10 Famous Hollywood Actors who Defy Age

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‘Age is just a number’ goes the famous adage. With time flying at top speed, days turn into weeks, weeks transform into months and months mature into years. And as years pass by, man tends to age, except a few. These lucky few thwart the signs of aging. These Benjamin Buttons swear by things like rigorous exercise, following their skin care religiously, a few credit it to their genes, a portion of them follow a strict diet, however a few may not many admit going under the knife. Showbiz is one such place where your looks do all the talking (probably even more than your craft). Hollywood is a home to some really good looking men that you’ll ever find on the face of earth. After a lot of tussle I bring before you 10 Famous Hollywood Actors who defy age. These guys undoubtedly can give the younger lot a run for their money.

10. Jim Carrey 51

Jim Carrey.jpg

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine must have surely meant that it would be the best anti aging medicine. Hollywood’s ‘rubber faced’ funny man Jim Carrey has been in the arc lights since the age of 16. Famous for his slapstick humor, Carrey has a host of movies that have been great blockbusters to his credit. Movies like ‘The Mask’, ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Dumb & Dumber’ and ‘Yes Man’ are few movies amongst a whole lot of other movies that are synonymous with comedian’s name. While the man may look like he’s in his mid thirties, he seems to be getting younger at 51. I wonder what is the mystery behind his youthful looks, is the arc-lights, or a daily dose of laughter? The comedian is the best person who can answer that!

9. Christian Bale 39

Christian Bale

The Batman star began his career when he was at the threshold of adolescence. This English actor boasts of a huge number of followers (mainly women, courtesy: his irresistible good looks) is known for his dedication towards his work. Although he has immortalized the character of Bruce Wayne, loyal fans shall never forget his role as Trevor Reznik where the heart throb had lost a staggering 63 pounds! One look at the six-footer and it’s hard to believe that he’s just a few days away from celebrating 40 years of his existence.
Something tells me that this hottie swears by following a balanced diet and exercising strenuously. Whatever be it, he’s got THE look.

8. Robert Downey Jr 48

Robert Downey Jr

This man needs no introduction. The Iron Man star had made a debut in Hollywood at an age of five. There is no doubt about the fact, that had it not been him, the role of Tony Stark would not have been what it is. Also, movies like the Sherlock Holmes series, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang , Zodiac wouldn’t have gone on to become blockbusters. Needless to say, The Avengers would have been incomplete without his larger than life persona. Drug abuse and constant to and fro trips to the rehab didn’t deter him to become an A-lister in Hollywood.  Although Downey Jr seems to be drawing near to a half century, but his looks tell us a different story altogether. And we don’t seem to mind it either, do we?
Downey Jr is definitely one among those people who take the saying “Feel young, look young” seriously.

7. Patrick Dempsey 47

Patrick Dempsey

Best known for his role of Dr. Derek Shepherd from the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey has it in him to get the girls on their knees. A motorsport enthusiast, Dempsey has been a part of a few great movies like Valentine’s Day, Sweet Home Alabama and Enchanted amongst many others. And not to forget Transformers!  Although an American national, the actor has chiseled looks like that of a Greek hero. With all this description, it’s not really easy to believe that the good looker is in his late forties.

6.  Ben Affleck 42

Ben Affleck

An all rounder, Ben Affleck effortlessly juggles between the role of a director, screen writer and of course an actor. He’s known for his roles in some exemplary movies like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, Holloywoodland amongst many others, the stunning actor has also gained recognition for as a writer. And looks like he does not want to stop at just being a screen writer, he has also directed a few great movies, The Town and Argo to name a few. Probably multi tasking is the secret for his flawless looks.
For the record, the actor is 42!

5. Ralph Fiennes 50

Ralph Fiennes

Potterheads are going to get that one without batting an eyelid. Known for playing the antagonist in the Harry Potter series, Ralph Fiennes beyond a shadow of doubt has come a really long way. Much before the HP series came his way, he had also done some good work in movies like Schindler’s List, The English Patient and later also did movies like Clash of the Titans. At 50, the reason of his youthful looks is under wraps.

4. Paul Walker 40

Paul Walker

The news of this star’s death has left fans shell shocked worldwide. Hollywood actor Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident.  Known for reprising the role of Brian O’Connor in the Fast & Furious series, Walker was blessed with stunning looks and could easily be classified as one the most good looking men in Hollywood. While, Fast & Furious 7 still waits to see daylight, there’s one thing for sure that nobody can play the role of Brian like he did. A legend gone too soon at 40, Rest In Peace Paul Walker.

3. Elijah Wood, 32

Elijah Wood

Best known for his role in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, a prequel of LOTR.  Elijah Wood has been in the acting field since he was a kid. He’s starred in movies like Radio Flyer, The Good Son, Flipper, and North. Blessed with unblemished skin and light eyes, the sight of the actor makes the girls swoon. One look at him and you could easily call him a teenager, and talking about numbers, the actor with chocolate boy looks is getting younger at 32! Elijah is the perfect guy to endorse the saying ‘age is just a number’.

2. Vin Diesel, 46

Vin Diesel

He’s 46! I kid you not. Vin Diesel needs no introduction, he’d shot to fame in a Steven Spielberg’s movie, Saving Private Ryan and certainly contributed a lot to Hollywood. Needless to say, Fast & Furious would not have been what is had it not been him playing the role of Dominic Toretto. Vine Diesel too, believes in being a multi-tasker, he shifts between the roles of an actor, producer, director and screen writer with so much ease.

1. Will Smith 45

Will Smith

Most popularly accused of not being a human because he does not age! Will Smith takes away the number 1 slot, hands down. Movies like I Am Legend, Pursuit of Happiness, Men In Black are synonymous with Will Smith. One of Hollywood’s most finest and evergreen actors, Will Smith has four Grammys to his credit. Also, Will Smith has a place for himself in the Guinness Book Of World Records for attending three premieres in a 24 hour time span.
So I’m guessing his youthful looks are an after effect of his fast paced lifestyle.
Also, I suspect the MIB star to be drinking from the fountain of youth. There’s hardly any change in the way the actor looks since the the time he stepped into Hollywood, and boy he did take the entertainment industry by storm.


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