British Columbia as revealed by the video footage of the same. The incident is being labelled as one of rising “hate crimes” incidents.

6. Muslims Attack Jewish families

bondi beach attack

On October 26, 2013 in the multicultural area of Bondi Beach, Australia a group of Muslims attacked a Jewish family in a way that left them shuddering and shivering with terror.  The attackers were not provoked but their attack was entirely on racial grounds. They shouted out anti-Semitic verbal abuses at the family and then advanced to hit them grievously injuring a man in his sixties. He was in critical condition. The incident left the whole Australian community shocked because Bondi Beach in Sydney has had no such history of racially motivated violence.

5. Mosques Attacked in London

mosques attacked in london

Following the brutal murder of a British soldier in Woolwich district of London, some enraged people attacked three mosques with a petrol bomb in London. There were about 38 such independent instances of anti-Islamic attacks reported with an average of three or four incidents each day. People blamed the wrongful portrayal of Muslims by media as a violent community as the reason for these Islamophobic attacks. The government urged that people must understand that not all Muslims are potential terrorists and Islam is not the only religion that propagates violence.

4. Black Youths attack Whites

brooklyn blacks youths attack

A group of teenage black youths belonging to the age group of 12-18 years brutally attacked a white couple in Brooklyn on October 19, 2013. The teenagers surrounded the white couple’s car, hurled strings of racial abuses at them, dragged them out of the car and hit them both. They even stole the man’s i phone and fled from the scene. While the woman tried to inform the police, she was dragged by her hair and her head was slammed against the pavement. The incident created uproar for all the accused were 18 or below 18 years of age. But people were further enraged by the fact that media does not report these incidents as serious cases of black attacks on whites. This is a growing racial crime across the world but these things are not explicitly out in the media.

In another incident a group of wight black youths attacked a 18 year old white student, Carter strange in Columbia. He was out jogging when the group surrounded him and started hitting and shouting at him. The attack turned ugly when they hit him so hard that he suffered from serious head injury. His face was so badly damaged that his own parents could not recognize him in the hospital. Later he had to undergo two successive surgeries, one to remove the clot in his brain and another for racial reconstruction.

3.  Asian gang attack leaves boy with Permanent Eye Damage

Cavendish Press - Manchester

In a brutal incident of racial attack by an Asian gang in February, 2012 Daniel Stringer was left with both eyes damaged, skull and eye sockets fractured and nerves behind the eyes permanently severed. The boy claimed that he knew none of the attackers and the police after investigation concluded it as a case of hate crime. Stringer had to undergo a face reconstruction surgery for smashed cheek bones. The incident left his family shaken as the attackers had left the boy to die on the streets.

2. Muslim gravestones Disfigured

muslim gravestones attacked

In a strange and world wide condemned incident in Newport, July , 2013 saw the worst of its kind attack on Muslim gravestones. The accused had made graffiti including swastikas on those gravestones in the Christchurch cemetery. This showed no tolerance of the people towards those of Somali origin. In another incident in Manchester, about twenty Muslim graves were destroyed in an incident being termed as a case of hate crime.

1. Indians attacked in Australia

indians attacked in australia


June 2013 saw newspapers flooded with incidents in Australia where in Indians were attacked, be it daily bread earners or students in universities. Australia was badly black listed by Indian media for being unable to curb these instances when a twenty three year old Indian youth, Himanshu Goyal was intercepted by a gang of racially motivated people who surrounded him and hacked him with racist remarks and slogans after which he was beaten up by them near Melbourne. Indians became further angered when other incidents of attack on Indian origin university students were reported in Australia.

Though we have progressed as a globalized world, but these incidents force us to look back and ponder over what we have lost in the race for development and growth- patience, tolerance and love for humanity. No one is born racist and no religion preaches the same. It is we who, guided by our faulty perception and prejudices propagate such ideas, knowingly or unknowingly, thinking ourselves to be superior and other inferior. It is high time that we realize our mistake and erase the very essence of racist thoughts from our psyche before everyone ends up killing each other in a series of hate crimes.

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    Dang!!! Number 4, what are wight black youths? Definitely do not want to meet them, don’t want to undergo racial reconstruction, I’ve heard that is painful. Almost as much as reading anything on this site. 😐

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